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New TV Series Premieres in Week 28/2021: 57 TV Shows/Series & 45 Seasons

07/12/2021 | By: WPS

Each week numerous new TV shows/series are launched and existing series return in a new season. In this overview you can find out what's happening during calendar week 28/2021 (07/12/2021-07/18/2021), with TV shows/series from United States of America (USA) and around the world. Highlights this week include "Dr. Death" (Drama/Crime), "American Horror Stories" (Drama/Mystery/Science-Fiction & Fantasy), "The Walking Dead: Origins" (Documentary), "Power Book III: Raising Kanan" (Drama), "The North Water" (Drama/Mystery), "SurrealEstate", "Schmigadoon!" and "Battle Game in 5 Seconds".

New TV Shows/Series from United States of America (USA)(26)

100 Foot Wave(2021-)

| 53min per episode | Documentary, Reality-TV
3.3/5 (with 3 votes)

The decade-long odyssey of surfing pioneer Garrett McNamara, who, after visiting Nazaré, Portugal in hopes of conquering a 100-foot wave, pushed the sport to ever-greater heights and alongside locals helped transform the small fishing village into the world’s preeminent big-wave surfing destination.

The Walking Dead: Origins(2021)

3.9/5 (with 230 votes)

The Walking Dead: Origins is a series of specials exploring the journeys of the series' most celebrated characters. Each episode charts the story of the zombie apocalypse from the point of view of a single character and features new interviews and narrations from the actors that portray these iconic characters, interwoven with clips from the most pivotal moments of their journeys so far.

American Horror Stories(2021-)

| 45min per episode | Drama, Mystery, Science-Fiction & Fantasy
4.0/5 (with 354 votes)

An anthology series of stand alone episodes delving into horror myths, legends and lore.

Dr. Death(2021-)

| 45min per episode | Drama, Crime
3.7/5 (with 58 votes)

An anthology series following a new medical true crime story each season. Based on the podcast of the same name.

Power Book III: Raising Kanan(2021-)

| 1h per episode | Drama
4.3/5 (with 62 votes)

Set in South Jamaica, Queens, in 1991, this prequel to "Power" revolves around the coming of age of Kanan Stark.

The North Water(2021)

| 50min per episode | Drama, Mystery
3.7/5 (with 45 votes)

Henry Drax is a harpooner and brutish killer whose amorality has been shaped to fit the harshness of his world, who will set sail on a whaling expedition to the Arctic with Patrick Sumner, a disgraced ex-army surgeon who signs up as the ship’s doctor. Hoping to escape the horrors of his past, Sumner finds himself on an ill-fated journey with a murderous psychopath. In search of redemption, his story becomes a harsh struggle for survival in the Arctic wasteland.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story(2021-)

| 44min per episode | Reality-TV
5.0/5 (with 2 votes)

Relationships in various phases; a holiday fling that turned serious; a vacation romance that turned into a pregnancy; the Americans are hopeful their romance with their local islander works out.

Ridley Jones(2021-2023)

| 28min per episode | Animation, Kids & Family
3.5/5 (with 10 votes)

Curious kid Ridley and her friends protect the Museum of Natural History’s treasures and keep its magical secret safe: Everything comes alive at night!

Johnny Test(2021-)

| 14min per episode | Animation, Comedy
3.7/5 (with 4 votes)

How much trouble could one imaginative boy, his faithful dog and two science-loving sisters possibly get into? Hmm, that sounds like a challenge!


| 41min per episode | Documentary, Crime
3.5/5 (with 21 votes)

Millions in stolen cash. Missing luxury bourbon. Watch ordinary people almost get away with these extraordinary heists in this true crime series.

Nova Vita(2021-)

45min per episode | Drama
3.0/5 (with 3 votes)

A wealthy entrepreneur must face his corrupt business partner and a sinister organization in order to get his life back.

My Unorthodox Life(2021-)

| 40min per episode | Reality-TV
3.4/5 (with 5 votes)

The personal and professional life of fashion mogul Julia Haart - former member of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community turned CEO of Elite World Group.

Naomi Osaka(2021)

| 37min per episode | Documentary
3.4/5 (with 4 votes)

What does it feel like to be one of the best tennis players in the world? An intimate look inside the life of one of the most gifted and complex athletes of her generation offers insight into the tough decisions and ecstatic triumphs that shape Naomi Osaka as both an elite global superstar and a young woman navigating a pressure-filled world.

Directed by Garrett Bradley

Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes(2021)

| 30min per episode | Documentary
3.2/5 (with 5 votes)

An expansion of the hit podcast and bestselling book, Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes brings to life the intimate interviews that broke Hollywood's most infamous story.

McCartney 3,2,1(2021-)

Paul McCartney sits down for a rare in-depth one-on-one with legendary producer Rick Rubin to discuss his ground breaking work with The Beatles, the emblematic 70s arena rock of Wings and his 50 years and counting as a solo artist.

McCartney 3, 2, 1(2021)

| 30min per episode | Documentary
4.3/5 (with 11 votes)

Paul McCartney sits down for a rare in-depth one-on-one with legendary producer Rick Rubin to discuss his ground breaking work with The Beatles, the emblematic 70s arena rock of Wings and his 50 years and counting as a solo artist.

Shark Attack Files(2021-)

44min per episode | Documentary
3.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Scientific experts research about the bizarre and fascinating shark behavior based on real footage captured by professionals and bystanders.

Dark Side of the 90's(2021-)

45min per episode | Documentary
3.6/5 (with 2 votes)

A deep dive into the decade's untold history, revealing secrets, and prespectives.

Unknown Amazon with Pedro Andrade(2021-)

| 44min per episode | Documentary

See the real modern-day Amazonia through an exploration of the Amazon Basin, meeting a different group of people who live there in each episode.

Charmed to Death(2021-)

44min per episode | Documentary, Crime, News

Following the true stories of manipulative and deceptively dangerous criminals who use their charm to cheat, steal and lure unsuspecting victims into romantic relationships, ultimately leaving a wake of devastation and death. Each episode features a charismatic killer who successfully deceives a victim or victims, retracing their over-the-top acts of seduction and fraud.

The Globe(2021-)

47min per episode | Reality-TV

In each episode of this globe-trotting series, four talented chefs compete across three rounds of culinary gameplay as they are transported to the greatest food destinations around the world via immersive LED screen backdrops that have the chefs traveling the globe without ever having to leave the arena.

Rock House(2021-)

17min per episode | Comedy

On the pilot episode of Rock house, Axiom and Manuel have the bonds of their brotherhood tested by external forces.

The Smartlys(2021-)

In this zany romantic comedy, Eric and Shelley Smartly win $300 million. They retire as royalty of the Minnesota Renaissance Faire and buy a beachfront complex in San Diego, where their quirky relatives scheme for a premature inheritance.

Sin 13(2021-)

She awoke a new person. She has no memories but what they give her. No history but what they tell her. No cultural reference but what they teach her. They train her in espionage, combat, cryptography, infiltration. They experiment with her psyche. They expose her to black magic. They are the only family she knows. Now, they set her against their enemies. They tell her there are only two important laws: 1. Be loyal. 2. Survive.

Extraordinary Stories Behind Everyday Things(2021-)

| 25min per episode | Documentary
4.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Offering an in-depth look at how iconic American-made products are created, this series celebrates the ingenuity, passion and creativity of the people who proudly stand behind these timeless classics.

Karachi Division(2021-)

4.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Based on the underworld of Karachi, this series follows the story of the two adversaries dominating the city.

New TV Shows/Series worldwide(31)

Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory


2021 | 3.5/5 | 24min per episode



2021- | 3.7/5 | 30min per episode

Obey Me!


2021- | 1.0/5 | 5min per episode

Sonny Boy


2021 | 3.7/5 | 24min per episode



2021- | 3.5/5 | 44min per episode

Lie with Me

Certification unknown

2021 | 3.1/5 | 45min per episode

The Witch's Diner

Certification unknown

2021 | 3.8/5 | 44min per episode
South Korea

Vencer el Pasado

Certification unknown

2021- | 52min per episode

Litter to Glitter

Certification unknown

2021- | 45min per episode
People's Republic of China

Queens of Comedy

Certification unknown

2021- | 28min per episode

Pepito Manaloto: The First Story

Certification unknown

2021- | 4.5/5 | 30min per episode


Certification unknown

2021 | 4.0/5 | 30min per episode

Catch Teenping

Certification unknown

People's Republic of China

Kudi Yedamaithe

Certification unknown

2021- | 3.8/5 | 35min per episode

The Machines That Built America


2021- | 5.0/5 | 43min per episode

Downing of a Flag

Certification unknown

2021 | 55min per episode


Certification unknown

2021- | 4.0/5 | 24min per episode


Certification unknown

2021- | 2.0/5 | 1h 18min per episode

Taki Tells

Certification unknown


Life at the Limits

Certification unknown


Trouble Street Maker

Certification unknown

2021 | 4.5/5 | 3min per episode

The Artisan's Kitchen


2021- | 12min per episode

Walking Tudor England

Certification unknown

United Kingdom (UK)

Stand-Up Evreni

Certification unknown

2021- | 4.0/5

Cooking With the Stars

Certification unknown

2021- | 5.0/5
United Kingdom (UK)

Wild China With Ray Mears

Certification unknown

2021- | 22min per episode
People's Republic of China

New Seasons of ongoing TV Shows/Series(45)

Monday, 07/12/2021: BBC World News America - 2021 with 11 episodes (News)
Monday, 07/12/2021: Forensic Files II - Season 2 with 14 episodes (Crime/Documentary)
Monday, 07/12/2021: Reasonable Doubt - Season 4 with 10 episodes (Crime/Documentary)
Tuesday, 07/13/2021: Miracle Workers - Oregon Trail with 10 episodes (Comedy)
Tuesday, 07/13/2021: True Life Crime - Season 2 with 10 episodes (Documentary/Crime)
Wednesday, 07/14/2021: Court Cam - Season 4 with 40 episodes (Reality-TV)
Wednesday, 07/14/2021: Dr. Pimple Popper - Season 6 with 10 episodes (Reality-TV)
Wednesday, 07/14/2021: MLB Network Presents - Season 7 with 2 episodes (Documentary)
Thursday, 07/15/2021: Never Have I Ever - Season 2 with 10 episodes (Comedy)
Thursday, 07/15/2021: The Outpost - Season 4 with 13 episodes (Science-Fiction & Fantasy/Action & Adventure)
Thursday, 07/15/2021: Making the Cut - Season 2 with 8 episodes (Reality-TV)
Thursday, 07/15/2021: First Wives Club - Season 2 with 10 episodes (Comedy)
Thursday, 07/15/2021: Archibald's Next Big Thing Is Here - Season 3 with 12 episodes
Thursday, 07/15/2021: Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines - Season 3 with 7 episodes (Reality-TV)
Thursday, 07/15/2021: Families of the Mafia - Season 2 with 10 episodes (Documentary)
Friday, 07/16/2021: Explained - Season 3 with 14 episodes (Documentary)
Friday, 07/16/2021: Rainbow High - Season 2 with 13 episodes (Kids & Family/Animation)
Saturday, 07/17/2021: Extra History - Vlad the Impaler with 8 episodes (Documentary/Animation)
Saturday, 07/17/2021: Say Yes to the Dress - Season 20 with 11 episodes (Reality-TV)
Saturday, 07/17/2021: Love & Marriage Huntsville - Season 3 with 22 episodes (Reality-TV)
Saturday, 07/17/2021: Family or Fiancé - Season 2 with 20 episodes (Reality-TV)
Sunday, 07/18/2021: Wicked Tuna: North VS South - Season 8 with 19 episodes (Reality-TV)

Monday, 07/12/2021: Only Connect - Series 17 with 28 episodes
Monday, 07/12/2021: Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai ("闇芝居") - Season 9 with 13 episodes (Animation)
Monday, 07/12/2021: University Challenge - Season 51 with 4 episodes
Monday, 07/12/2021: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi ("कुछ रंग प्यार के ऐसे भी") - Season 3 with 33 episodes (Drama/Soap / Telenovela/Kids & Family)
Monday, 07/12/2021: De Slimste Mens - Season 18 (2021): Summer with 35 episodes
Tuesday, 07/13/2021: Wer stiehlt mir die Show? - Season 2 with 6 episodes
Tuesday, 07/13/2021: Nus et culottés - Season 9 with 4 episodes (Documentary)
Tuesday, 07/13/2021: My Floating Home - Season 3 with 8 episodes
Wednesday, 07/14/2021: Superquark - Season 27 with 7 episodes (Documentary)
Wednesday, 07/14/2021: This Way Up - Series 2 with 6 episodes (Comedy)
Wednesday, 07/14/2021: Almost Never - Season 3 with 11 episodes (Comedy/Drama)
Wednesday, 07/14/2021: Die Bachelorette - Season 8 with 10 episodes (Reality-TV)
Thursday, 07/15/2021: The Legend of El Cid ("El Cid") - Season 2 with 5 episodes (Action & Adventure/Drama/War & Politics)
Friday, 07/16/2021: Shark Tank México - Season 6 with 10 episodes
Friday, 07/16/2021: My Sassy Deskmate ("你在我的右手边") - Season 2 with 12 episodes (Comedy)
Friday, 07/16/2021: The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door - Season 8 with 3 episodes
Friday, 07/16/2021: The Sarkari Karyalay - Season 2 with 5 episodes (Comedy/Drama)
Friday, 07/16/2021: Is That Really Your Voice ? - Season 2 (Reality-TV)
Saturday, 07/17/2021: Super Wings! ("출동 슈퍼윙스") - Season 10 with 20 episodes (Animation/Kids & Family)
Saturday, 07/17/2021: Australian Survivor - Brains vs. Brawn with 24 episodes (Reality-TV)
Saturday, 07/17/2021: Khatron Ke Khiladi - Made in India with 2 episodes (Reality-TV)
Sunday, 07/18/2021: Baptiste - Season 2 with 6 episodes (Crime/Drama)
Sunday, 07/18/2021: Buddy vs. Duff - Season 3 with 8 episodes
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