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New TV Series Premieres in Week 26/2019: 23 TV Shows/Series & 14 Seasons

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Each week numerous new TV shows/series are launched and existing series return in a new season. In this overview you can find out what's happening during calendar week 26/2019 (06/24/2019-06/30/2019), with TV shows/series from United States of America (USA) and around the world. Highlights this week include "The Rook" (Mystery/Science-Fiction & Fantasy), "The Loudest Voice" (Drama), "Exhibit A" (Crime/Documentary/Mystery), "Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?" (Animation/Comedy/Mystery/Kids & Family/Science-Fiction & Fantasy), "What Just Happened??! with Fred Savage" (Comedy), "King Kong Skull Island", "7SEEDS" and "The Chosen One".

New TV Shows/Series from United States of America (USA)(6)

The Rook(2019-)

2.8/5 (with 4 votes)

After waking in a park with total amnesia — and surrounded by dead bodies, all wearing latex gloves — a young woman must fight to uncover her past, and resume her position at the head of Britain’s most secret (supernatural) service before the traitors who stole her memory can finish what they started.

The Loudest Voice(2019-)

| Drama
3.5/5 (with 1 vote)

The rise and fall of Fox News founder Roger Ailes, focusing primarily on the past decade in which Ailes arguably became the Republican Party’s de facto leader, while flashing back to defining events in his life.

Exhibit A(2019-)

41min per episode | Crime, Documentary, Mystery
3.0/5 (with 1 vote)

This true crime series shows how innocent people have been convicted with dubious forensic techniques and tools such as touch DNA and cadaver dogs

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?(2019-)

The Mystery Inc. gang solve bigger mysteries while also encountering many memorable celebrities.

What Just Happened??! with Fred Savage(2019-)

22min per episode | Comedy

A behind the scenes look at a half-hour hybrid comedy/talk aftershow dedicated to exploring the fandom surrounding “The Flare,” a fictional sci-fi thriller drama. A satire on the glut of aftershows and the big genre dramas they follow.

The Hills: New Beginnings(2019-)

43min per episode | Reality-TV

Follows the professional and personal lives of the cast of MTV's 'The Hills' and their their friends and kids, years after the final episode aired.

New TV Shows/Series worldwide(17)


Certification unknown

2019- | 4.0/5 | 24min per episode

King Kong Skull Island

Certification unknown


The Longest Day in Chang'an

Certification unknown

2019- | 4.0/5 | 45min per episode
People's Republic of China

The Chosen One


2019- | 4.3/5 | 43min per episode

The Office

Certification unknown

2019- | 3.5/5 | 23min per episode
British Indian Ocean Territory

Family Business


2019- | 3.9/5 | 27min per episode

Booo: Sabki Phategi

Certification unknown

2019- | 4.0/5 | 20min per episode
British Indian Ocean Territory

Bolívar: Una lucha admirable

Certification unknown

2019- | 4.0/5


Certification unknown



Certification unknown


Kafayı Yersin

Certification unknown

2019- | 30min per episode

Canvas the Emperor

Certification unknown

2019 | 4.0/5 | 33min per episode

People Magazine Investigates Cults

Certification unknown


Every Family Has a Secret

Certification unknown



Certification unknown


Comando Squad: La presencia

Certification unknown

2019- | 10min per episode

New Seasons of ongoing TV Shows/Series(14)

Monday, 06/24/2019: Legion - Season 3 with 10 episodes (Action & Adventure/Science-Fiction & Fantasy)very popular
Monday, 06/24/2019: Final Space - Season 2 with 6 episodes (Animation/Action & Adventure)very popular
Tuesday, 06/25/2019: Big Brother - Season 21 with 9 episodes (Reality-TV)very popular
Wednesday, 06/26/2019: Are You The One? - Season 8 with 6 episodes (Reality-TV)
Thursday, 06/27/2019: Abandoned Engineering - Season 4 with 4 episodes (Documentary)
Friday, 06/28/2019: Dope - Season 3 with 4 episodes (Crime/Documentary/War & Politics)
Sunday, 06/30/2019: Instinct - Season 2 with 4 episodes (Crime/Drama)
Sunday, 06/30/2019: Mike Tyson Mysteries - Season 4 with 4 episodes (Mystery/Animation/Comedy)

Tuesday, 06/25/2019: Allsång på Skansen - Season 34 with 8 episodes (Kids & Family/Reality-TV)
Wednesday, 06/26/2019: Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell - Series 10 with 3 episodes (Comedy/News)
Wednesday, 06/26/2019: Ask the Doctor - Season 3 (Documentary)
Thursday, 06/27/2019: Sommar med Ernst - Season 12 with 4 episodes
Friday, 06/28/2019: Paquita Salas - Season 3 with 6 episodes (Comedy)
Sunday, 06/30/2019: Todd Sampson's Body Hack - Season 3 with 3 episodes
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