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New TV Series Premieres in Week 23/2022: 69 TV Shows/Series & 38 Seasons

06/06/2022 | By: WPS

Each week numerous new TV shows/series are launched and existing series return in a new season. In this overview you can find out what's happening during calendar week 23/2022 (06/06/2022-06/12/2022), with TV shows/series from United States of America (USA) and around the world. Highlights this week include "Ms. Marvel" (Science-Fiction & Fantasy/Action & Adventure/Comedy), "First Kill" (Drama/Mystery), "Irma Vep" (Comedy/Drama), "Queer as Folk" (Drama), "Dark Winds" (Crime/Drama), "The Heartthrob: TV Changed, He Didn’t", "Aashiqana" and "Lua de Mel".

New TV Shows/Series from United States of America (USA)(31)

Ms. Marvel(2022)

3.3/5 (with 513 votes)

A great student, avid gamer, and voracious fan-fic scribe, Kamala Khan has a special affinity for superheroes, particularly Captain Marvel. However, she struggles to fit in at home and at school — that is, until she gets superpowers like the heroes she’s always looked up to. Life is easier with superpowers, right?

Directed by Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah, Meera Menon, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy - With Iman Vellani, Matt Lintz, Yasmeen Fletcher, Aramis Knight, Travina Springer, Laith Nakli, ...

Dark Winds(2022-)

| Crime, Drama, Mystery
3.8/5 (with 40 votes)

This psychological thriller follows two Navajo police officers, Leaphorn and Chee, in the 1970s Southwest as their search for clues in a grisly double murder case forces them to challenge their own spiritual beliefs and come to terms with the trauma of their pasts.

Becoming Elizabeth(2022)

| 59min per episode | Drama
3.7/5 (with 21 votes)

The fascinating story of the early life of England’s most iconic Queen, Elizabeth Tudor, an orphaned teenager who became embroiled in the political and sexual politics of the English court on her journey to obtain the crown.

First Kill(2022)

| Drama, Mystery
4.0/5 (with 142 votes)

Falling in love is tricky for teens Juliette and Calliope: One's a vampire, the other's a vampire hunter — and both are ready to make their first kill.

With Sarah Catherine Hook, Imani Lewis, Elizabeth Mitchell, Gracie Dzienny, Will Swenson, Jason R. Moore, ...

Queer as Folk(2022)

| 49min per episode | Drama
3.4/5 (with 13 votes)

The lives of a diverse group of friends in New Orleans are transformed in the aftermath of a tragedy.

Directed by Stephen Dunn - With Fin Argus, Jesse James Keitel, Ryan O'Connell, Johnny Sibilly, Devin Way, Kim Cattrall, ...

Irma Vep(2022)

| 54min per episode | Comedy, Drama
3.4/5 (with 45 votes)

Mira is an American movie star disillusioned by her career and a recent breakup, who comes to France to star as “Irma Vep” in a remake of the French silent film classic, “Les Vampires.” Set against the backdrop of a lurid crime thriller, Mira struggles as the distinctions between herself and the character she plays begin to blur and merge.

Directed by Olivier Assayas - With Alicia Vikander

That’s My Time with David Letterman(2022-)

| 18min per episode | Talk-Show, Comedy
3.1/5 (with 3 votes)

David Letterman invites some of the hottest up-and-coming stand-up stars to perform a set and sit down for a chat.

The Quarry(2022)

3.5/5 (with 2 votes)

The Quarry is a 2022 interactive drama horror video game developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2K. Players assume control of nine teenage counsellors who must survive their last night at Hackett's Quarry summer camp amongst supernatural creatures and violent locals. Players make many choices throughout the game which may significantly affect character development, relationships, the story's plot, and its ending. All nine playable characters may survive or die, depending on the player's decisions.


42min per episode | Documentary, Crime
4.2/5 (with 3 votes)

Each individual episode follows a case of an innocent woman who's been harmed, killed, or abducted by someone on what should have been just another average day.

Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey(2022)

| 45min per episode | Documentary, Crime
3.8/5 (with 40 votes)

In interviews and rare home video footage, ex-FLDS members share the truth about their isolated community — and the events that pushed them to leave.

Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol(2022-)

3.0/5 (with 1 vote)

A series of planned hearings by the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack. Bennie Thompson, Mississippi, Chair (D) Liz Cheney, Wyoming, Vice Chair (R) Zoe Lofgren, California (D) Adam Schiff, California (D) Pete Aguilar, California (D) Adam Kinzinger, Illinois (R) Stephanie Murphy, Florida (D) Jamie Raskin, Maryland (D) Elaine Luria, Virginia (D)

Lovely Little Farm(2022-)

| 25min per episode | Kids & Family, Kids & Family
3.6/5 (with 9 votes)

Nestled in lavender fields is a lovely little farm where sisters Jill and Jacky nurture and love all their animals—including the talking ones. Being a young farmer isn’t easy, but every day brings adventure and a chance to grow.

Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis(2022-)

3.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Jeff Lewis, balancing high-maintenance celebrities and ambitious home design projects while juggling his staff and personal life, which are all a work in progress.

With Jeff Lewis

Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love(2022-)

| 35min per episode | Reality-TV, Comedy, Drama
5.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Drag icon Miss Vanjie has just 24 hours to find love in a mansion filled with 18 men! Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love is a social dating experiment brought to you by the producers of RuPaul’s Drag Race and it explores the complexities of modern gay dating as seen through the eyes of eighteen perspective suitors from all walks of life and one legendary queen. Over eight episodes, watch Miss Vanjie as she puts her suitors to the test and eliminates the rest in order to find her one true love! Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love is presented by House of Love.

Baddies South(2022-)

4.5/5 (with 7 votes)

The Baddies are back, but this time with some new ladies looking to take the entire Dirty South by storm — in a big ass, decked-out tour bus. Along the way, the ladies will crash in luxurious homes, host and perform at the hottest clubs and parties, tap into the wild and dark side of southern culture and prove why they are the baddest girls around.


| 43min per episode | Crime, Documentary
2.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Whether it's a cheating ex, a double-crossing co-worker, or the best friend who stabbed you in the back, it's human instinct to want to get even. Though most people don't act on this impulse, there are those who are consumed with getting even. For them, what starts as a nagging bitterness evolves into obsession and results in murder. This true crime documentary series profiles those stories of revenge, told through gripping interviews with the family members, community members, and law enforcement who experienced the events firsthand.

Lellobee City Farm(2022-)

1.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Lellobee City Farm is a music-based show for preschoolers set on an urban micro farm where children come together to learn life skills through catchy songs and play! Filled with singing vegetables patches, friendly talking farm animals, and endless supply of tools and vehicles, Lellobee City Farm is a welcoming oasis in the middle of a culturally bustling cosmopolitan city. It's where good things grow!

Sarah Beeny's Little House Big Plans(2022-)

Property expert Sarah Beeny and award-winning architect Damion Burrows follow people converting their small living spaces into bigger places.

@Home with Tori(2022-)

| Reality-TV

With each episode centering on themes from pool parties to mother-daughter relationships to cocktails, Tori Spelling shares advice on cooking, baking, and entertaining as she's joined by family, celebrities and expert chefs to explore family traditions, travel, birthdays and holiday festivities.

The Booze, Bets and Sex That Built America(2022-)

1h 23min per episode | Documentary, Drama
3.5/5 (with 1 vote)

Divulges surprising origin stories of the American alcohol, gambling, sex, and tobacco industries and the ambitiously notorious entrepreneurs who built some of history's biggest fortunes on the nation's cravings.

Hungry For Answers(2022-)

| 26min per episode | Documentary

Caroline Randall Williams, an award-winning writer, cookbook author and restaurateur, travels the United States uncovering the fascinating, essential and often untold black stories behind American food.

The Bomber: Terror of WWII(2022-)

48min per episode | Documentary
3.8/5 (with 1 vote)

Terror of the World: The story of a deadly war that intertwines Germany, Poland, Japan, Italy and Spain, and the remorseless development of weapons and bombers.

And They Occupied Me(2022-)

37min per episode | Drama

In June 1984, the Army attacked Darbar Sahib, the holiest and most sacred place of the Sikhs. The ruling political party used government propaganda to portray the hardworking peasants of Punjab as terrorists.

Duck Family Treasure(2022-)

5.0/5 (with 1 vote)

Expert duck hunters, Jase and Jep Robertson are hunting something new – buried treasure! With the help of their quick-witted Uncle Si and expert treasure hunter, Murry Crowe, Jase and Jep are ready to uncover some incredible historical

Silos Baking Competition(2023-)

| Reality-TV

Home bakers travel to Waco, TX for a competition that celebrates the joy that comes from time spent in the kitchen. Competitors try to perfect a favorite recipe for a chance to have their treat featured at Magnolia's Silos Baking Co. and win $100,000.

The Proof Is Out There: Skinwalker Edition(2022)

| Documentary

In this special edition series of The Proof Is Out There, journalist Tony Harris travels to the legendary Skinwalker Ranch, a place known as the epicenter of strange and mysterious phenomena. Tony and a team of experts will analyze evidence of similar unexplained occurrences from around the world and render a verdict.

Sleeping With a Killer(2022-)

43min per episode | Documentary, Crime
2.7/5 (with 2 votes)

It follows people who have tragic endings at the hands of husbands, wives, former friends, and lovers.

Wildlife Rescue Australia(2022-)

- No description / details available yet. -

Hungry for It(2022-)

10 aspiring cooks from all over the UK, all desperate to carve out a career in the food industry, live together in a house, whilst competing and creating amazing dishes, in an attempt to impress industry experts and mentors.

Bradford on Duty(2022-)

From the frontline workers on the streets to the leaders making the big decisions. Access all areas with the people dedicated to making their city a better place.

The Chaos(2022-)

Multiversal beings slip threw their universe because Tyler created a ripple effect, which ripped the fabric of reality. On the other side Easton and Hakeem are still having trouble getting along with another and acting like brothers. Find out more by subscribing to Josh Production channel.

New TV Shows/Series worldwide(38)

High (School) On Sex


2022- | 3.2/5 | 50min per episode

Love You Stranger

Certification unknown

2022 | 4.5/5 | 30min per episode

Everything I Know About Love

Certification unknown

2022- | 3.2/5 | 44min per episode
United Kingdom (UK)

Pushpa Impossible

Certification unknown

2022- | 3.5/5


Certification unknown

2022 | 3.3/5 | 1h per episode
South Korea

Link: Eat, Love, Kill

Certification unknown

2022 | 3.8/5 | 1h 5min per episode
South Korea



2022 | 3.5/5 | 50min per episode

Love On Duty

Certification unknown

2022 | 2.0/5 | 1h 45min per episode

Reel Britannia

Certification unknown

2022 | 4.3/5 | 4h 29min per episode
United Kingdom (UK)

A Clean Sweep

Certification unknown

2022- | 2.5/5 | 1h 50min per episode
South Korea

Check Out

Certification unknown

2022 | 2.9/5 | 1h 6min per episode

British Planes That Won the War with Rob Bell

Certification unknown

2022- | 45min per episode
United Kingdom (UK)


Certification unknown

2022- | 2.8/5 | 28min per episode
United Kingdom (UK)

Baby Fever

Certification unknown

2022- | 2.7/5 | 35min per episode

Lua de Mel

Certification unknown

2022 | 1.0/5 | 50min per episode

The Broken News


2022- | 3.0/5 | 36min per episode

The Beauty Inside

Certification unknown

2022 | 4.1/5 | 2h per episode

The Heartthrob: TV Changed, He Didn’t

Certification unknown

2022- | 3.6/5

Mama Gogo

Certification unknown

2022 | 3.0/5 | 1h per episode


Certification unknown

2022- | 3.2/5 | 31min per episode

Rhythm + Flow France


2022- | 3.7/5 | 42min per episode

Fall in Love

Certification unknown

2022 | 25min per episode
People's Republic of China

The Eight

Certification unknown

2022- | 2.0/5 | 50min per episode

Stop Nyqvist

Certification unknown

2022- | 3.8/5 | 40min per episode

The Greatest Cult Movies of All Times

Certification unknown

2022- | 4.3/5

Udan Patolas

Certification unknown

2022- | 4.5/5 | 30min per episode

Venner fra før

Certification unknown

2022- | 3.0/5

Backstage with Katherine Ryan

Certification unknown

2022 | 2.6/5
United Kingdom (UK)

Let’s Dance com Nightography

Certification unknown

2022 | 4.0/5 | 15min per episode

En el nombre de Rocío

Certification unknown

2022 | 3.5/5 | 1h per episode

Victorieux à deux

Certification unknown

2022- | 22min per episode

Dirty Rotten Scammers

Certification unknown

2022- | 44min per episode
United Kingdom (UK)

Feels Like Home

Certification unknown

2022- | 3.3/5 | 35min per episode


Certification unknown


Wildes Marokko

Certification unknown


Cod3rs Championship

Certification unknown

2022- | 1.0/5

New Seasons of ongoing TV Shows/Series(38)

Monday, 06/06/2022: Roswell, New Mexico - Season 4 with 13 episodes (Science-Fiction & Fantasy/Drama)
Monday, 06/06/2022: In the Dark - Season 4 with 13 episodes (Drama/Comedy)
Monday, 06/06/2022: American Ninja Warrior - Season 14 with 13 episodes (Reality-TV)
Monday, 06/06/2022: London Kills - Season 3 with 5 episodes (Drama)
Monday, 06/06/2022: People Magazine Investigates - Season 6 with 13 episodes (Crime/Documentary/Drama/News/Mystery/War & Politics)
Monday, 06/06/2022: Action Pack - Season 2 with 6 episodes (Animation/Kids & Family/Kids & Family/Action & Adventure)
Monday, 06/06/2022: Miz & Mrs - Season 3 with 10 episodes (Reality-TV)
Monday, 06/06/2022: The Family Chantel - Season 4 with 13 episodes (Reality-TV)
Monday, 06/06/2022: Seeking Sister Wife - Season 4 with 14 episodes (Reality-TV)
Tuesday, 06/07/2022: Dateline: Unforgettable - Season 2 with 24 episodes (Crime/Mystery/Documentary)
Wednesday, 06/08/2022: Dimension 20 - Coffin Run with 6 episodes (Science-Fiction & Fantasy/Comedy/Reality-TV)
Wednesday, 06/08/2022: Bargain Block - Season 2 with 9 episodes (Reality-TV)
Thursday, 06/09/2022: For All Mankind - Season 3 with 10 episodes (Drama/Science-Fiction & Fantasy/War & Politics)very popular
Thursday, 06/09/2022: Dimension 20's Adventuring Party - All About "Coffin Run" with 7 episodes (Talk-Show)
Thursday, 06/09/2022: Fairfax - Season 2 with 8 episodes (Comedy/Animation)
Thursday, 06/09/2022: MTV Unplugged - Season 2022 (Documentary)
Thursday, 06/09/2022: The American Film Institute Salute to ... - Season 48 (Reality-TV)
Friday, 06/10/2022: BUNK'D - Leaning the Ropes with 18 episodes (Comedy)
Friday, 06/10/2022: Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story - Season 2 with 9 episodes (Reality-TV)
Saturday, 06/11/2022: Extra History - Billie Holiday (Documentary/Animation)
Sunday, 06/12/2022: Evil - Season 3 with 10 episodes (Drama)

Monday, 06/06/2022: Joker ("جوکر") - Season 7 with 5 episodes (Reality-TV/Comedy)
Monday, 06/06/2022: 90 Day Diaries - Season 4 with 8 episodes (Reality-TV)
Monday, 06/06/2022: The Flight Attendants ("Aviondžije") - Season 4 with 12 episodes (Comedy)
Tuesday, 06/07/2022: Ms. Sweet ("ИП Пирогова") - Season 4 with 13 episodes (Comedy/Kids & Family)
Tuesday, 06/07/2022: The Bridge: Race to a Fortune - Series 2 with 8 episodes (Reality-TV)
Tuesday, 06/07/2022: Charmers - Season 2 with 8 episodes (Science-Fiction & Fantasy/Action & Adventure/Kids & Family)
Tuesday, 06/07/2022: Cooking With the Stars - Season 2 with 6 episodes
Wednesday, 06/08/2022: Die Bachelorette - Season 9 with 9 episodes (Reality-TV)
Thursday, 06/09/2022: Young Doctors ("In aller Freundschaft - Die jungen Ärzte") - Season 8 with 36 episodes (Drama)
Thursday, 06/09/2022: Code M - Season 2 with 8 episodes (Drama/Mystery)
Thursday, 06/09/2022: Prière d'enquêter - Season 2 with 2 episodes (Crime)
Friday, 06/10/2022: Yumi's Cells ("유미의 세포들") - Season 2 with 14 episodes (Comedy/Drama)
Friday, 06/10/2022: A Lista - Season 5 with 10 episodes
Friday, 06/10/2022: Celebrity Gogglebox - Season 4 with 6 episodes (Reality-TV)
Friday, 06/10/2022: This Is My House - Series 2 with 9 episodes (Reality-TV)
Saturday, 06/11/2022: Investigação Paralela - Season 2 with 8 episodes
Sunday, 06/12/2022: The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway - Inside the Elizabeth Line with 2 episodes (Documentary)
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