YOLO Crystal Fantasy(TV-Show/Serie, 2020)

je Folge ca. 11 Min. | Genres: Animation / Zeichentrick, Komödie

Scripted Reality in 1 Staffel mit 8 Folgen

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YOLO: Crystal Fantasy is an Australian–American animated comedy television series created by Michael Cusack. The series premiered on Adult Swim on August 9, 2020, though the pilot was aired as a part of Adult Swim's annual April Fools Day event. ()
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Two Australian party girls, Sarah and Rachel, looking for fun times, new experiences, positive vibes, and hopeful horoscopes in the bizarre town of Wollongong. Sarah's quest is to find love, whereas Rachel hungers for chaos, often bringing them into conflict as they encounter surreal Australiana, strange bush creatures, and eccentric nomads.

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YOLO Crystal Fantasy Staffeln und Folgen

01.04.2020Staffel 1 - 8 Folgen
#1 | 01.04.2020Episode 1 (Maddison's Birthday Party)
Rachel is invited to the party of her former school mate, Maddison, and takes BFF Sarah as her plus one. Can Rachel scale the tower to get a selfie with Maddison, and can Sarah escape the ‘plus one’ hell to which she has been relegated?
#2 | 10.08.2020Episode 2 (The Dusty Truck 'n' Donut Muster)
Rachel and Sarah head to the outback town of Goondawindi for the annual Dusty Truck 'n' Donut Muster, lured by the chance to win a meat tray and a glimpse of Trent, the star of TV's 'Outback Trent'.
#3 | 17.08.2020Episode 3 (A Very Extremely Very Yolo Christmas: Reloaded)
Sarah and Rachel are invited by Sarah's nan to attend her Christmas cruise party, but the ship is sunk by a large, handsome crocodile. The girls are shipwrecked on a nearby island where they search for the crocodile for different reasons.
#4 | 17.08.2020Episode 4 (The Terry Cup)
Rachel and Sarah go to the Terry Cup where dancers compete to please Terry, an opinionated floating head. Their hopes for a drama-free experience are dashed when Rachel gets herself 8 million Terry credits in debt due to a couple of bets.
#5 | 24.08.2020Episode 5 (Bush Doof)
Rachel and Sarah hear about a nearby 'bush doof' outback dance party. Rachel forces the car to crash so she can enjoy the dreamy vibes and genuinely good acoustics and win a t-shirt from the t-shirt cannon.
#6 | 24.08.2020Episode 6 (Planet Horoscope)
Sarah's having a run of negative vibes and decides to visit Planet Bali for a vacation alone. Her rocket crashes on Planet Horoscope where she meets Capricorn, her own star sign, and decides to help her find a boyfriend.
#7 | 31.08.2020Episode 7 (Enter Bushworld Part One)
After one too many drinks, Rachel stumbles into the bush to take a leak against a tree, where she unwittingly falls through a portal into the Bushworld dimension. Sarah waits for her patiently, but hours turn into months turn into years.
#8 | 31.08.2020Episode 8 (Enter Bushworld Part Two)
When Sarah's husband dies suddenly, she tackles her grief by losing herself in pottery. It gives her a new purpose, and yet she is plagued by persistent calls claiming to be from her long missing friend Rachel.

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