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Scripted Reality in 2 Staffeln mit 198 Folgen

The Iron HeartBewertung: 3,8/5 (bei 25 Stimmen) 551
The Iron Heart is a Philippine action drama television series broadcast by Kapamilya Channel. Directed by Lester Pimentel Ong, Richard Ibasco Arellano and Ian Loreños, it stars Richard Gutierrez in the title role. The series premiered on the network's Primetime Bida evening block on November 14, 2022, replacing 2 Good 2 Be True. The series is set to conclude on October 13, 2023 with 238 episodes and will be replaced by Can't Buy Me Love. ()
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An undercover agent goes on a dangerous mission to bring down a crime ring. Fueled by a bitter and painful past, he along with his allies faces the grueling task that will challenge his resolve and strength.

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The Iron Heart Staffeln und Folgen

03.07.2023Season 2 - 35 Folgen
#1 | 03.07.2023Episode 1 (Mission Accomplished)
Apollo and Eros finally accomplish their mission to defeat Priam and secure the vaccine. While the CIB celebrates its success, Apollo chooses to live a simple life with his family. Meanwhile, Hector attends a religious gathering.
#2 | 04.07.2023Episode 2 (A New Chapter Begins)
Turning a new leaf, Apollo spends quality time with his loved ones and prepares to look for a normal job. Selene vows to bring Tatsulok back to its former glory. A hooded man gets congratulated for bringing down Priam and his organization.
#3 | 05.07.2023Episode 3 (Altare)
While carefully taking a look at the police operation that interrupted his meetup with Troy and Cronus, Apollo notices a strange card lying on the ground, unaware that the item’s appearance is a quick prelude to danger for both his allies and foes.
#4 | 06.07.2023Episode 4 (Commando)
Harmonia warns Menandro that Altare, the world’s largest transnational crime organization, has arrived in the Philippines. Orcus is subjected to an unconventional torture method. A cautious Juno asks Apollo to meet her privately.
#5 | 07.07.2023Episode 5 (Juno's Tragic End)
While Apollo grows extremely worried for her, Juno encounters the man who kidnapped Orcus. Despite knowing fully well that it could be a trap, Selene prepares to rescue the abducted Tatsulok member.
#6 | 10.07.2023Episode 6 (Lost Evidence and Silent Secrets)
Apollo notices a group of strange men fleeing the scene moments after Juno’s fall. Selene and her underlings step into a trap as they look for Orcus. Eros resolves to investigate his old ally’s untimely demise.
#7 | 11.07.2023Episode 7 (Defiant Resolve)
Apollo and Eros begin to investigate Juno's case. Selene ends up joining Orcus in captivity and soon faces their eccentric captor. Apollo finally meets Brother Joseph, whose accessory immediately catches the former's eye.
#8 | 12.07.2023Episode 8 (Fate's Web)
Atlas comes up with a brutal way to force Selene, Orcus, and Dylan to join his side. After getting acquainted with Brother Joseph, Apollo grows concerned upon learning that Hector is planning to donate all his properties to Yusebeia.
#9 | 13.07.2023Episode 9 (The Face Behind)
During the CIB’s operation against Atlas’ group, Xenon is left in disbelief upon being greeted by a familiar face before meeting his end. Apollo receives a warning from one of Yusebeia’s devotees following Hector’s anointing ceremony.
#10 | 14.07.2023Episode 10 (Puzzling Passing and Machinations)
Determined to fight Atlas' group for Priam's memory, Selene decides to seek help from a former ally. Brother Joseph takes matters into his own hands as Apollo begins to investigate Yusebeia. Eros gets a new assignment from Menandro.
#11 | 17.07.2023Episode 11 (Double Cross)
Upon hearing Menandro’s thoughts on Juno’s demise, Harmonia resolves to recruit Apollo to be part of her mission to bring down Altare. Selene plans to use Eros against Atlas’ group, unaware of the trap she is about to step into.
#12 | 18.07.2023Episode 12 (Tensions Rise)
Orcus arrives just in time to give Selene an opportunity to escape from Eros and the CIB. Confirming that Apollo is sniffing around Yusebeia, Joseph puts a hit on the former secret agent.
#13 | 19.07.2023Episode 13 (Unraveling Suspicions)
Apollo’s suspicions about Yusebeia grows after the failed attempt on his life. Troy struggles to juggle his job and studies as he tries to fill the role Hector left behind. Nyx escapes out of prison.
#14 | 20.07.2023Episode 14 (Promise of a Good News)
Before heading out to accomplish a secret mission, Nyx promises Selene that she will return with a good news. Apollo learns from Kules that Koa knows a lot of things about Yusebeia.
#15 | 21.07.2023Episode 15 (Yusebia's Secret)
Apollo and Kules' investigation begins to bear fruit as they stumble upon Cora's remains. Just when he decides against seeking additional security measures for Yusebeia, Joseph receives an unexpected call from the police.
#16 | 24.07.2023Episode 16 (Whispers from the Dead)
Eros urges Apollo to distance himself and his family from Yusebeia, but to no avail. After punishing Koa for his recklessness, Joseph threatens Hector with expulsion if the former undercover agent continues to meddle with their affairs.
#17 | 25.07.2023Episode 17 (Unexpected Alliances)
Suspecting that his parents ended up like Cora, Kules undergoes DNA matching with the bones found in Yusebeia. Nyx meets up with Dylan, unaware that the latter is working with Eros. Koa and his men capture Apollo.
#18 | 26.07.2023Episode 18 (Captured and Confronted)
Joseph reassures Eros that he has control over the whole situation involving Apollo, until the ex-CIB agent fights back. A scuffle ensues between Nyx and Dylan when the latter makes his intentions known.
#19 | 27.07.2023Episode 19 (Tides of Deceit)
After seeing Joseph’s true color, Apollo fights tooth and nail as he tries to escape from Yusebeia’s private army. Kules fumes with rage upon finding his mother’s scarf among the pieces of evidence found in the mass grave.
#20 | 28.07.2023Episode 20 (Captive Secrets)
Eros chances upon Nyx. A furious Kules confronts Hera about his parents' deaths, resulting in a bloody altercation between them when the whole truth spills out. Menandro carries out confidential fieldwork.
#21 | 31.07.2023Episode 21 (Of Captive and Clue)
Priam names his price for revealing the things he knows about Altare. Joseph accuses Apollo of murdering Hera. One of Engineer’s puzzles leads Nyx to his lawyer.
#22 | 01.08.2023Episode 22 (Conspiracy Unraveled)
Koa and his men ambush Apollo, only to be driven off by another group that aims to abduct their target. Orcus gets clobbered by Atlas for refusing to spill Selene’s whereabouts. Eros urges Joseph to distance himself from Apollo, but to no avail.
#23 | 02.08.2023Episode 23 (The Heir)
Apollo gets the shock of his life when he meets Priam once again for an absurd assignment. Unbeknownst to the former CIB agent, Joseph finds a way to settle the score with him as the Yusebeia leader publicly accuses him of killing Hera.
#24 | 03.08.2023Episode 24 (Crimson Pursuit)
Apollo storms Joseph’s mansion as he searches for Lia. Selene fumes as she hears the contents of Engineer’s last will and testament. Keeping his end of the bargain, Priam reveals to Menandro the things he knows about Altare.
#25 | 04.08.2023Episode 25 (Fugitive)
By orders of Brother Joseph, Koa ambushes Kules. Hector tries to convince the Yusebeia leader of his nephew's innocence. As news of Apollo's involvement in Hera's death reaches him, Menandro orders Eros to arrest their former agent.
#26 | 07.08.2023Episode 26 (Dawn of a New Era)
An intense chase ensues when Menandro and Eros try to apprehend Apollo. Troy and Cronus get in trouble as they search for Lia. A new era dawns on Tatsulok as it cleans up its ranks, summons its loyal members, and welcomes its new leader.
#27 | 08.08.2023Episode 27 (Ascending to Power)
#28 | 09.08.2023Episode 28 (Entangled Loyalties)
#29 | 10.08.2023Episode 29 (The Hidden Brew)
#30 | 11.08.2023Episode 30 (Thanksgiving Mess)
#31 | 14.08.2023Episode 31
#32 | 15.08.2023Episode 32
#33 | 16.08.2023Episode 33
#34 | 17.08.2023Episode 34
#35 | 18.08.2023Episode 35
14.11.2022Season 1 - 163 Folgen

Weitere Informationen

Produktionsland: Philippinen
Produziert von: Star Creatives
Originalsprache: Tagalog / Filipino (TL)
Gesprochene Sprachen: Tagalog / Filipino (TL)
Übersetzt in 5 Sprachen: Englisch (EN), Spanisch (ES), Portugiesisch (PT), Tagalog / Filipino (TL), Chinesisch (Mandarin) (ZH)
Produktionsstatus: Wiederkehrende Serie
Erste Folge erschien am: 14.11.2022
Bisher letzte Folge erschien am: 11.08.2023

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