The Broken Marriage Vow(TV-Show/Serie, 2022-)

Genre: Drama

Scripted Reality in 1 Staffel mit 45 Folgen

The Broken Marriage VowBewertung: 4,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)
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A seemingly perfect home gets shattered by broken trust and infidelity, bringing forth catastrophic effects into the lives of the couple, their son, and everyone else involved. This is a story about a woman scorned.

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The Broken Marriage Vow Staffeln und Folgen

24.01.2022Season 1 - 45 Folgen
#1 | 24.01.2022Episode 1 (Awakening a Dream)
Dr. Jill Ilustre's perfect and solid family gets shaken when she discovers unfamiliar items among her husband's stuff. Recalling her father's cheating, Jill wonders if David is having an affair.
#2 | 25.01.2022Episode 2 (Cracks on the Wall)
Jill becomes suspicious of David after catching her husband lying about being alone in Cebu. Just when she thought she has proved her doubts wrong, Jill's suspicion grows stronger after catching David yet in another lie.
#3 | 26.01.2022Episode 3 (Doubts Among Them)
Jill gives David a chance to admit if he has another woman, but he denies it and assures that she is the only woman for him. However, during a get-together dinner with Carol and Charlie, Jill notices an item that raises her suspicions once again.
#4 | 27.01.2022Episode 4 (Suspicions Escalate)
When Carol denies her accusation, Jill's suspicion falls on Nathalia upon her witnessing her intimacy with David during the Luceros' party. Growing more restless and skeptical, Jill's decides to find out the truth with the help of her student, Diane.
#5 | 28.01.2022Episode 5 (Hunt for the Other Woman)
Upon confirming her suspicion, Jill instructs Diane to uncover the identity of David's mistress. Despite her painful discovery, Jill puts on an oblivious facade for Gio's sake and decides to push through with her unfaithful husband's surprise party.
#6 | 31.01.2022Episode 6 (The Heartbreaking Truth)
Jill unleashes her wrath on Diane's boyfriend, Enzo, upon learning of her student's sufferings at his hands. Acting on Diane's tip, Jill uncovers the truth about David's infidelity and her friends' betrayal.
#7 | 01.02.2022Episode 7 (Inhibitions at Bay)
Jill manages to control herself during her brief encounter with Lexy despite witnessing how David discreetly flirted with his mistress. After vowing to do everything to protect her marriage, Jill leaves the party early.
#8 | 02.02.2022Episode 8 (Musky Waters)
Confronting Sandy for keeping her in the dark about David's affair, Jill forbids her friend from ruining her course of action. Thinking about Gio's welfare, the doctor puts her plan to kick David out of her life on hold.
#9 | 03.02.2022Episode 9 (The Face Off)
David runs into Lexy as he accompanies Gio at an event organized by the Luceros. Learning of this, Jill hides her doubts about her husband. The young mistress, meanwhile, begins to suffer from unbearable stomach pain.
#10 | 04.02.2022Episode 10 (Between a Rock and a Hard Place)
As she runs some tests on Lexy at the clinic, Jill is taken aback when a result comes out positive. Completely shaken up, Lexy struggles to make the best of the big news.
#11 | 07.02.2022Episode 11 (The Choices We Make)
Lexy reaches a life-changing decision while she gives David the cold shoulder. Jill finds herself deeply conflicted upon getting wind of the kept woman's plan. Charlie comes home with a lipstick stain on his shirt.
#12 | 08.02.2022Episode 12 (The Fear of Losing Someone)
David finally signs his contract agreement with Fred, only to learn that Lexy is leaving. Not wanting to part ways with his mistress, he offers to go the extra mile. Jill is thrown into a panic when Jose attempts suicide.
#13 | 09.02.2022Episode 13 (Brewing Resentment)
When his wife asks him about his infidelity, David lies to Jill's face and suddenly treats her nicely. Still clinging to her lover's words, Lexy changes her mind and decides to keep the baby.
#14 | 10.02.2022Episode 14 (Truth Between the Lies)
Jill grows determined to end David's web of lies after discovering the truth about his infidelity from Marina. Learning of Lexy's pregnancy, David rushes to his mistress and promises to bear the responsibility to their child.
#15 | 11.02.2022Episode 15 (Chess Piece in Place)
Diane approaches Lexy to keep a close watch on her and David while Jill prepares for the annulment. Soon, the doctor reaches her limits upon discovering the extent of her husband's trespasses.
#16 | 14.02.2022Episode 16 (The Groundbreaking Move)
#17 | 15.02.2022Episode 17
#18 | 16.02.2022Episode 18
#19 | 17.02.2022Episode 19
#20 | 18.02.2022Episode 20
#21 | 21.02.2022Episode 21
#22 | 22.02.2022Episode 22
#23 | 23.02.2022Episode 23
#24 | 24.02.2022Episode 24
#25 | 25.02.2022Episode 25
#26 | 28.02.2022Episode 26
#27 | 01.03.2022Episode 27
#28 | 02.03.2022Episode 28
#29 | 03.03.2022Episode 29
#30 | 04.03.2022Episode 30
#31 | 07.03.2022Episode 31
#32 | 08.03.2022Episode 32
#33 | 09.03.2022Episode 33
#34 | 10.03.2022Episode 34
#35 | 11.03.2022Episode 35
#36 | 14.03.2022Episode 36
#37 | 15.03.2022Episode 37
#38 | 16.03.2022Episode 38
#39 | 17.03.2022Episode 39
#40 | 18.03.2022Episode 40
#41 | 21.03.2022Episode 41
#42 | 22.03.2022Episode 42
#43 | 23.03.2022Episode 43
#44 | 24.03.2022Episode 44
#45 | 25.03.2022Episode 45

Weitere Informationen

Produktionsland: Philippinen
Originalsprache: Tagalog / Filipino (TL)
Gesprochene Sprachen: Tagalog / Filipino (TL)
Übersetzt in 1 Sprache: Englisch (EN)
Produktionsstatus: Wiederkehrende Serie
Erste Folge erschien am: 24.01.2022
Bisher letzte Folge erschien am: 11.02.2022

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