Assassins Pride(TV-Show/Serie, 2019-)

Originaltitel: "アサシンズプライド" (Japanisch/JA)
je Folge ca. 24 Min. | Genres: Action & Abenteuer, Krimi, Drama

Scripted Reality in 1 Staffel mit 12 Folgen

Assassins PrideBewertung: 2,9/5 (bei 4 Stimmen) 50
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Inhalt von Assassins Pride

In the world only the aristocrats have the power to fight the monster - mana. Even though Melida Angel was born in an aristocracy and studies at an academy developing mana users, she has no mana. To find her talent for mana, Kufa Vampir was sent to be her tutor but at the same time, he was ordered to assassinate her if she has no talent for mana. He makes a cruel decision to assassinate her because he thinks that it is a wasted effort that people who have not any mana are working hard in this world... However, he asks her, "Do you want to try to entrust your life to me?" He is not as an assassin nor a tutor. He is someone betting on his pride as an assassin tutor, to show the world what Melida is capable of!

Trailer für Assassins Pride + Featurettes/Teaser/Clips

TVアニメ アサシンズプライド 第二弾PV(Trailer, 2:01)

Assassins Pride Staffeln und Folgen

10.10.2019Season 1 - 12 Folgen
#1 | 10.10.2019Mercy of an Assassin
Kufa is sent to assess the abilities of the House of Angel's heir, whose lack of mana calls her lineage into question — but Merida is nothing like Kufa expected her to be.
#2 | 17.10.2019When the Girl's World Changes
Kufa plays a dangerous game by casting his lot with Melida. As for his young pupil? The school tournament is coming up, and Melida knows something her opponents don't.
#3 | 24.10.2019Going Beyond the Limit
Melida and Elise look forward to the Circlet Night festival, but a kidnapping interrupts their celebration. Now Melida must undergo a trial by fire and prove herself.
#4 | 31.10.2019Two Young Ladies Assemble at the Chained Castle
The Luna Lumiere Selection Tournament is poised to begin, but the students of St. Friedeswiede are in for a shock when this year's unexpected Cadets are revealed.
#5 | 07.11.2019The Golden Princess and the Silver Princess
The tournament will proceed despite the danger posed by Black Madia. As the Cadets prepare for their inevitable battle, Melida can't help but dwell on Elise's troubled words.
#6 | 14.11.2019Folge 6 (The Gray Witch)
#7Folge 7 (Episode 7)
#8Folge 8 (Episode 8)
#9Folge 9 (Episode 9)
#10Folge 10 (Episode 10)
#11Folge 11 (Episode 11)
#12Folge 12 (Episode 12)

Weitere Informationen

Offizielle Webseiten:
Produktionsland: Japan
Produziert von: Half HP Studio
Originalsprache: Japanisch (JA)
Gesprochene Sprachen: Japanisch (JA)
Übersetzt in 8 Sprachen: Englisch (EN), Spanisch (ES), Französisch (FR), Koreanisch (KO), Polnisch (PL), Portugiesisch (PT), Russisch (RU), Chinesisch (Mandarin) (ZH)
Produktionsstatus: Wiederkehrende Serie
Erste Folge erschien am: 10.10.2019
Bisher letzte Folge erschien am: 07.11.2019
Alternative Titel in anderen Ländern (aus Vorankündigungen, Werbung etc.):
"Assassin's Pride"

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