Anupamaa(TV-Show/Serie, 2020-)

Originaltitel: "अनुपमा" (Hindi/HI)
je Folge ca. 21 Min. | Genres: Drama, Soap / Telenovela

Scripted Reality in 1 Staffel mit 381 Folgen

AnupamaaBewertung: 2,7/5 (bei 7 Stimmen) 30
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Inhalt von Anupamaa

Anupama had to sacrifice a lot to become an ideal wife, daughter-in-law, and mother. After a bitter realisation, she sets out to live on her own terms.

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Anupama | Starts 13th July 10pm(Trailer, 0:40)

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Anupamaa Staffeln und Folgen

13.07.2020Season 1 - 381 Folgen
#1 | 13.07.2020Episode 1 (Meet Anupama)
A devoted mother and wife, Anupama loves her family and fulfills their every need. However, she is bereft of the same love and respect in her own house.
#2 | 14.07.2020Episode 2 (Samar Stands by Anupama)
Samar criticises Vanraj for throwing Anupama out while she feels guilty. Next day on her birthday, a statement by Vanraj makes Anupama hopeful. Is she guessing right?
#3 | 15.07.2020Episode 3 (Anupamaa's Special Day)
On her birthday, Anupamaa merrily gets things organised for the party. As Samar notices a strange sight, Vanraj's announcement leaves Anupamaa shattered.
#4 | 16.07.2020Episode 4 (Vanraj Insults Anupamaa)
Samar enthusiastically celebrates Anupamaa's birthday, unaware that the party is for Kavya. Later, Vanraj belittles Anupamaa in front of the family.
#5 | 17.07.2020Episode 5 (Anupamaa to Showcase Her Skills)
Pakhi announces a talent fair at her school for mothers but is embarrassed to let Anupamaa participate. However, Anupamaa decides to set up her stall at the event.
#6 | 18.07.2020Episode 6 (Vanraj's Scathing Remarks)
An excited Anupamaa prepares to go to Pakhi's school fair early in the morning. However, Vanraj spots her and berates her.
#7 | 20.07.2020Episode 7 (Anupamaa Wins the Trophy)
Vanraj, Pakhi and Kavya are shocked to see Anupamaa at the school. Later, Vanraj stuns everyone with his speech when the winner of the competition is announced.
#8 | 21.07.2020Episode 8 (Vanraj Gets a Shock)
A furious Vanraj berates Anupama for her actions and belittles her trophy. Later, Kavya makes a shocking decision that leaves Vanraj baffled.
#9 | 22.07.2020Episode 9 (A Job Offer for Anupama)
Impressed by her cooking skills, Pakhi's principal offers Anupamaa a job. While most of the family is against it, Samar encourages her to accept the offer.
#10 | 23.07.2020Episode 10 (Anupamaa Takes the Job!)
Kavya's unexpected advice to Anupamaa stuns Vanraj and the rest of the family. Feeling determined, Anupamaa decides to take up the job offer.
#11 | 24.07.2020Episode 11 (Samar's Unexpected Proposition)
Anupamaa hugs Vanraj and thanks him for supporting her decision. While she gets ready for her first day, Samar's unexpected proposition leaves everyone stunned.
#12 | 25.07.2020Episode 12 (Anupamaa's First Day at Work!)
Following a series of mishaps, Anupamaa ends up being late to her very first day of work. Later, she introduces herself to the students.
#13 | 27.07.2020Episode 13 (Anupamaa's First Salary!)
Kavya sternly stands her ground during a heated argument with Vanraj. Elsewhere, Anupamaa is overwhelmed upon receiving her first salary!
#14 | 28.07.2020Episode 14 (Vanraj Celebrates His Success)
Anupamaa's joy is short-lived as Pakhi voices her complaints. While Vanraj celebrates his success with the family, some shocking news awaits Anupamaa.
#15 | 29.07.2020Episode 15 (Anupamaa Signs Her First Cheque!)
Samar helps Anupamaa to sign her first cheque. While Anupamaa faces a crisis, Vanraj's request leaves her in a state of shock.
#16 | 30.07.2020Episode 16 (Anupama Gets Late for School)
Tending to Vanraj's needs, Anupamaa gets late for the inspection at school. Later, Vanraj is perplexed when Anupamaa receives praises for her talent.
#17 | 31.07.2020Episode 17 (Anupamaa Loses Her Job!)
Anupamaa gets fired for arriving late while Kavya and Vanraj get in a heated exchange. Later, Paritosh makes a sudden announcement.
#18 | 01.08.2020Episode 18 (Kinjal's Parents Pay a Visit)
Samar gets worried when he cannot find Anupamaa. Later, Kavya puts on an act in front of Kinjal's parents as Anupamaa makes a sudden entry.
#19 | 03.08.2020Episode 19 (Challenging Times for Anupamaa)
Kinjal's mother questions Anupamaa's educational qualifications. While Vanraj insults Anupama for losing her job, her answer stuns the family.
#20 | 04.08.2020Episode 20 (Anupamaa Speaks Out!)
Anupamaa expresses out loud how poorly she has been treated in front of the family and takes a firm decision. Later, the Shahs prepare to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.
#21 | 05.08.2020Episode 21 (Samar Is in Love?)
Samar is awestruck after meeting a girl at the market. Later, the Shahs welcome some guests on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.
#22 | 06.08.2020Episode 22 (Raksha Bandhan with the Shahs!)
The Shahs celebrate Raksha Bandhan with great pomp! Later, Vanraj gets an unexpected phone call from Kavya.
#23 | 07.08.2020Episode 23 (Vanraj's Drastic Move)
Furious, Vanraj slaps Samar when a stranger arrives at the Shah house and reveals a shocking truth. Later, a guilt-ridden Anupamaa breaks down into tears.
#24 | 08.08.2020Episode 24 (Kinjal Supports Anupamaa)
Kinjal takes a stand for Anupamaa and berates Paritosh for his rude behaviour. Later, Anirudh walks in on Vanraj and Kavya as they get close.
#25 | 10.08.2020Episode 25 (Devika Is All Praise for Anupamaa)
While tension rises between Vanraj, Anirudh and Kavya, Anupamaa's old friend Devika visits her. Later, Devika's praises for Anupamaa leaves everyone in a shock.
#26 | 11.08.2020Episode 26 (Anupamaa Showcases Her Talent)
Devika reveals how Anupamaa stood up for her during their school days. While Anirudh taunts Vanraj, Anupamaa leaves her kids stunned with her performance.
#27 | 12.08.2020Episode 27 (Is Vanraj in Trouble?)
Anupamaa and Devika spend the entire night talking while the latter notices something strange about Vanraj. Later, tensions flare between Devika and Anupamaa.
#28 | 13.08.2020Episode 28 (Anupamaa, Devika at Loggerheads)
Anupamaa and Devika get into a heated exchange while Vanraj stalks Kavya and Anirudh. Later, Anupamaa enthusiastically prepares for the Janmashtami Puja.
#29 | 14.08.2020Episode 29 (Nandini Meets the Shahs)
Kavya's niece, Nandini locks horns with Samar as the family stands amused. Later, Vanraj executes his sleazy plan to invite Kavya for the puja.
#30 | 15.08.2020Episode 30 (Anupamaa Prepares for Janmashtami)
Anupamaa invites Kavya to join the Shahs for Janmashtami and spends some quality time with Kinjal. Elsewhere, Kavya is taken aback by Vanraj's odd behaviour.
#31 | 17.08.2020Episode 31 (Kavya Feels Insecure)
Paritosh is overjoyed to see Kinjal all dressed up for the festival. Later, Kavya feels insecure, noticing Vanraj and Anupamaa's closeness during the Janmashtami Puja.
#32 | 18.08.2020Episode 32 (Vanraj Dances with Anupamaa)
Kavya fumes at the sight of Vanraj and Anupamaa's dance performance. While Kinjal's mother causes a ruckus, Anupamaa gets insulted in front of everyone.
#33 | 19.08.2020Episode 33 (Vanraj Takes a Stand)
Vanraj supports Anupamaa when Kinjal's mother crosses a line. While the scene quickly spirals out of control, Vanraj's firm statements leave everyone shocked.
#34 | 20.08.2020Episode 34 (Anupamaa Is on a Mission)
Paritosh and Samar get into a huge disagreement disturbing the atmosphere at home. Later, Anupamaa sets off to make things right.
#35 | 21.08.2020Episode 35 (Paritosh Is in Danger?)
Rakhi puts forth a condition for Paritosh and Kinjal's wedding. While Samar finds cigarettes in Pakhi's school bag, Paritosh experiences a panic attack.
#36 | 22.08.2020Episode 36 (Paritosh Leaves the House!)
A furious Paritosh leaves the house after Vanraj berates him. Later, Samar breaks down while Anupamaa tries to stop her son.
#37 | 24.08.2020Episode 37 (Vanraj Gets Teary-eyed)
Kinjal's mother gives Paritosh a grave ultimatum while a teary-eyed Vanraj contemplates his decision. Later, Paritosh struggles to conform to the habits of his new home.
#38 | 25.08.2020Episode 38 (Anupamaa's Horrible Nightmare)
Anupamaa is worried sick following a nightmare about Paritosh's death. Later, Samar confronts Pakhi about the cigarettes found in her bag.
#39 | 26.08.2020Episode 39 (Anupamaa's New Mission)
A furious Vanraj forsakes all ties with Paritosh after learning about the ultimatum he readily accepted. Later, Anupamaa takes it upon herself to bring Paritosh back home.
#40 | 27.08.2020Episode 40 (Vanraj Crosses the Line?)
Vanraj has an emotional breakdown while Anupamaa manages to get Paritosh back home. Later, Vanraj orders Paritosh and Anupamaa to leave the house.
#41 | 28.08.2020Episode 41 (Vanraj Gets Caught?)
Vanraj and Kavya are shocked to learn that Sanjay knows their secret. While Leela causes trouble for Pakhi, Vanraj fears the worst upon reaching home.
#42 | 29.08.2020Episode 42 (Sanjay Visits the Shahs)
Vanraj gets furious when Pakhi talks back to him. Later, he gets extremely uncomfortable when Sanjay pays the family an unexpected visit.
#43 | 31.08.2020Episode 43 (Vanraj Is at His Boiling Point)
Vanraj tries to patch things up with Pakhi but ends up spoiling things with Paritosh instead. He then blames Anupamaa for everything.
#44 | 01.09.2020Episode 44 (Anupamaa Fears the Worst)
Distraught by Anupamaa's behaviour, Kavya tells Vanraj that they should part ways. On the other hand, Anupamaa is petrified when Paritosh goes missing.
#45 | 02.09.2020Episode 45 (Paritosh Crosses a Line!)
A drunk Paritosh creates a scene, insulting everyone. Furious at his misbehaviour, Anupamaa slaps him in front of the family.
#46 | 03.09.2020Episode 46 (Vanraj Learns the Truth)
A furious Vanraj learns the truth as Leela recounts the shocking incident. Later, Anupamaa finds some strange pills in Paritosh's pocket.
#47 | 04.09.2020Episode 47 (Anupamaa's Toughest Challenge Yet)
Vanraj is devastated on learning about the sleeping pills from Anupamaa. While Anirudh implements his plan, Anupamaa takes up Vanraj's arduous challenge.
#48 | 05.09.2020Episode 48 (Vanraj, Anirudh at Loggerheads)
Anupamaa is ecstatic upon finally getting a chance to meet Rakhi. While Paritosh gives Anupamaa a lesson on etiquettes, Vanraj and Anirudh get into a scuffle.
#49 | 07.09.2020Episode 49 (Anupamaa Faces Rakhi's Mind Games)
Rakhi begins the conversation by undermining Anupamaa while Kinjal visits Paritosh's house. Later, Rakhi is left shaken to her core by Anupamaa's statement.
#50 | 08.09.2020Episode 50 (Anupamaa Is Appreciated)
Kavya boils with rage when Vanraj praises Anupamaa for her achievement. While Kinjal grows ecstatic, Paritosh eagerly awaits Anupamaa's return.
#51 | 09.09.2020Episode 51 (Kavya Eyes Anupamaa's Position)
Kavya decides to oust Anupamaa and take her place after seeing the family rejoice together. Later, Vanraj and Kavya are shocked when Anirudh discloses a secret.
#52 | 10.09.2020Episode 52 (Anupamaa Talks Her Heart Out)
The situation at the Shah household almost turns violent while Samar gets some disheartening news from Nandini. Later, Anupamaa talks to Vanraj and Kavya.
#53 | 11.09.2020Episode 53 (Vanraj Charms Anupamaa)
Anupamaa is delighted with the sudden change in Vanraj's behaviour. Later, Vanraj is taken aback when Rakhi inquires about Kavya.
#54 | 12.09.2020Episode 54 (Vanraj Feels Uncomfortable!)
Rakhi brings up Kavya's name during the conversations, making Vanraj uncomfortable. Later, Rakhi makes a disturbing demand.
#55 | 14.09.2020Episode 55 (Anupamaa's Big Dilemma)
After Vanraj rejects her idea, Anupamaa grows confused about Rakhi's wish. Later, Dolly's chat with Leela gives Anupamaa an idea.
#56 | 15.09.2020Episode 56 (Anupamaa Gets the Ring?)
Anupamaa's family is left stunned by Vanraj's changed demeanor. On the other hand, Anupamaa sets out to get the engagement ring.
#57 | 16.09.2020Episode 57 (Anupamaa Is in Trouble)
Anupamaa's joy comes crashing down when Rakhi reveals the truth to the family. While Leela gets offended by Anupamaa's statement, Vanraj is furious.
#58 | 17.09.2020Episode 58 (Kavya's Desperate Move)
Leela humiliates Anupamaa while Kavya grows possessive about Vanraj. Later, Kavya's drastic act leaves everyone rattled.
#59 | 18.09.2020Episode 59 (Will Vanraj, Kavya Get Caught?)
Anupamaa tries to convince Leela as she does not want Kavya staying in the house. While Vanraj and Kavya share an intimate moment, Anupamaa enters the room.
#60 | 19.09.2020Episode 60 (Anirudh Blackmails Vanra)
Sanjay gets shocked to see Kavya at her house. Later, as Vanraj and Kavya meet at her place, Anirudh takes a picture of them together and blackmails Vanraj.
#61 | 21.09.2020Episode 61 (Vanraj in Trouble?)
Vanraj continues to put on an innocent face while Anirudh decides to spill the beans. Later, Anupamaa's family is left shocked by a text message.
#62 | 22.09.2020Episode 62 (Anupamaa Faces Vanraj's Fury!)
Anupamaa is speechless after Vanraj loses his cool at her while Sanjay comes across a distressing sight. Meanwhile, the Shahs welcome a special guest home.
#63 | 23.09.2020Episode 63 (Kavya's Petty Act)
A jealous Kavya shatters all her boundaries to prove her right on Vanraj. Later, Anupamaa corrects Kamini's disrespectful behaviour.
#64 | 24.09.2020Episode 64 (Rakhi Creates a Scene)
Kinjal and Paritosh's Aashirwad ceremony commences in high spirits. While everyone is shocked to know the ring missing from the box, Rakhi creates a scene.
#65 | 25.09.2020Episode 65 (Anupamaa's Clever Plan)
Anupamaa rebukes Kamini when she shoots some sharp allegations at Jhilmil. While Kavya's behaviour irks Vanraj, Anupamaa executes an ingenious plan.
#66 | 26.09.2020Episode 66 (Anupamaa Targets Kavya)
Anupamaa stops Kavya and Vanraj from attending an online meeting in the bedroom. Nonetheless, Kavya rebukes Samar for his immature behaviour, infuriating Anupamaa.
#67 | 28.09.2020Episode 67 (Kavya Cooks For the Family)
To make amends with Vanraj, Kavya decides to prepare pasta for him and the family. On the other hand, Anupamaa consoles her frightened daughter.
#68 | 29.09.2020Episode 68 (Kinjal's Mischievous Prank)
Vanraj ignores Kavya while everyone reaches the engagement venue. Meanwhile, Kinjal plays a mischievous prank leaving everyone startled.
#69 | 30.09.2020Episode 69 (A Shocker for Pakhi)
Rakhi humiliates Vanraj and Anupamaa, while Pakhi is shocked to see Siddharth at the party. Later, Vanraj tries to bridge the gap between him and Kavya.
#70 | 01.10.2020Episode 70 (Anupamaa Exposes Siddharth)
Anupamaa exposes Siddharth after he tries to molest Pakhi which results in Rakhi calling off the engagement. Later, Rakhi faces Vanraj's unbridled rage.
#71 | 02.10.2020Episode 71 (A Shocker for Anupamaa)
Rakhi taunts an emotional Anupamaa when the engagement ceremony commences without her. Later, Samar rebukes the family for taking Anupamaa for granted.
#72 | 03.10.2020Episode 72 (Kavya's Deplorable Act)
Anupamaa has a hard time controlling Leela and Kavya's fight while Vanraj is faced with an ultimatum. Later, Kavya exaggerates Anupamaa's statements to Vanraj.
#73 | 05.10.2020Episode 73 (Dejection Strikes Anupamaa)
Anupamaa breaks down after Vanraj vents his frustration on her to impress Kavya. Filled with dejection, Anupamaa does the unthinkable.
#74 | 06.10.2020Episode 74 (Vanraj Has a Change of Heart?)
Devika confronts Vanraj and issues a warning against torturing Anupamaa. Later, Kavya is left dumbstruck on seeing Vanraj proposing to Anupamaa.
#75 | 07.10.2020Episode 75 (Anupamaa Forgives Vanraj)
After much convincing, Anupamaa forgives Vanraj and they patch things up. Later, Kavya asks Vanraj to marry him. Will he give in to her demand?
#76 | 08.10.2020Episode 76 (Kavya's Shocking Revelation)
Nandini gets startled when Kavya reveals about her marriage with Vanraj. While Nandini tells Kavya to share everything with the family, Vanraj compliments Anupamaa.
#77 | 09.10.2020Episode 77 (Kavya's Fake Apology)
Kavya apologises to Anupamaa so that she gets to be near Vanraj. While Vanraj likes Kavya's move, Nandini plans to tell the truth to Samar.
#78 | 10.10.2020Episode 78 (Anupamaa's Mehendi Ceremony)
Kavya puts forth a shocking demand before Vanraj. While Anupamaa's Mehendi ceremony commences, Kavya's audacious act leaves everyone baffled.
#79 | 12.10.2020Episode 79 (Anupamaa Is Distraught)
Kavya manages to cover up the truth and goes out of her way to make Anupamaa feel miserable. Later, Anupamaa is left devastated by an unforeseeable event.
#80 | 13.10.2020Episode 80 (Anupamaa, Vanraj's Haldi Ceremony)
Anupamaa and Vanraj's Haldi and Sangeet ceremony takes place in full swing. During the events, Kavya puts forth an odd request to Vanraj.
#81 | 14.10.2020Episode 81 (Kavya Fears the Worst)
Nandini reveals Vanraj and Kavya's affair to Paritosh and promises to prove it to him. Later, Kavya acts normal despite being in fear of Nandini's plan.
#82 | 15.10.2020Episode 82 (Paritosh Wants Answers!)
Vanraj is shaken to his core when Kavya tells him that Paritosh knows the truth. While Devika spends time with Anupamaa, Vanraj faces Paritosh's questions.
#83 | 16.10.2020Episode 83 (A Joyous Day for Anupamaa)
Anupamaa enjoys her time with her loved ones while Sanjay takes a drastic step to stop Vanraj's plan. Later, Pakhi, Dolly and Devika help Anupamaa get ready.
#84 | 17.10.2020Episode 84 (Kavya Fumes in Anger)
Anirudh's instigation takes a wrong turn as an infuriated Kavya decides to confront Vanraj. Meanwhile, Vanraj and Anupamaa get remarried with great pomp.
#85 | 19.10.2020Episode 85 (Kavya Tells the Truth?)
Anirudh desperately tries to warn Nandini while Rakhi notices Paritosh and Nandini talking in secret. Later, Kavya's statements send shockwaves at the wedding.
#86 | 20.10.2020Episode 86 (Kavya's Wicked Move)
Vanraj realises he is imagining Kavya telling the truth. However, she terrorises him and performs a petty act. Can Paritosh, Nandini, Devika or Sanjay stop her?
#87 | 21.10.2020Episode 87 (Anupamaa Witnesses the Truth?)
Vanraj makes an excuse to the family and goes to his room, only to find Kavya there with a mangalsutra. Later, Anupamaa faints upon seeing a shocking sight.
#88 | 22.10.2020Episode 88 (Vanraj Is Caught?)
Vanraj panics after Anupamaa loses consciousness. While Kavya rushes out of the house, Vanraj gets questioned by the family.
#89 | 23.10.2020Episode 89 (Anupamaa's Unexpected Reaction)
Vanraj blatantly lies about the events while Nandini demands an answer from Kavya. Later, Devika and Vanraj are stunned by Anupamaa's reaction.
#90 | 24.10.2020Episode 90 (Devika Vents Her Frustration)
Devika barges into Kavya's house to learn the truth and issue a warning to her. Later, tensions flare when Devika grabs Vanraj by the collar.
#91 | 26.10.2020Episode 91 (Reality Strikes Anupamaa)
Anupamaa concludes to a shocking decision while Vanraj is concerned about his problems. Later, Devika panics when Anupamaa's hyperventilation increases.
#92 | 27.10.2020Episode 92 (A New Start for Anupamaa)
Anupamaa decides to start fresh and focus on her desires in life. After visiting the temple, Anupamaa heads back home to question Vanraj.
#93 | 28.10.2020Episode 93 (Anupamaa Demands the Truth!)
Vanraj is left speechless by Anupamaa's simple questions while she gets some shocking information. Later, Vanraj tries to belittle Anupamaa.
#94 | 29.10.2020Episode 94 (Anupamaa Confronts Paritosh)
Anupamaa learns a shocking news after questioning Paritosh. While Vanraj gets enraged by Kavya's request, Anupamaa faces an odd situation.
#95 | 30.10.2020Episode 95 (Samar Confronts Vanraj)
Samar overhears Paritosh and Kinjal's conversation while Jhilmil expresses her concern to Anupamaa. Later, Samar and Vanraj engage in a heated exchange.
#96 | 31.10.2020Episode 96 (Anupamaa's Day Out)
Leela is stunned when Anupamaa fails to ask Vanraj for permission to go out with Devika. Later, Samar orders Nandini to stay away from him and his family.
#97 | 02.11.2020Episode 97 (Reality Strikes Anupamaa)
Anupamaa's life turns upside down after Nandini spills about Vanraj and Kavya's plan of getting married. Later, Anupamaa visits Kavya to confront her.
#98 | 03.11.2020Episode 98 (Vanraj Confronts Anupamaa)
Pakhi is adamant to learn the truth while Vanraj confronts Anupamaa about her unusual behaviour. Later, Anupamaa's harsh words leave Vanraj shocked.
#99 | 04.11.2020Episode 99 (Anupama Takes a Stand)
While Vanraj executes a diabolical ploy to teach Anupama a lesson, Samar apologises to Nandini. Later, Vanraj's plan fails as Anupama gives him a befitting reply.
#100 | 05.11.2020Episode 100 (Vanraj Gets a Letter)
Vanraj receives a shocking letter while Kinjal motivates Anupama to start her life afresh. Later, Kinjal rebukes Paritosh for underestimating Anupama.
#101 | 06.11.2020Episode 101 (Vanraj's Outrageous Outburst)
Vanraj struggles to find his socks while Anupama engages in her dance practice. Later, Vanraj mocks Anupama and breaks the mirror out of rage.
#102 | 07.11.2020Episode 102 (Anupama Begins Her Rebellion)
Anupama cooks a dish that Vanraj does not like, irking the latter. Vanraj visits Kavya later, and decides to talk to his parents about their relationship.
#103 | 09.11.2020Episode 103 (Hasmukh Suffers a Heart Attack!)
Hasmukh suffers a heart attack, while Vanraj's phone remains unreachable. Anupama rushes him to the hospital and gets a shocking news.
#104 | 10.11.2020Episode 104 (A Shocker for Vanraj)
Paritosh rebukes Anupama after she gives her consent for Hasmukh's surgery. Later, as Anupama arrives at Kavya's place, Vanraj is in for a shock.
#105 | 11.11.2020Episode 105 (Anupama to Learn Driving)
The Shahs are taken aback when Kinjal offers to teach Anupama driving. Later, Vanraj is left humiliated as Anupama puts forth her views about the issue.
#106 | 12.11.2020Episode 106 (Anupama's Turbulent Driving Class)
Frustrated over Anupama learning to drive, Vanraj resorts to a cheap tactic. However, Samar and Kinjal motivate her on. Will Anupama succeed the challenge?
#107 | 13.11.2020Episode 107 (Vanraj's Unthinkable Clause!)
Vanraj warns Anupama that he will throw Samar out if she holds dance classes in the house. Later, Hasmukh comes home from the hospital.
#108 | 14.11.2020Episode 108 (A Surprise for Anupama)
Samar informs Anupama about more students seeking admission for her classes. Later, Hasmukh reveals an astonishing piece of news to Anupama and Vanraj.
#109 | 16.11.2020Episode 109 (Vanraj Berates Kavya)
Vanraj gets shocked to see Kavya in traditional attire while Leela gets critical of Hasmukh's decision. Later, Vanraj and Kavya engage in a huge argument.
#110 | 17.11.2020Episode 110 (Bad News for Vanraj)
Anupama is thrilled after getting her first payment while Vanraj receives some disturbing news. Later, Vanraj vents his frustration on Kavya.
#111 | 18.11.2020Episode 111 (Anupama Takes a Stand)
Vanraj accuses Anupama of brainwashing the family against him. While he apologises to Kavya, Anupama takes a firm decision for herself.
#112 | 19.11.2020Episode 112 (Rakhi's Outrageous Act)
Rakhi's offensive comment leaves Leela in a state of rage while Anupama tries to handle the situation. Later, Vanraj and Kavya go on a secret vacation.
#113 | 20.11.2020Episode 113 (Vanraj, Kavya's Honeymoon)
Rakhi schemes up a plot against Vanraj and Kavya after seeing them at the resort. While Samar poses a tough question to Anupama, Vanraj and Kavya get romantic.
#114 | 21.11.2020Episode 114 (Anupama's Unique Experience)
Anupama and the family enjoy themselves on the way to the resort. While Rakhi is hell-bent on exposing the truth, Anupama gets a room all to herself.
#115 | 23.11.2020Episode 115 (Vanraj, Kavya Get Romantic)
While the family spends time playing games and singing, Vanraj and Kavya get romantic. Later, Rakhi gets set to execute her diabolical plan.
#116 | 24.11.2020Episode 116 (Vanraj's Surprise for Kavya)
Kavya is left awestruck by Vanraj's romantic surprise for her birthday. While Samar confesses his love to Nandini, a shocker awaits Anupama.
#117 | 25.11.2020Episode 117 (Rakhi's Shocking Decision)
Rakhi confesses to Anupama about her plan to expose Vanraj. While Anupama is left shattered, Rakhi takes a shocking decision about Kinjal, Paritosh's marriage.
#118 | 26.11.2020Episode 118 (Vanraj Faces Leela's Rage)
Anupama breaks down into tears after Hasmukh confronts her about hiding the truth. When Vanraj returns home, an enraged Leela slaps him.
#119 | 27.11.2020Episode 119 (Vanraj Humiliates Anupama)
Hasmukh grows furious after Vanraj humiliates Anupama in front of the family. While Kavya tries to pacify Vanraj, Dolly's statement stuns Anupama.
#120 | 28.11.2020Episode 120 (Hasmukh's Shocking Decision)
Anupama rebukes Dolly when she tries to justify Vanraj's actions. Meanwhile, Hasmukh's shocking decision leaves the family baffled.
#121 | 30.11.2020Episode 121 (Anupama's Shocking Decision)
Vanraj calls Anupama a glorified maid and asks her to leave the house. While Anupama shocks the family with her decision, Hasmukh adds a twist to the tale.
#122 | 01.12.2020Episode 122 (Anupama to Divorce Vanraj?)
Anupama pleads with Hasmukh to forgive Vanraj. While Leela puts forth a shocking demand to Vanraj, Anupama agrees to grant him a divorce.
#123 | 02.12.2020Episode 123 (Vanraj to Leave the House?)
Anupama thanks Vanraj for putting up with her all these years while he asks Pakhi to come with him. Later, Hasmukh stops Vanraj before he leaves the house.
#124 | 03.12.2020Episode 124 (Kavya Loses Her Cool)
While Hasmukh feels betrayed, Kinjal faces Leela's wrath after she comes to the Shah house. Later, Kavya rebukes Vanraj for his action.
#125 | 04.12.2020Episode 125 (Vanraj's Unexpected Arrival)
Vanraj's unexpected arrival leaves Leela emotional. While he puts forth a shocking request before Pakhi, Kavya is in for a shock.
#126 | 05.12.2020Episode 126 (Kavya Confronts Vanraj)
Vanraj tries to hide his visit from Kavya while she tries to get the truth out of him. Elsewhere, Samar pours his heart out to Anupama about his love for Nandini.
#127 | 07.12.2020Episode 127 (Kavya Creates a Scene)
Vanraj's insecurity leads to Kavya and him having an argument. While the Shahs are surprised by Pakhi's decision, Kavya creates ruckus at Anupama's house.
#128 | 08.12.2020Episode 128 (Kavya's Alternative Plan)
Vanraj vents his anger on Kavya for visiting the Shah house without his permission. Later, Kavya plans to cause trouble during Pakhi's birthday party.
#129 | 09.12.2020Episode 129 (Kavya's Diabolical Ploy)
Kavya schemes up an idea to demean Anupama on Pakhi's birthday. Meanwhile, Anupama heads the charge in preparations for Pakhi's birthday party.
#130 | 10.12.2020Episode 130 (Pakhi Is Heartbroken)
Kavya is thrilled as Pakhi enjoys her birthday party with her friends. Later, at home, Pakhi gets dejected and refuses to cut the cake, leaving the Shahs devastated.
#131 | 11.12.2020Episode 131 (Anupama Seeks Vanraj's Help)
Kavya puts forth a shocking demand before Vanraj. While Paritosh recalls some fond memories with Kinjal, Anupama seeks financial help from Vanraj.
#132 | 12.12.2020Episode 132 (Paritosh Breaks Down)
Anupama loses her cool after Rakhi humiliates the family. While Paritosh suffers an emotional outburst, Vanraj is in for a shock.
#133 | 14.12.2020Episode 133 (Anirudh Creates Trouble)
While Vanraj and Kavya share a romantic moment, Anirudh enters her house and taunts them. Enraged, Vanraj sets out to visit the Shahs.
#134 | 15.12.2020Episode 134 (What is Paritosh Upto?)
Vanraj and Anupama engage in a heated argument. While Paritosh gets desperate to meet Kinjal, Rakhi's drastic move leaves the family baffled.
#135 | 16.12.2020Episode 135 (Kinjal, Paritosh Get Married)
Rakhi creates a scene outside the Shah house claiming that Kinjal has been kidnapped. However, everyone is shocked when Paritosh and Kinjal show up married.
#136 | 17.12.2020Episode 136 (Rakhi Is Vindictive)
Leela is against Paritosh and Kinjal's marriage while Rakhi turns vindictive. Later, Kinjal tries her best to adjust in Paritosh's family.
#137 | 18.12.2020Episode 137 (Kavya Confronts Vanraj)
Kavya and Vanraj engage in a heated argument in the office after she questions him. On the other hand, Rakhi's changed behaviour leaves Anupama shocked.
#138 | 19.12.2020Episode 138 (Rakhi's Shocking Revelation)
Rakhi reveals to Anupama about her evil motive to break Paritosh and Kinjal's relationship. While Vanraj taunts Anupama, Samar is in for a shock.
#139 | 21.12.2020Episode 139 (Things Turn around for Anupama?)
The family is left baffled as Kinjal suffers in agony while Anupama receives some good news. With an evil motive in mind, Rakhi arrives at the Shahs.
#140 | 22.12.2020Episode 140 (Paritosh, Kinjal's, Alone Time)
While Anupama receives remarkable news at the school, Kinjal and Paritosh spend some alone time. Elsewhere, Vanraj gets a dose of reality.
#141 | 23.12.2020Episode 141 (Kinjal Takes a Stand)
Kinjal criticises Leela for discouraging Anupama. While Pakhi grows envious after witnessing Anupama's affection towards Kinjal, Leela rebukes Rakhi.
#142 | 24.12.2020Episode 142 (Rakhi's Plan Goes Awry)
Kinjal's request throws Rakhi's plan in trash, infuriating her. Elsewhere, Kavya puts forth a shocking demand before Vanraj.
#143 | 25.12.2020Episode 143 (Vanraj Confronts Anupama)
Vanraj and Anupama engage in a heated argument. While Paritosh and Kinjal's sangeet ceremony commences, Rakhi arrives with an evil plan in mind.
#144 | 26.12.2020Episode 144 (Vanraj Is Suspicious)
Rakhi plans to use Paritosh as her trump card to execute her plan. While Paritosh and Kinjal engage in a heated argument, Vanraj grows suspicious.
#145 | 28.12.2020Episode 145 (Anupama Stops the Varmala Ceremony)
While Kavya calls Vanraj with an unusual request, Anupama halts the varmala ceremony upon noticing something.
#146 | 29.12.2020Episode 146 (Kinjal, Paritosh Get Hitched)
Rakhi plots to cause trouble during Kinjal and Paritosh's wedding ceremony. Later, an unexpected guest's presence leaves everyone in a state of shock!
#147 | 30.12.2020Episode 147 (Kavya Creates a Scene)
Anupama slaps Kavya after she creates a huge scene at Paritosh and Kinjal's wedding. While Vanraj loses his cool, Kavya plans to do the unbelievable.
#148 | 31.12.2020Episode 148 (Is it over between Kavya, Vanraj?)
Kavya asks Vanraj to leave her house while Rakhi puts up a pretentious act. Later, Anupama's mother confronts Leela about hiding the truth from her.
#149 | 01.01.2021Episode 149 (A Shocker for Anupama)
Anupama makes a heartfelt promise to her mother while Vanraj meets with an accident. Later, the family gets shocked on learning the same.
#150 | 02.01.2021Episode 150 (Kavya Feels Guilty)
Vanraj gets admitted to the hospital. While Kavya repents after learning about him, Leela holds Anupama responsible for Vanraj's condition.
#151 | 04.01.2021Episode 151 (Anupama's Benevolent Decision)
Kavya faces Leela's unbridled rage while Vanraj undergoes a major surgery. To save Vanraj, Anupama takes a brave decision.
#152 | 05.01.2021Episode 152 (A Shocker for Kavya)
The family feels relieved after Vanraj's health shows signs of recovery. Later, Vanraj's decision of returning home leaves Kavya shell-shocked.
#153 | 06.01.2021Episode 153 (Has Vanraj Changed?)
Kavya shudders in fear of losing Vanraj while he avoids her calls and gets emotional with Leela. Later, Anupama refuses to succumb to Leela's demands.
#154 | 07.01.2021Episode 154 (Anupama's Indifferent Behaviour)
Anupama behaves indifferently as Vanraj attempts to talk to her. When the family celebrates the new year in high spirits, Samar arrives at Kavya's place.
#155 | 08.01.2021Episode 155 (Kinjal's Firm Decision)
Vanraj apologises to Hasmukh while Paritosh and Kinjal get a shocker on returning home. Later, Kinjal gives out an ultimatum.
#156 | 09.01.2021Episode 156 (Will Kavya's Efforts Bear Fruit?)
Anupama attempts to stop Kinjal from leaving the house. While Leela lashes out at Rakhi, Kavya tries to reconcile things between her and Vanraj.
#157 | 11.01.2021Episode 157 (Anupama's Assurance to Kavya)
Kinjal is annoyed with Rakhi's narrow-minded thinking and taunts. While Vanraj's answers confuse Kavya, Anupama assures her of not stealing Vanraj from her.
#158 | 12.01.2021Episode 158 (Pakhi Humiliates Kinjal)
Paritosh rebukes Pakhi after she humiliates Kinjal. On the other hand, Kavya arrives at the Shahs leaving the family startled.
#159 | 13.01.2021Episode 159 (What's on Kavya's Mind?)
Kavya moves in closer to Vanraj's house, leaving the family shocked. While Anupama gives Kinjal some advice, Kavya puts forth a request to Vanraj.
#160 | 14.01.2021Episode 160 (Vanraj Cares for Anupama?)
Vanraj recalls fond memories from the past with Anupama as he starts admiring her. Later, the Shahs decide to organize a special event for Makar Sankranti.
#161 | 15.01.2021Episode 161 (Sankranti with the Shahs)
Kavya gets jealous when Vanraj heads off to fly kites with his family for Sankranti. Later, Samar and Nandini come closer as the Shahs enjoy together.
#162 | 16.01.2021Episode 162 (Vanraj Ignores Kavya?)
While Vanraj gets uncomfortable by Kavya's action, Anupama is surprised to get help from him. Later, Anupama comes across a shocking sight.
#163 | 18.01.2021Episode 163 (Vanraj Proposes to Anupama)
Vanraj apologises for his misdeeds and proposes to Anupama. Later, Rakhi brings a pleasant surprise for the Shahs when they face an unanticipated situation.
#164 | 19.01.2021Episode 164 (Vanraj Defends Anupama)
While Rakhi creates a scene about a washing machine, Vanraj takes a stand for Anupama. Will Anupama have a change of heart?
#165 | 20.01.2021Episode 165 (Vanraj Decides to Confess His Feelings)
While Vanraj confesses his feelings to Anupama, she refuses to take him back. On the other hand, Kavya meets Anirudh.
#166 | 21.01.2021Episode 166 (Anupama's Stern Refusal)
Kavya informs Vanraj regarding her decision about her relationship with Anirudh. While Anupama refuses Vanraj's proposal, Samar tries to pacify Nandini.
#167 | 22.01.2021Episode 167 (Vanraj's Unexpected Verdict)
Anupama and Kinjal observe Vanraj and Kavya sharing a romantic moment. Later, the Shahs are taken aback when Vanraj makes a startling announcement.
#168 | 23.01.2021Episode 168 (Anupama Files for Divorce)
Marred by Vanraj's words, Anupama decides to end things once and for all and files for divorce. Later, Vanraj is in for a surprise.
#169 | 25.01.2021Episode 169 (Pakhi's Shocking Decision)
Despite Leela's objection, Anupama stands her ground on divorcing Vanraj. While Pakhi takes a shocking decision, Samar does the unthinkable.
#170 | 26.01.2021Episode 170 (Anupama to Leave the House?)
A family feud ensues after Paritosh questions Anupama's decision to divorce Vanraj. Elsewhere, Vanraj and Pakhi have a hard time adjusting in Kavya's house.
#171 | 27.01.2021Episode 171 (Vanraj Receives Bad News)
Vanraj loses his cool after receiving a termination letter from his office. On the other hand, Anupama receives some pleasant news from Samar.
#172 | 28.01.2021Episode 172 (Vanraj Loses His Cool)
While Kinjal and Paritosh argue about Rakhi's job offer, Vanraj loses his temper at his boss. Later, everyone rejoices as Kinjal is selected for a job.
#173 | 29.01.2021Episode 173 (The Truth about Kinjal's Job)
Vanraj faces a huge setback while Kinjal gets selected for a job. The family receives a shocker when Kavya drops a truth bomb.
#174 | 30.01.2021Episode 174 (Kinjal's Stern Refusal)
Despite Leela's orders, Kinjal refuses to leave the job. While Paritosh makes a startling revelation, Kavya puts forth a shocking challenge before Anupama.
#175 | 01.02.2021Episode 175 (Anupama Visits Kinjal's Office)
While Anupama agrees to accompany Kinjal on her first day at work, Dholakia summons Vanraj to the office. Later, Anupama is left awestruck by her first visit.
#176 | 02.02.2021Episode 176 (Anupama Faces Accusation)
At the office, Vanraj witnesses a shocking sight. While Kavya accuses Anupama of conspiring against Vanraj, Samar surprises Nandini with a gift.
#177 | 03.02.2021Episode 177 (Vanraj's Shocking Refusal)
Kavya tries to instigate Vanraj against Anupama. While she calls the lawyer to her place, Vanraj refuses to grant Anupama a divorce.
#178 | 04.02.2021Episode 178 (Vanraj Stoops Low)
Sweety bluntly ignores Anupama. The situation gets worse when Vanraj presents a divorce notice to Anupama, citing an outrageous claim against her.
#179 | 05.02.2021Episode 179 (Anupama Feels Helpless)
Tension starts to grow at the house as people start taking sides, leaving Anupama helpless. Later, Samar creates a ruckus at Kavya's home.
#180 | 06.02.2021Episode 180 (Samar Gets Arrested?)
The police arrive at the Shahs to arrest Samar while an infuriated Anupama lashes out at Kavya. Later, Anupama threatens Vanraj and Kavya.
#181 | 08.02.2021Episode 181 (Kavya Withdraws the Complaint)
Kavya takes back the complaint while Anupama gives her a stern warning. Later, Pakhi berates Kavya for making a foul comment about Anupama.
#182 | 09.02.2021Episode 182 (Will Anupama Survive?)
Anupama gets shocked to see a fire in her classroom. After saving the life of her students, she falls unconscious.
#183 | 10.02.2021Episode 183 (Anupama Faces a Tough Decision)
Leela gets emotional to see Anupama return home safely while Vanraj warns his father. Later, the principal presents a tough choice in front of Anupama.
#184 | 11.02.2021Episode 184 (Anupama Stands Her Ground)
Anupama gets emotional when Leela takes over her duties and asks her to rest. Despite pressure from Vanraj and Pakhi, Anupama decides to fight for the truth.
#185 | 12.02.2021Episode 185 (Vanraj's Challenge To Anupama)
Vanraj challenges Anupama against having her way while she tries to gather evidence in her favour. Later, Pakhi feels proud of Anupama.
#186 | 13.02.2021Episode 186 (Anupama Takes a Stand)
Anupama defends herself when the school management confronts her. Later, she returns home bearing some good news.
#187 | 15.02.2021Episode 187 (Kavya Slaps Pakhi?)
Vanraj stops Kavya from slapping Pakhi. While he congratulates Anupama for her success, Kavya makes a shocking objection to Pakhi's plan.
#188 | 16.02.2021Episode 188 (Anupama Signs the Divorce Papers)
Vanraj refuses Kavya's request while Paritosh shares his sorrows with Kinjal. Later, Anupama stands her ground during the divorce counseling.
#189 | 17.02.2021Episode 189 (Kavya's Shocking Request)
While Vanraj apologises to Anupama for the past, Leela plans to celebrate Vanraj's birthday. Later, Kavya puts forth a shocking request before Vanraj.
#190 | 18.02.2021Episode 190 (Vanraj Faces a Dilemma)
Kavya emotionally blackmails Vanraj to spend his birthday with her and ignore his family. However, Leela's innocent request puts Vanraj in a grave dilemma.
#191 | 19.02.2021Episode 191 (Pakhi Returns Home)
Vanraj comes home to find Pakhi missing and blames Kavya's behaviour for the same. Later, Pakhi comes home to Anupama and breaks down.
#192 | 20.02.2021Episode 192 (Leela Gets Emotional)
Leela gets upset to learn about Vanraj's birthday plans with Kavya. While Vanraj changes his plans to please Leela, Kavya arrives home.
#193 | 22.02.2021Episode 193 (Vanraj Is in a Tough Spot)
Kavya faces Vanraj's harsh confrontation for arriving at the party. While Leela grows enraged, Anupama's question leave Vanraj in a tough spot.
#194 | 23.02.2021Episode 194 (Anupama Offers Friendship!)
Anupama expresses her wishes to let go of the past and form a new friendship with Vanraj. Later, Kavya unveils her evil plan to wreak havoc in Anupama's life.
#195 | 24.02.2021Episode 195 (Kavya Gets Pakhi In Trouble)
Anupama portrays her dancing skills on Leela's request at the party. Later, Kavya falsely accuses Pakhi of insulting her and Vanraj believes her.
#196 | 25.02.2021Episode 196 (Anupama Defends Pakhi)
Anupama takes Pakhi's side when Vanraj lashes out at Pakhi for her behaviour. Later, Anupama gives a piece of her mind to Pakhi.
#197 | 26.02.2021Episode 197 (A Shocker for the Shahs)
During the celebrations, Anupama discovers a letter left by Pakhi. Later, the Shahs are shattered as Pakhi goes missing!
#198 | 27.02.2021Episode 198 (Anupama, Vanraj on a Mission)
While Anupama and Vanraj save Pakhi from a dangerous situation, Rakhi rebukes Kavya for her insensitive behaviour. Later, Vanraj apologises to Pakhi.
#199 | 01.03.2021Episode 199 (Anupama, Vanraj Come Closer)
Leela notices Anupama and Vanraj expressing their feelings to each other. Later, Anupama is in tears as Leela accuses her of being a bad mother.
#200 | 02.03.2021Episode 200 (An Emotional Moment for Anupama)
Vanraj and Anupama try to convince Pakhi to visit a psychologist. While Samar's return leaves Anupama emotional, Paritosh becomes worried for Pakhi.
#201 | 03.03.2021Episode 201 (Anupama, Vanraj's Lovely Journey)
While Samar makes Nandini jealous, Kavya and Anirudh proceed with their divorce. Later, Anupama and Vanraj spend quality time with the family.
#202 | 04.03.2021Episode 202 (Nandini Confesses Her Love)
Samar plans a surprise for Nandini while Vanraj and Anupama come closer to each other. Later, Nandini expresses her true feelings for Samar.
#203 | 05.03.2021Episode 203 (Vanraj Is Furious)
Samar proposes to Nandini. Shocked, Vanraj loses his cool. Later, Anupama tries to convince Vanraj about Samar and Nandini's relationship.
#204 | 06.03.2021Episode 204 (Anupama's Efforts Go in Vain)
Anupama fails to convince Vanraj in accepting Samar and Nandini's relationship. While Paritosh and Kinjal get into a heated argument, Kavya lands in peril.
#205 | 08.03.2021Episode 205 (Kavya Breaks Down)
Anupama and Vanraj rush to Kavya's house, wherein she breaks down reiterating the traumatising incident. Leela doubts Kavya's intentions when Vanraj brings her home.
#206 | 09.03.2021Episode 206 (Vanraj's Unexpected Decision)
After seeing Kavya's condition, Vanraj takes a stern decision. While Anupama tries to appease a traumatised Kavya, Samar makes a shocking revelation to Nandini.
#207 | 10.03.2021Episode 207 (Samar Stands up to Vanraj)
Vanraj tells Leela about Samar and Nandini’s relationship. An enraged Samar stands up to Vanraj as Nandini comes to visit Kavya at the house.
#208 | 11.03.2021Episode 208 (Vanraj's Furious Outburst)
Filled with rage, Vanraj vents out his frustration at Kavya. Elsewhere, Kinjal tries to convince Paritosh to support Samar and Nandini's relationship.
#209 | 12.03.2021Episode 209 (Vanraj's Stern Warning)
Kavya is shocked after witnessing Anupama and Vanraj perform a ritual together for Mahashivratri. While Vanraj warns Samar, Rakhi rebukes Kavya.
#210 | 13.03.2021Episode 210 (Samar Takes a Stand)
An infuriated Samar performs the Tandav before the family. Later, Vanraj creates a scene and humiliates Samar for supporting Nandini.
#211 | 15.03.2021Episode 211 (Vanraj's Emotional Outburst)
Vanraj lashes out at Samar and grows emotional recounting his hardships. While the family tries to calm him down, Vanraj continues his tirade.
#212 | 16.03.2021Episode 212 (Vanraj's Shocking Announcement)
Vanraj's unexpected declaration rattles the family while Rakhi taunts Kavya. Meanwhile, Kavya attempts to instigate Vanraj to do the unthinkable.
#213 | 17.03.2021Episode 213 (Anupama Rebukes Samar)
Anupama admonishes Samar for misbehaving with Vanraj. Later, Kinjal gets into a heated argument with Paritosh.
#214 | 18.03.2021Episode 214 (Anupama to Leave the House?)
Vanraj and Kavya mock Anupama before she leaves the house. However, the Shahs attempt to convince Anupama not to leave. Will she change her decision?
#215 | 19.03.2021Episode 215 (Kavya's Wicked Plan)
While Kavya plans to impress the family, Samar reveals his dream project to Nandini. Later, Kavya is taken aback by Vanraj's shocking command.
#216 | 20.03.2021Episode 216 (Vanraj Has a Realization)
Anupama gives her official declaration and lets Vanraj take his decision about the house. Later, Vanraj has an important realization.
#217 | 22.03.2021Episode 217 (Pakhi's Emotional Breakdown)
Pakhi gets upset after she finds Kavya in Vanraj's room. Anupama tries to convince her to return home while Vanraj faces a dilemma.
#218 | 23.03.2021Episode 218 (Pakhi's Shocking Condition)
Pakhi agrees to return home but on a condition. Kavya turns vindictive after Anupama asks her to leave the house. Later, Nandini rebukes Kavya.
#219 | 24.03.2021Episode 219 (Anupama Teases Vanraj)
Anupama makes fun of Vanraj for getting scared of a lizard. Later, as Kavya seeks to meet Vanraj, the family plans a grand Holi.
#220 | 25.03.2021Episode 220 (Kavya's Shocking Accusation)
Anupama gets rattled after Vanraj encounters a mishap. Meanwhile, Kavya accuses Anupama of using Pakhi as her trump card to separate her and Vanraj.
#221 | 26.03.2021Episode 221 (Vanraj Refuses Kavya's Request)
Kavya is shocked when Vanraj refuses to pay heed to her request. While Kinjal and Paritosh get romantic, Anupama invites Rakhi for Holi celebrations.
#222 | 27.03.2021Episode 222 (Rakhi's Cunning Plan)
While Samar expresses his love to Nandini, Rakhi arrives at the Shahs with a cunning plan in mind. Later, Vanraj turns down Pakhi's request to play Holi.
#223 | 29.03.2021Episode 223 (Anupama Turns Unmanageable)
Vanraj finds it difficult to manage an intoxicated Anupama. Meanwhile, Kavya receives the shock of her life.
#224 | 30.03.2021Episode 224 (Anupama Stuns the Shahs)
The family is shocked to see an intoxicated Anupama. While she expresses her emotions, Kavya slaps Nandini.
#225 | 31.03.2021Episode 225 (Anupama Expresses Her Love)
The family is left emotional after Anupama shares her grief. While Kavya confronts Vanraj, an inebriated Anupama confesses her feelings to him.
#226 | 01.04.2021Episode 226 (Anupama, Vanraj Get Emotional)
As Vanraj gives the divorce papers to Anupamaa, he gets emotional thinking about a past joke. Overwhelmed by the situation, they have a heart-to-heart conversation.
#227 | 02.04.2021Episode 227 (Vanraj, Anupama Recall the Past)
Pakhi and Leela plan to reunite Anupama and Vanraj. While the family gets ready for a picnic outing, Vanraj and Anupama recall fond memories of the past.
#228 | 03.04.2021Episode 228 (Kavya Learns the Truth)
Leela plans to delay the family's arrival at the picnic spot. While Kavya learns a shocking truth, Vanraj and Anupama engage in a heartfelt conversation.
#229 | 05.04.2021Episode 229 (Anirudh Consoles Kavya)
While Kavya grows jealous, Anupama and Vanraj find themselves in an unexpected situation. Later, Anirudh consoles Kavya when she opens up to him.
#230 | 06.04.2021Episode 230 (Leela Creates a Ruckus)
Leela creates a ruckus when some neighbours make offensive comments about Anupama. Later, Kavya and Anirudh discuss their past.
#231 | 07.04.2021Episode 231 (Pakhi Expresses Her Remorse)
Pakhi expresses her remorse about taking Anupama for granted, while Anirudh gives a bit of advice to Kavya. Later, Leela taunts Rakhi.
#232 | 08.04.2021Episode 232 (Leela's Unexpected Decision)
Leela takes an unexpected decision after a thief enters the Shahs. While the family gets rattled when Kinjal falls unconscious, Leela rebukes Kavya.
#233 | 09.04.2021Episode 233 (Kinjal Is Pregnant?)
Leela suspects that Kinjal is pregnant while Anupama gets overwhelmed on receiving the news. Later, the priest's revelation leaves Kavya baffled.
#234 | 10.04.2021Episode 234 (Pakhi Warns Kavya)
Kinjal awaits the results of her pregnancy test while Samar vents his frustration at Vanraj. Later, Pakhi gives Kavya a stern warning.
#235 | 12.04.2021Episode 235 (Nandini, Samar in Danger?)
Samar lifts the cup and heads home with Nandini, unaware that they are being followed. Meanwhile, Pakhi is invited to a house party by Kabir.
#236 | 13.04.2021Episode 236 (Pakhi's Sneaky Escape)
Samar thrashes the robbers and saves Nandini while Kavya hatches a sinister plan. Later, Pakhi sneaks out of the house to attend the party.
#237 | 14.04.2021Episode 237 (Hasmukh Grows Tensed!)
When Kavya informs Hasmukh about Pakhi attending a party, he grows tensed. Later, Pakhi slaps Kabir for his misbehaviour.
#238 | 15.04.2021Episode 238 (Kavya's Shocking Revelation)
Vanraj and Anupama return home while Kavya spills about their divorce date, shocking the family. Overcome with emotions, Anupama pours her heart out to Samar.
#239 | 16.04.2021Episode 239 (Vanraj Confronts Kavya)
Anupama grows emotional with Samar. Vanraj confronts Kavya for her outrageous act while Kinjal tries to appease a dejected Pakhi.
#240 | 19.04.2021Episode 240 (Samar Supports Anupama)
Samar decides to support Anupama after learning about the divorce date. Later, Anupama and Vanraj grow restless as their divorce inches closer.
#241 | 20.04.2021Episode 241 (Dolly Pleads before Kavya)
Kavya sketches to modify the interiors of the Shah house after Anupama leaves. Later, Dolly pleads before Kavya to forget Vanraj.
#242 | 21.04.2021Episode 242 (Anupama Warns Kavya)
Anupama issues a clear-cut warning to Kavya when the latter slaps Dolly. Later, she is shocked to learn about the postponement of her divorce.
#243 | 22.04.2021Episode 243 (Kavya Accuses Anupama)
Anupama feels shattered after receiving Vanraj's letter. Kavya shares her miseries with Nandini and later makes a shocking allegation before Anupama.
#244 | 23.04.2021Episode 244 (A Shocker for Anupama)
Anupama and the Shahs are shocked when the police disclose a disturbing news about Vanraj. Later, Anupama makes an unexpected promise to Kavya.
#245 | 24.04.2021Episode 245 (Anupama Meets Dr. Advait Khanna)
Anupama and Paritosh visit Dr. Advait Khanna to find out about Vanraj's whereabouts. Later, they are relieved when Advait reunites them with Vanraj.
#246 | 26.04.2021Episode 246 (Anupama's Emotional Outburst)
Anupama undergoes an emotional outburst after spotting Vanraj at the wellness resort. Later, Dr. Advait Khanna races to Anupama's rescue when she falls unconscious.
#247 | 27.04.2021Episode 247 (Kavya's Appeal to Vanraj)
Kavya urges Vanraj to take a firm decision about his future. While Samar criticises Vanraj, Kavya and Anupama have an emotional conversation.
#248 | 28.04.2021Episode 248 (Vanraj Is Shattered)
Dr. Advait Khanna reveals to Vanraj about Anupama's ill health. Devastated, Vanraj and Samar have an emotional discussion.
#249 | 29.04.2021Episode 249 (Anupama Becomes Suspicious)
Vanraj and Samar decide not to reveal to Anupama about her ailment and keep her happy. However, Anupama gets doubtful and feels that the family is hiding something from her.
#250 | 30.04.2021Episode 250 (Anupama Learns the Truth)
A furious Kavya confronts Vanraj and asks him to divorce Anupama, but he refuses to do so. Later, Anupama learns the shocking news from Dr. Advait Khanna.
#251 | 01.05.2021Episode 251 (Anupama Confronts Her Family)
A furious Anupama questions the family for hiding the truth from her. While they make amends with her, Kavya meets Dr. Advait Khanna.
#252 | 03.05.2021Episode 252 (Anupama Gets Angry)
Vanraj gets scared when he learns that Anupama fell down from the tree. Later, Anupama gets angry when a misunderstanding arises between Vanraj and her.
#253 | 04.05.2021Episode 253 (Vanraj Loses His Patience)
Anupama and Vanraj plan for Samar and Nandini's engagement ceremony at the wellness resort. Later, Vanraj loses his temper on Kavya.
#254 | 05.05.2021Episode 254 (Anupama Is Elated)
Anupama feels overjoyed as Samar and Nandini give their consent for the engagement. On the other hand, Kavya overhears a shocking revelation from Vanraj.
#255 | 06.05.2021Episode 255 (Vanraj Acknowledges Anupama)
Kavya overhears Vanraj trying to cancel his divorce and confronts him. Later, Vanraj feels closer to Anupama and realises her worth for him and his family.
#256 | 07.05.2021Episode 256 (Vanraj, Anupama Perform Ritual)
With Samar, Nandini's wedding just around the corner, Vanraj and Anupama perform a special ritual for the wellbeing of the couple. On the other hand, Anupama decides to announce her divorce.
#257 | 08.05.2021Episode 257 (Vanraj's Shocking Decision)
Despite her family's plea, Anupama stays adamant about parting ways with Vanraj. However, a furious Vanraj informs Kavya that he will not divorce Anupama.
#258 | 10.05.2021Episode 258 (Kavya Attempts Suicide)
A heartbroken Kavya shocks the Shahs by attempting suicide. While Dr. Advait treats Kavya, Anupama demands answers from Vanraj.
#259 | 11.05.2021Episode 259 (Anupama Gives an Ultimatum)
Anupama commands Vanraj to divorce her without any objection. While Vanraj contemplates his decision, she spends heartfelt time with the Shahs.
#260 | 12.05.2021Episode 260 (Vanraj's Emotional Plea)
An emotional Vanraj pleads with Anupama to reconsider her decision. Later, a worried Kavya urges her not to retract from her promise.
#261 | 13.05.2021Episode 261 (Anupama Loses Consciousness)
Anupama undergoes an emotional outburst before the Shahs concerning her divorce. The family panics when a distressed Anupama falls unconscious.
#262 | 14.05.2021Episode 262 (Anupama, Vanraj Leave for Court)
The Shahs get emotional as Anupama and Vanraj leave for the divorce proceedings. On their way, they avoid a near fatal accident. Will they go ahead with the divorce?
#263 | 15.05.2021Episode 263 (Vanraj Has Second Thoughts)
On their way to the court, Vanraj apologises to Anupama for all the trouble he has caused. Remembering the happier times, he becomes unsure about the divorce.
#264 | 17.05.2021Episode 264 (Anupama, Vanraj Sign the Papers)
Anupama and Vanraj finally sign the divorce papers. However, Vanraj decides to spend some time with Anupama, which infuriated Kavya.
#265 | 18.05.2021Episode 265 (Anupama's Emotional Farewell)
While the whole family grieves over Vanraj and Anupama's divorce, she shifts to a new home. Later, Anupama learns about her illness.
#266 | 19.05.2021Episode 266 (Anupama's Positive Attitude)
Anupama cheerfully accepts the news of her illness. Meanwhile, Samar decides to stay with his mother but Anupama refuses.
#267 | 20.05.2021Episode 267 (Samar, Nandini Get Engaged)
While Anupama invites Dr. Advait, Leela creates a fuss about attending the function. Later, Samar and Nandini's engagement ceremony takes place on a grand note.
#268 | 21.05.2021Episode 268 (Nandini's Unexpected Confession)
The Shahs have a good time during Samar and Nandini's engagement ceremony. Later, Leela is shocked when she overhears Nandini's unbelievable admission to Anupama.
#269 | 22.05.2021Episode 269 (Anupama Supports Nandini, Samar)
Anupama faces a stern objection from the Shahs for standing by Nandini and Samar. While she gets humiliated, Nandini and Samar take an unexpected decision.
#270 | 24.05.2021Episode 270 (Vanraj Grows Jealous)
Vanraj feels uncomfortable when he spots Anupama and Dr. Advait together. He argues with Anupama for prioritising her online classes.
#271 | 25.05.2021Episode 271 (Anupama's Shocking Disclosure)
Vanraj lashes out at Anupama when his interview gets affected by her dance rehearsal. Later, she makes a shocking revelation to the Shahs.
#272 | 26.05.2021Episode 272 (Vanraj Faces Anirudh)
At the court, Anirudh's declaration leaves Vanraj and Kavya stunned. Meanwhile, Anupama and Leela share some sweet moments with each other.
#273 | 27.05.2021Episode 273 (Kavya Makes Wedding Plans)
After a successful divorce, Kavya gets excited about her wedding but Vanraj is anxious. Later, Anupama comforts everyone and convinces them to attend the wedding.
#274 | 28.05.2021Episode 274 (Rakhi Arrives at the Resort)
Rakhi humiliates Vanraj at the resort. Meanwhile, looking at the preparations done by Dr. Advait Khanna, Kavya gets excited about her marriage.
#275 | 29.05.2021Episode 275 (Kavya Faces Humiliation)
Anupama avoids Kavya when she asks her to apply Mehndi on her hands. While a confused Vanraj consults Hasmukh, Leela insults Kavya in front of the family.
#276 | 31.05.2021Episode 276 (Kavya Warns Vanraj)
Kavya threatens Vanraj against cancelling the wedding. While Anupama plans to avoid the ceremony, Leela advises Vanraj to reconsider his decision.
#277 | 01.06.2021Episode 277 (Kavya Longs for Vanraj)
While Kavya grows excited for her wedding with Vanraj, he disappears from the resort. Later, Anupama receives a threat call from Kavya!
#278 | 02.06.2021Episode 278 (Anupama Gets Furious)
Kavya gets into a dispute with Anupama and accuses her of hiding Vanraj. While Anupama gets furious, Vanraj does the unthinkable.
#279 | 03.06.2021Episode 279 (Kavya, Vanraj Tie the Knot)
After Vanraj's unexpected decision, Anupama fumes with anger, rebuking him and Kavya for their insane act. Finally, Vanraj and Kavya get married.
#280 | 04.06.2021Episode 280 (Kavya, Vanraj Face Humiliation)
Hasmukh pays a surprise visit after Vanraj and Kavya's wedding. Later, the newly married couple faces humiliation from the family.
#281 | 05.06.2021Episode 281 (Kavya, Vanraj's Big Night)
Kavya is excited about her and Vanraj's wedding night. Meanwhile, the Shah family sets up a camp at Anupama's place.
#282 | 07.06.2021Episode 282 (Vanraj Donates Blood)
Kavya loses her temper when Vanraj volunteers to donate blood for Anupama at the hospital. However, Anupama's health begins to deteriorate.
#283 | 08.06.2021Episode 283 (Anupama Is Out of Danger)
Anupama overcomes her critical condition as her surgery is successful. While Rakhi tries to instigate Kavya, the Shahs welcome Anupama.
#284 | 09.06.2021Episode 284 (Paritosh to Help Vanraj)
While the Shahs celebrate Anupama's arrival with a cake, Kavya plans her honeymoon. On seeing Vanraj dejected, Paritosh offers to help him hunt for a job.
#285 | 10.06.2021Episode 285 (The Shahs Bid Adieu)
The Shahs cooks a grand feast for Anupama while Kavya tries to get romantic with Vanraj. Later, they bid goodbye to Dr. Advait and his resort.
#286 | 11.06.2021Episode 286 (Anupama Gets Emotional)
While the Shahs enjoy with Anupama, Kavya is excited to go home with Vanraj. After an emotional time, Anupama bids goodbye to the family.
#287 | 12.06.2021Episode 287 (Anupama's Final Verdict)
Anupama announces her decision to the Shahs before entering the house. Later, the family warmly welcomes her, as Kavya and Vanraj fume in anger.
#288 | 14.06.2021Episode 288 (Kavya Faces Humiliation)
Upon entering the Shah house, Kavya faces an embarrassing situation. Later, she puts forth a demand before Dolly to gain some respect at home.
#289 | 15.06.2021Episode 289 (Anupama Thanks the Shahs)
Kavya employs sly tactics and tries to instigate Vanraj against Anupama. Meanwhile, an elated Anupama conveys her gratitude to the Shahs for setting up her new room.
#290 | 16.06.2021Episode 290 (Anupama's Brave Move)
While Kavya and Kinjal argue over household chores, the neighbours interrogate Leela about Anupama's stay with the Shah family. However, Anupama gives them a befitting reply.
#291 | 17.06.2021Episode 291 (Vanraj Faces Rejection)
Disappointed at being rejected in the interview, Vanraj lashes out. Elsewhere, Anupama gets appreciated for planning the studio.
#292 | 18.06.2021Episode 292 (Kavya Upsets Vanraj)
Vanraj gets annoyed as Kavya does not inquire about his interview. While Kavya decides to hire a maid, Anupama lifts Vanraj's spirits.
#293 | 19.06.2021Episode 293 (Anupama Warns Kavya)
Anupama warns Kavya when she humiliates Vanraj in front of the family. Desperate, Vanraj takes up the job in a cafe.
#294 | 21.06.2021Episode 294 (Samar, Nandini Make a Plan)
While the new maid causes trouble in the Shah household, Samar and Nandini weave a plan for Anupama. Later, Leela and Kavya get into a heated argument.
#295 | 22.06.2021Episode 295 (Kavya Opposes Vanraj)
Kavya raises an objection when Vanraj decides to accept the job offer. Later, Anupama scolds Geeta for insulting Leela.
#296 | 23.06.2021Episode 296 (Anupama Fires Geeta)
Kavya accuses Anupama of targeting Geeta. When Anupama terminates the services of Geeta, Kavya swears revenge against her.
#297 | 24.06.2021Episode 297 (Anupama Feels Unfortunate)
After Geeta's departure, the Shahs prepare to perform the Vat Savitri Puja. However, Anupama feels bad as she won't participate this time.
#298 | 25.06.2021Episode 298 (Vat Savitri with the Shahs)
Vanraj admires Kavya's festive look before heading for work. Later, the Shahs celebrate Vat Savitri puja on a grand note as Nandini joins them.
#299 | 26.06.2021Episode 299 (Vanraj Surprises Kavya)
Kavya receives a pleasant surprise from Vanraj while Kinjal cracks a business deal. Later, Kavya makes fun of Vanraj before the Shahs.
#300 | 28.06.2021Episode 300 (Kinjal Faces Pressure)
Anupama is worried about her mother, Kanta's health and rushes to the hospital. Meanwhile, Kinjal gets stressed by the household chores at the Shah house.
#301 | 29.06.2021Episode 301 (Rakhi Warns the Shahs)
Paritosh consoles an irritated Kinjal while Kavya does the unimaginable. Later, Rakhi visits the Shahs and threatens to file a police complaint against them.
#302 | 30.06.2021Episode 302 (Anupama Advises Leela)
A frustrated Rakhi is consoled as Anupama assures Kinjal and apologises to her. Later, Anupama advises Leela to learn and adapt to Kinjal.
#303 | 01.07.2021Episode 303 (Kavya Instigates Kinjal)
While Anupama gets worried for Kinjal, Kavya provokes the latter against the Shahs. However, Kavya receives a befitting reply for her act.
#304 | 02.07.2021Episode 304 (Anupama Offers to Help)
While Vanraj thinks about creative ideas to promote the cafe, Anupama awards him with unexpected help. Later, Hasmukh gets annoyed with Kavya.
#305 | 03.07.2021Episode 305 (Kavya's Demand to Vanraj)
Vanraj is concerned about the future as Kavya demands to start a family. Later, the Shahs get together and plan a surprise for Samar's birthday.
#306 | 05.07.2021Episode 306 (Samar's Birthday Bash!)
While Nandini and Samar share a romantic moment, the Shahs organise a party. Later, Samar receives astounding gifts from his family members.
#307 | 06.07.2021Episode 307 (Samar, Nandini on Cloud Nine)
Samar is over the moon when Leela accepts his relationship with Nandini. Later, Kavya feels annoyed as Vanraj hands a huge sum of money to Samar.
#308 | 07.07.2021Episode 308 (Samar's Surprise for Anupama)
While Samar and Nandini surprise Anupama, they plan their wedding. Elsewhere, Kavya gets terminated from her job as Kinjal gets agitated.
#309 | 08.07.2021Episode 309 (Tough Times for Kavya, Vanraj)
The Shahs learn a piece of good news from Anupama while Kavya and Vanraj's career is at stake. Later, Rakhi visits the Shahs and humiliates Kavya.
#310 | 09.07.2021Episode 310 (Kavya, Vanraj Turn Emotional)
The Shahs feel sorry for Vanraj and Kavya when they lose their jobs. Meanwhile, Rakhi manipulates Kinjal against the family and asks her to move out of the house.
#311 | 10.07.2021Episode 311 (A New Beginning for Vanraj)
Anupama meets Bhavesh after he commences his business. Later, Kavya is against Anupama when the latter offers Vanraj a business solution.
#312 | 12.07.2021Episode 312 (Leela, Kavya Bond)
Anupama convinces Samar as he firmly disapproves of sacrificing her dance academy for the cafe. Elsewhere, Kavya is happy about spending time with Leela.
#313 | 13.07.2021Episode 313 (Paritosh's Sudden Outburst)
The Shahs are heartbroken when Paritosh says he wants to move out. Later, he leaves the house with Kinjal to check his lavish penthouse.
#314 | 14.07.2021Episode 314 (A Fresh Start for Anupama, Vanraj)
Kavya manipulates Pakhi against Anupama while Paritosh expresses his delight to Kinjal. Elsewhere, the family makes plans for Anupama and Vanraj's joint venture.
#315 | 15.07.2021Episode 315 (Kavya Challenges Anupama)
As Anupama applauds Pakhi, she lashes out at her for being unavailable. Meanwhile, Kavya challenges Anupama for a dance competition.
#316 | 16.07.2021Episode 316 (Anupama Gets Emotional)
When Anupama declares Kavya as the winner, Vanraj requests the former to accompany him to the cafe. Later, Anupama meets Kanta and gets emotional.
#317 | 17.07.2021Episode 317 (Vanraj, Samar to the Rescue!)
Kavya wishes the Shahs bad luck before the commencement of the cafe and the dance academy. Later, Vanraj and Samar save the site from miscreants.
#318 | 19.07.2021Episode 318 (Anupama to the Rescue!)
The Shahs feel dejected when a customer leaves the cafe empty-handed. Later, Vanraj is thrilled as Anupama comes up with a perfect idea.
#319 | 20.07.2021Episode 319 (Anupama Saves the Day!)
The Shahs implement a unique strategy to attract clients to the cafe. Later, Anupama does the unbelievable to satisfy the customer's requirements.
#320 | 21.07.2021Episode 320 (Vanraj's Huge Sacrifice)
Pakhi's classmates visit the Shah house and meet Kavya. Meanwhile, Vanraj makes an unthinkable sacrifice at Leela's cafe.
#321 | 22.07.2021Episode 321 (Anupama Teaches a Lesson)
Anupama berates Sweety for wasting the food from the cafe. While she teaches her a lesson, Vanraj and Kavya take a stand for Sweety.
#322 | 23.07.2021Episode 322 (Rakhi Infuriates Vanraj)
Hasmukh stops Paritosh and Samar from exchanging blows. While Vanraj comes up with an idea, Rakhi makes him angry when she humiliates the Shahs.
#323 | 24.07.2021Episode 323 (Anupama Faces Criticism)
Rakhi and Kavya blame Anupama stating that she clings to Vanraj every time. Outraged by the allegations, Anupama gives them a befitting reply.
#324 | 26.07.2021Episode 324 (Rakhi's Surprise Visit)
Leela offers unexpected help as Vanraj faces an embarrassing situation at the cafe. Later, Rakhi pays a surprise visit to the Shahs at Leela's cafe.
#325 | 27.07.2021Episode 325 (Anupama Saves the Day)
As Nandini informs about the visit of the famous critic, Kavya requests Anupama to help. Later, Anupama arrives on time and helps Vanraj.
#326 | 28.07.2021Episode 326 (A Special Guest at the Cafe!)
While Leela praises Anupama for helping Vanraj impress a special guest, Kavya refuses to serve the other customers. Further, Vanraj and Samar sing a song together.
#327 | 29.07.2021Episode 327 (Vanraj Feels Insecure)
The Shahs come across a shocking sight in the newspaper as well as the TV. Later, Kavya manipulates Vanraj against Anupama when he feels insecure.
#328 | 30.07.2021Episode 328 (Anupama, Vanraj Face Hindrance)
A troubled Vanraj offers to pay Anupama rent for the cafe. Later, they are taken aback as an obstacle threatens their business!
#329 | 31.07.2021Episode 329 (Kavya Blames Hasmukh)
Kavya finds out about the pending property tax and blames Hasmukh for not being responsible. Infuriated by Rakhi's words, Vanraj makes a bold claim.
#330 | 02.08.2021Episode 330 (Nandini, Pakhi's Heated Dispute)
Paritosh seems displeased with the Shahs while Kavya and Vanraj head out to meet someone. Later, a heated debate explodes between Nandini and Pakhi.
#331 | 03.08.2021Episode 331 (Pakhi Offends Anupama)
Pakhi lashes out at Anupama when the latter stitches her outfit. Later, Paritosh aggravates the situation by venting out his fury on the Shahs.
#332 | 04.08.2021Episode 332 (Samar Consoles Nandini)
Pakhi orders Anupama not to show her face to the former during her dance performance. Later, Samar consoles an emotional Nandini.
#333 | 05.08.2021Episode 333 (Anupama Enters the Competition)
Anupama talks to Kinjal about sorting things out with Paritosh. Later, she prepares for the dance competition, while Pakhi and Kavya swear to win against her.
#334 | 06.08.2021Episode 334 (A Big Day for Anupama)
Kavya neglects Pakhi and gets herself ready for the dance competition. In the meantime, Anupama takes care of the children while worrying about Pakhi.
#335 | 07.08.2021Episode 335 (Anupama Rocks the Stage!)
Anupama grows nervous before her dance performance. While the Shahs arrive just in time, Anupama sets the stage on fire with her show!
#336 | 09.08.2021Episode 336 (Pakhi to Perform with Kavya)
Anupama decides to watch Pakhi's dance performance secretly. Meanwhile, Pakhi looks forward to her performance with Kavya, but she goes missing.
#337 | 10.08.2021Episode 337 (Anupama to Pakhi's Rescue!)
When Kavya ditches Pakhi at the last minute, Anupama rushes to her rescue. The mother and daughter give a splendid performance on stage and win the trophy.
#338 | 11.08.2021Episode 338 (Vanraj, Paritosh's Heated Debate)
The Shahs question Kavya for abandoning Pakhi at the dance competition. A heated argument erupts between Vanraj and Paritosh.
#339 | 12.08.2021Episode 339 (Vanraj Slaps Paritosh)
An infuriated Vanraj beats Paritosh and orders him to get out of the Shah house. Hurt, Hasmukh and Leela decide to leave home to stop the family problems.
#340 | 13.08.2021Episode 340 (Kinjal, Paritosh Leave the House?)
Anupama and Vanraj give Pakhi a stern warning concerning her bad behaviour. Later, the Shahs prepare to bid goodbye to Kinjal and Paritosh.
#341 | 14.08.2021Episode 341 (Kinjal, Paritosh Get Separated)
When Kinjal refuses to leave the house, Paritosh goes away without her. Later, Anupama receives good news from the bank.
#342 | 16.08.2021Episode 342 (Vanraj Defends Samar)
While Samar refuses an offer to work abroad, Vanraj supports his decision. Elsewhere, Kinjal faces an awkward incident at work.
#343 | 17.08.2021Episode 343 (Kinjal Reveals the Truth)
Kavya is thrilled as she is called back to work at her office. Meanwhile, Kinjal reveals a startling piece of truth to Anupama. Can Anupama safeguard Kinjal?
#344 | 18.08.2021Episode 344 (Anupama to Punish Dholakia)
Anupama and the Shahs decide to teach a lesson to Dholakia for his act towards Kinjal. While Kavya taunts Anupama, the latter gives her a befitting reply.
#345 | 19.08.2021Episode 345 (The Shahs Expose Dholakia)
The Shahs execute a clever plan and expose Dholakia for harassing Kinjal. Later, they plan to celebrate Independence Day and Jignesh's birthday.
#346 | 20.08.2021Episode 346 (Independence Day with the Shahs)
The Shahs celebrate Independence Day on a unique note. The celebrations continue as it turns out to be Jignesh's birthday!
#347 | 21.08.2021Episode 347 (Kavya Gets a Job Offer)
An emotional Paritosh apologises to Anupama while Rakhi offers Kavya a job at her firm. Later, Anupama eagerly awaits the loan approval.
#348 | 23.08.2021Episode 348 (Anupama Gets Cheated)
Samar informs Anupama about the fraudsters tricking them. Later, the Shahs are taken aback as their loan amount has doubled due to Anupama's negligence.
#349 | 24.08.2021Episode 349 (Anupama to Find a Solution)
Leela undergoes a panic attack while Vanraj is worried about the fate of the Shahs. Later, Anupama strikes an idea to repay the loan amount.
#350 | 25.08.2021Episode 350 (Rakhi Helps Anupama)
Rakhi agrees to help Anupama by lending her money, but on a condition! Later, the Shahs prepare to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in high spirits.
#351 | 26.08.2021Episode 351 (Raksha Bandhan with the Shahs)
The family misses Pakhi as they celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi visits them for the festival and picks up a fight with Vanraj.
#352 | 27.08.2021Episode 352 (Rakhi's Shocking Revelation!)
To everyone's surprise, Rakhi reveals how she has earned the share of the Shah's property. Supporting Anupama, Hasmukh discloses the truth.
#353 | 28.08.2021Episode 353 (Anupama Stands Her Ground)
Dolly undergoes an emotional outburst while Kinjal confronts Rakhi for her activities. Later, Anupama justifies her action before the Shahs.
#354 | 30.08.2021Episode 354 (A Relief for Vanraj)
Vanraj receives an unexpected letter at his cafe. Later, the Shahs are forced to take a drastic step regarding their godown.
#355 | 31.08.2021Episode 355 (Kavya Turns Impatient)
A disturbed Nandini shares her past with Anupama and Samar. On the other hand, the Shahs notice an anxious Kavya handing over a cheque to Rakhi.
#356 | 01.09.2021Episode 356 (Kinjal's Daring Act)
The Shahs express their gratitude towards Kinjal for stealing the cheque from Rakhi. Later, Devika insists on Anupama joining the reunion party.
#357 | 02.09.2021Episode 357 (Anupama Meets Anuj Kapadia)
Anupama attends the party after Devika and Kavya indulge in a heated debate. Later, she encounters Anuj Kapadia at the college gathering.
#358 | 03.09.2021Episode 358 (Anupama, Anuj Shake a Leg)
Vanraj and Kavya notice Anupama and Anuj dancing together at the party. On the other hand, Samar warns Rohan to stay away from Nandini.
#359 | 04.09.2021Episode 359 (Anuj Longs for Anupama)
Anuj and Devika shake a leg at the party while Vanraj, Kavya and Anupama return back home. Later, G.K. recognises Anuj lost in fond memories of Anupama!
#360 | 06.09.2021Episode 360 (Kavya Is Thrilled)
Kavya is excited for her first Janmashtami with the Shahs and to dress up with Vanraj. Elsewhere, Samar meets Rohan, which makes Nandini nervous.
#361 | 07.09.2021Episode 361 (Samar's Life in Peril)
On his way back home, an emotional Samar meets with a disaster. While the Shahs pray for his safety, Anuj Kapadia risks his life to rescue him.
#362 | 08.09.2021Episode 362
#363 | 09.09.2021Episode 363
#364 | 10.09.2021Episode 364
#365 | 11.09.2021Episode 365
#366 | 13.09.2021Episode 366
#367 | 14.09.2021Episode 367
#368 | 15.09.2021Episode 368
#369 | 16.09.2021Episode 369
#370 | 17.09.2021Episode 370
#371 | 18.09.2021Episode 371
#372 | 20.09.2021Episode 372 - in 19 Std.
#373 | 21.09.2021Episode 373 - in 2 Tagen
#374 | 22.09.2021Episode 374 - in 3 Tagen
#375 | 23.09.2021Episode 375 - in 4 Tagen
#376 | 24.09.2021Episode 376 - in 5 Tagen
#377 | 25.09.2021Episode 377 - in 6 Tagen
#378 | 27.09.2021Episode 378 - in 8 Tagen
#379 | 28.09.2021Episode 379 - in 9 Tagen
#380 | 29.09.2021Episode 380 - in 10 Tagen
#381 | 30.09.2021Episode 381 - in 11 Tagen

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