The Yakuza Papers Sammlung(1973-1974)

Genres: Krimi, Drama, Action

While The Godfather romanticized the American Mafia in the early 1970s, Kinji Fukasaku's five-film series known as The Yakuza Papers: Battles Without Honor & Humanity revolutionized the Japanese yakuza film with unprecedented intensity. A post-World War II epic that broke Japanese box-office records, this complex, utterly authentic cycle of gangster films replaced the popular ninkyo or "chivalry" films of the '60s with jitsuroku, an entirely new breed of gangster film that rose from the ashes of Hiroshima and post-war reconstruction, depicting a meticulously detailed "alternate history" that had been ignored by the "official" factual record.

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Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Police Tactics(1974)

1 Std. 58 Min. | Krimi, Drama
3,5/5 (bei 17 Stimmen)

As Japan gears up for the 1964 Olympic games, the cops start to crack down on the gangs, under pressure from the public and the press, adding a new dimension in the war for power among the yakuza families of Hiroshima.

Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Final Episode(1974)

1 Std. 40 Min. | Action, Drama, Krimi
3,7/5 (bei 17 Stimmen)

While Hirono is in prison, his rival Takeda turns his own crime organization into a political party, whose two executives stir up new tensions in their thirst for power.

Battles without honor and humanity(1973)

1 Std. 39 Min. | Drama, Krimi
3,7/5 (bei 41 Stimmen)

Aus Rache für den Tod eines Freundes tötet der Kriegsveteran Shozo Hirono (Bunta Sugawara) einen Yakuza, weswegen er im Gefängnis landet. Dort trifft er auf ein Mitglied des Doi-Syndikats und schließt mit ihm Blutsbruderschaft. Aus dem Gefängnis entlassen wird Shozo Mitglied im Syndikat der Yamamori. Doch dann kommt es zu einem Streit zwischen dem Doi-Syndikat und den Yamamor und durch die Blutsbruderschaft Shozos ist der Grundstein für den längsten und blutigsten Yakuza-Krieg Japans gelegt.

Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Deadly Fight in Hiroshima(1973)

1 Std. 40 Min. | Drama, Krimi
3,8/5 (bei 24 Stimmen)

Repeatedly beat to a pulp by gamblers, cops, and gangsters, lone wolf Shoji Yamanaka finally finds a home as a Muraoka family hitman and falls in love with boss Muraoka's niece. Meanwhile, the ambitions of mad dog Katsutoshi Otomo draws our series' hero, Shozo Hirono, and the other yakuza into a new round of bloodshed.

Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Proxy War(1973)

1 Std. 59 Min. | Action, Drama, Krimi
3,7/5 (bei 19 Stimmen)

Shozo Hirono has managed to separate from the Yamamori family and create his own small family, and extend his circle of acquaintances. These new friendships include a powerful underboss of the Muraoka family, Noboru Uchimoto.

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