The Flirting Scholar Sammlung(1993-2010)

We are in the Ming Dynasty where scholars who are highly literary and artistic skilled. Tong Pak Fu (Stephen Chow) is very famous, for having eight wives in addition to his expertise as an artist, poet, and calligrapher. Flirting Scholar 2 is a prequel to the 1993 Hong Kong film Flirting Scholar which starred Stephen Chow and also directed by Lee.

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Flirting Scholar 2(2010)

1 Std. 42 Min. | Action, Komödie
1,6/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Tang Bohu's mother sends him to study at Qingfeng Monastery, but he can't bear the austere and monotonous life at the monastery. So, his three good friends secretly take Tang Bohu out for an excursion, where they run into Qian Qian/Qiu Xiang. Tang Bo Hu immediately falls for her, but later, she gets accused as being a spider spirit and is about to be burned to death by a priest...

Regie: Lee Lik-chee - Schauspieler: Huang Xiaoming

Flirting Scholar(1993)

1 Std. 42 Min. | Drama, Komödie, Romantik / Liebe
3,6/5 (bei 58 Stimmen)

A scholar in search of true love. Disguising himself as a houseboy, he indentures himself to a rich family in order to pursue the ravishing servant girl who has stolen his heart.

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