Psy Sammlung(1992-2020)

Genres: Action, Krimi

What is 'Pigs' about? 'About a dog's world, about the fact that freedom also engenders filth and stupidity while destroying ideals. Everything has been debased, sullied in mud, thrown into the cesspool,' wrote a reviewer. Such extreme critical reactions were elicited by the film's subject matter and its portrayal of the world as fundamentally castrated of positives and saturated with cynicism, moral dirt and cruelty. A world that is simultaneously hardly abstract, and in fact present in the here and now (i.e. in Poland in 1989), one that is additionally portrayed in an iconoclastic and provocative manner, derisive of all things sacred, be they related to nation or religion.

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Psy 3: W imię zasad(2020)

2 Std. 6 Min. | Action, Krimi
3,4/5 (bei 19 Stimmen)

After 25 years, Franz Maurer gets out of from prison and came into a new Poland, where nothing is the same as he remembered. Who and what is waiting for a man who has done nothing for the last quarter century? How will he find himself in a world where old principles, roles and loyalty have ceased to apply? We'll find out this when the fate brings Franz and "New" back together. Their meeting will change everything.

Psy 2: Ostatnia krew(1994)

1 Std. 40 Min. | Action
3,4/5 (bei 17 Stimmen)

Franz Maurer, a compromised cop, former officer of the criminal department of the Warsaw's police, is released from prison where he was doing time for his brutality and murders. He is awaited by Nowy, a former police colleague. Franz tries to go straight starting hard work in a steel mill. Nevertheless, he must leave the factory as a criminal with an uncertain past when he doesn't join the strike organized by the workers' union. At the same time, a merciless war continues in former Yugoslavia. Wolf and William, two high rank officers, come to Poland in order to organize a network selling and smuggling arms to Yugoslavia by way of Albania.


1 Std. 44 Min. | Action
3,6/5 (bei 33 Stimmen)

In guten alten Zeiten lebten Franz Maurer und seine Partner von der Geheimpolizei wie Könige. Jetzt müssen sie sich alle an die neuen postkommunistischen Zeiten anpassen, in denen sie verachtet werden und alle Privilegien verlieren. Manche, wie Franz, verdingen sich als gewöhnliche Polizisten, die gegen Drogendealer kämpfen. Aber Franz muss bald feststellen, dass einige seiner alten Kameraden sich nun auf der anderen Seite befinden ...

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