Jönsson Gang Sammlung(1981-2000)

Genres: Komödie, Krimi

This series of comedy movies features the Jönsson gang. The criminal group plans and executes one dramatic heist after another.

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The Jönsson Gang at High Stakes(2000)

1 Std. 32 Min. | Komödie, Krimi
2,4/5 (bei 11 Stimmen)

Vanheden and Dynamite-Harry are approached by Sickan's grandmother and Sickan's younger brother Sven-Ingvar. Their evil nemesis Wall-Enberg are planning to steal billions of euros of the European Union's grants to culture. The grant of 350 million kronor, paid by an Italian bank acting as intermediary, equals 60 billion lire but through assistance of a Sicilian "businessman", this sum becomes 60 billion kronor when transferred. The money is to be transferred to a large number of bank accounts, and the account numbers are saved on a floppy disc that the Jönsson gang is trying to steal.

The Jönsson Gang's Greatest Robbery(1995)

1 Std. 39 Min. | Komödie, Krimi
2,5/5 (bei 13 Stimmen)

When Vanheden and Dynamit-Harry tries to break doctor Busé out of jail, they get Herman Melvin instead. He has been working at the Swedish Mint and the doctor, who has started to think like Sickan, has written a plan for making a burglary there, on Melvin's back. However, something goes wrong. They don't get a lot of Deutsch-marks as they planned but instead, they end up on a ship going to Poland, together with bunches and bunches of Polish Zlotys (the Polish currency). In Poland, they discover that the mafia are very interested in that money and Wall-Enberg is working with the mafia.

Jönssonligan & den svarta diamanten(1992)

1 Std. 44 Min. | Komödie
2,8/5 (bei 14 Stimmen)

Den här gången är Jönssonligan verkligen illa ute. Charles-Ingvar Jönsson, "Sickan" kallad, har dragit sig tillbaka. Vanheden och Dynamit-Harry är lämnade åt sig själva. Polisen jublar förstås, men Jönssonligan avskriver man inte så lätt! De är tillbaka... Fräckare!... Roligare!... tidigare! Denna gång anförda av den genialiske doktor M.A. Busé - och målet är Romanoffs diamant som nu ställs ut på Nationalmuseum i Stockholm...

The Jonsson Gang in Mallorca(1989)

1 Std. 41 Min. | Komödie
2,8/5 (bei 17 Stimmen)

Vanheden and Dynamit-Harry, together with Harry's fiancée Doris, are in Mallorca while Sickan is still in Stockholm...

The Jönsson Gang Turns Up Again(1986)

1 Std. 28 Min. | Krimi, Komödie
3,0/5 (bei 19 Stimmen)

Criminal trio strike at furniture store, discover a secret network for shipping computers to the Soviet Union.

The Jönsson Gang Gets Gold Fever(1984)

1 Std. 41 Min. | Komödie
3,0/5 (bei 18 Stimmen)

Sickan has a new plan. This time, the gang are going to steal a small computer micro chip which contains...

The Jönsson Gang & Dynamite Harry(1982)

1 Std. 46 Min. | Komödie, Krimi
2,9/5 (bei 22 Stimmen)

Sickan, Vanheden and Rocky try to rob the Berns nightclub one night, but Vanheden has made the mistake to invite his constantly drunk cousin, the old dynamiter Dynamite-Harry and he ruins the plan. Sickan is arrested, and has to spend 10 months in a small, locked room. When he is released, he has a new plan, but Rocky and Vanheden have decided to go straight. Together with Dynamite-Harry, Sickan plans to rob a cold store, managed by their arch-enemy, Wall-Enberg.

Regie: Mikael Ekman - Schauspieler: Gösta Ekman, Ulf Brunnberg, Nils Brandt, Björn Gustafson, Carl Billquist, Dan Ekborg, ...

Beware of the Jönsson Gang(1981)

1 Std. 29 Min. | Komödie
3,3/5 (bei 20 Stimmen)

The movie begins with the Jönsson gang making a minor burglary. It goes wrong and the gang leader, Sickan, gets caught. After he has spent 10 months in jail, Vanheden and Rocky come to welcome him when he's released. But he doesn't take notice of them, and he's picked up by the mysterious banker Wall-Enberg Jr. instead. He wants Sickan to perform a burglary in Switzerland, in order to retrieve the famous Bedford Diamonds. Sickan does this but is fooled by Wall-Enberg and nearly gets caught. When he returns to Sweden and re-unites with his old gang members, he's set on revenge, both physically and psychologically...

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