Headless Hero Sammlung(2002-2004)

Diew is a young orphan boy who studied Thai kick-boxing from his late father. During one of his travels he meets Taptim, a beautiful village girl, and the two falls inlove. Taptim’s father is not very happyas he wantsTaptim to marry Mad, a local boxer but a troublemaker. One night Diew interrupts Mad and his gang while they were beheading a Bhudda image in the temple. He too is beheaded for witnessing the gang. The good guy is dead andwill the bad guys prevail?

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Headless Hero 2(2004)

1 Std. 44 Min. | Komödie, Horror

Fai and Theung are good buddies. They want to get some money for gamble and foolishly decide to go to a Chinese graveyard to steal money from a corpse. Careless Theung bangs his head on a coffin and starts bleeding. His dripping blood revives an infamous headless corpse and causing it to awaken from its sleep. The headless corpse starts madly rampaging around the village until an old exorcist brings it under control by keeping its head and body in separate secure places....that is until Mek, a young guy, accidentally revives the headless corpse once again. Now, the headless dead man is alive and ready to hunt.

Headless Hero(2002)

1 Std. 30 Min. | Horror, Action, Komödie, Fantasy

Before his death, Diao's father instructed him to look for an old friend in a remote village. In this village, he became famous by winning a buffalo-racing competition, the boxing competition and the attentions of the village beauty. He also managed to upset the local gangsters by protecting the poor people. After the competitions, Diao chase thief's, who have stolen the head of a Buddha image in a temple. He managed to retrieve the relic but on his way back to the village, he was accosted by the irate gangsters, who be headed him. Waking as a headless ghost, he's ready for revenge.

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