Crusher Joe Sammlung(1983-1989)

The galaxy is a strange and dangerous place, and there are times when even the United Space Force can't help. That's where the Crushers come in - skilled troubleshooters who will deal with any problem, large or small, for a fee (large only!) And there is no better Crusher than Crusher Joe!

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Crusher Joe: The Ice Prison(1989)

Joe and his crusher team are enjoying a much-earned vacation when trouble erupts aboard a prison on an ice satellite, threatening the safety of a planet and its prisoners. The Crushers are called in seeing as they are the only team close enough to make it there in time. They are contracted to correct the orbit of the satellite to prevent it crashing into the planet and avoid a disaster but are beset by reservations when things are looking suspicious. They conceive a plan to correct the trajectory of the prison but are soon double-crossed. Joe and his team race against...

Crusher Joe: The OVAs(1989)

Two missions for the crushers. In "The Ice Prison", Joe and his team are assigned to adjust the orbit of a prison located on an ice asteroid before it disintegrates as it falls onto the planet Kirius. The prison is filled with political prisoners contrary to the autocracy of Kirius consequently rising the suspicion of the crushers. In "The Final Weapon: Ash", the team is secretly hired directly by the president of the nation of Bandor to rescue an officer carrying a bomb capable of annihilating all living organisms of an entire planet.

Crusher Joe: The Ultimate Weapon: Ash(1989)

Crusher Joe and his team are hired to retrieve the ultimate weapon when it risks falling into the wrong hands. They must overcome out-of-control defense systems and corrupt military to save the day.

Crusher Joe - The Movie(1983)

3,4/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

Während einer angeblich einfachen Mission, bei der Joe und seine Crew die Funktion als Begleiter übernehmen, kommt es zu einem schlimmen Vorfall. Plötzlich verschwinden auf der Reise die Passagiere auf mysteriöse Weise. Die Dinge verschlimmern sich, als die United Space Force Joe der Weltraumpiraterie beschuldigt. Zu allem Überfluss werden sie daraufhin auf Befehl des Hauptquartiers vom Dienst suspendiert und ihrer Lizenz für sechs Monate entzogen. Um die ganze Angelegenheit aufzuklären, begeben sich Joe und seine Mannschaft auf den Weg zu dem gefährlichen Planeten Lagol. Dort erhoffen sie sich, die verantwortliche Person für all die Vorkommnisse zu finden.

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