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Boys on Film 23: Dangerous to Know(2023)

2 Std. 39 Min. | Drama, Thriller, Dokumentation

Boys on Film presents ten encounters from across the globe, where the dangerous allure of a risky attraction yields emotional results - proving that the age-old adage of taking the plunge is as relevant - and sexy - as ever before. The 10 short films are: My Uncle's Friend (2021); Budapest, Closed City (2021); Eden (2020); Chaperone (2022); Break Me (2018); By His Will (2021); Red Ants Bite (2019); Hornbeam (2022); Jim (2022); Too Rough (2022).

Boys on Film 22: Love to Love You(2022)

2 Std. 22 Min. | Drama, Romantik / Liebe
1,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

The latest in Peccadillo’s critically acclaimed series – now established as a leading showcase for new and emerging queefilm-makingng talent from around the world – features a fresh and exciting selection of the very best contemporary gay short films. Each self-contained drama in this diverse and thoughtfully curated collection offers fascinating and insightful new perspectives on the gay experience – sensual, affecting, sometimes provocative and always entertaining. The 8 short films are: Have We Met Before? (2019); The Act (2020); First Position. (2019); Winter [Invierno] (2021); The Suit Weareth the Man (2020); Infinite While It Lasts [Infinito Enquanto Dure] (2019); Melon Grab (2017); Thrive (2019).

Boys On Film 21: Beautiful Secret(2021)

2,0/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Those boys you know and love are back! Boys On Film invites you on a voyage of emotion-soaked self-discovery, where same-sex attraction is celebrated, first loves are tenderly formulated, and beautiful secrets burn and bloom. Volume 21: Beautiful Secret includes nine complete films: Theo James Krekis's "Memoirs Of A Geeza" starring Elliot Warren and Tony Richardson; Joe Morris's "We Are Dancers" starring Hans Piesbergen and Simon Eckert; Zachary Ayotte's "My Dad Works The Night Shift" starring Victor Boudreault, Antoine L'Écuyer, and François Trudel; Loïc Hobi's "The Pier Man" starring Hubert Girard and Youssouf Abi-Ayad; Jason Bradbury's "My Sweet Prince" starring Yodi Roodner; Abel Rubinstein's "Dungarees" starring Pete MacHale and Ludovic Jean-Francios; Sam Peter Jackson's "Clothes & Blow" starring David Menkin and Nancy Baldwin; George Dogaru's "A Normal Guy" starring Vlad Bîrzanu and Pedro Aurelian; and Pierce Hadjinicola & Sinclair Suhood's "Pretty Boy" starring Orlando Norman.

Boys On Film 20: Heaven Can Wait(2020)

0,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

On the cusp of adulthood, the world's longest running gay short film series is only getting started. Boys On Film 20: Heaven Can Wait includes eleven complete films: Bassem Ben Brahim's animated "Chromophobia"… Jimi Vall Peterson's "Sleepover" starring Hjalmar Hardestam and Simon Eriksson… Mickey Jones's "Just Me" starring Philip Olivier and Carl Loughlin… Matthew Jacobs Morgan's "Mine" starring Joshua McGuire and John Macmillan… Dale John Allen's "Don't Blame Jack" starring Jordan Tweddle and Kane Surry… Timothy Ryan Hickernell's "Foreign Lovers" co-starring Lucio Nieto… Layke Anderson's "Mankind" starring Ricky Nixon and Alexis Gregory… Christopher Manning's "Isha" starring Horia Săvescu and Dario Coates… Jay Russell's "ruok" starring Peter Mark Kendall, Zachary Booth, and Sydney James Harcourt… Chintis Lundgren's animated "Manivald"… and Zoe McIntosh's "The World In Your Window" starring Joe Folau and David Lolofakangalo Rounds.

Boys On Film 19: No Ordinary Boy(2019)

2,0/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

As Boys On Film reaches the end of its teenage years, we take a look at those unique boys who go one step further, who excite, invigorate, and always impress, who break boundaries, shape their worlds and are more than what they appear. Volume 19: No Ordinary Boy includes ten complete films: Scott T. Hinson's "Michael Joseph Jason John" also starring Eric Robledo… Abhishek Verma's animated "The Fish Curry"… Dean Loxton's "Meatoo" starring Calum Speed and Warren Rusher… Amrou Al-Kadhi's "Run(a)way Arab" also starring Ahd and Omar Labek… Jannik Splidsboel's "Between Here & Now" starring Francesco Martino and Peder Bille… Jake Graf's "Dusk" starring Elliott Sailors, Sue Moore, and Duncan James… Ben Allen's "Blood Out Of A Stone" starring Alex Austin and Oisín Stack… David Färdmar's "No More We" starring Jonathan Andersson and Björn Elgerd… Leon Lopez's "Jermaine & Elsie" starring Marji Campi and Ashley Campbell… and Marco Alessi's "Four Quartets" with Laurie Kynaston.

Boys on Film 18: Heroes(2018)

2,6/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

Boys On Film comes of age with uplifting and powerful tales recounting the lives of everyday heroes striving for their own identities and fighting for the right for us all to be ourselves. Volume 18: Heroes includes ten complete films: Dean Loxton's "Dániel" starring Csémy Balázs, Hilda Péter, and Henry Garrett… Niels Bourgonje's "Buddy" starring Daniel Cornelissen and Tobias Nierop… Tamara Shogaolu's animated "Half A Life"… Victor Lindgren's "Undress Me" starring Jana Bringlöv Ekspong and Björn Elgerd… Sam Ashby's "The Colour Of His Hair" starring Sean Hart and Josh O'Connor… Hope Dickson Leach's "Silly Girl" starring Ciara Baxendale, Mollie Lambert, and Jason Barker… Søren Green's "An Evening" starring Jacob Ottensten and Ulrik Windfeldt-Schmidt… Alejandro Medina's documentary "AIDS: Doctors And Nurses Tell Their Stories"… Kai Stänicke's "It's Consuming Me" with Volkmar Leif Gilbert… and Mikael Bundsen's "Mother Knows Best" starring Alexander Gustavsson and Hanna Ullerstam.

Boys On Film 17: Love Is the Drug(2017)

2,3/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

Explore hidden desires on a sleepover, fall in love with the handyman and be seduced by a stranger on the beach as you discover why Love Is the Drug. Boys On Film 17 includes nine complete films: Nicholas Colia's "Alex And The Handyman" starring Keaton Nigel Cooke, Aaron Profumo, and Hogan Gorman; Dawid Ullgren's "Mr. Sugar Daddy" starring Bengt C.W. Carlsson and Aleksandar Gajic; Brendon McDonall's "Spoilers" starring James Peake and Tom Mumford; André D. Chambers's "Tellin' Dad" starring Carl Loughlin, Ricky Tomlinson, and Michael Byron; Eyal Resh's "Boys" starring Wyatt Griswold and Pearce Joza; Martin Edralin's "Hole" starring Ken Harrower and Sebastian Deery; Lorelei Pepi's animated "Happy & Gay"; André Santos and Marco Leão's "Pedro" starring Filipe Abreu and Rita Durão; and Anthony Schatteman's "Kiss Me Softly" starring Ezra Fieremans, Marijke Pinoy, and Marc Van Eeghem.

Boys On Film 16: Possession(2017)

2,5/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

Golden boys, teen lust, self-conscious dolls, chance encounters, a vengeful creature, holiday romance, hidden sexuality — Boys On Film celebrates it's (not so) sweet sixteen with an astonishing selection of the latest international gay short films. Volume 16: Possession features ten complete films: Kai Stänicke's "Golden" with Christian Tesch and Maximilian Gehrlinger; Christopher Manning's "Jamie" starring Sebastian Christophers and Raphael Verrion; Kai Stänicke's "B." starring Susanne Bormann and Andreas Jähnert; Blake Mawson's "PYOTR495" starring Alex Ozerov; Charlie Francis's "When A Man Loves A Woman" starring Tommy Jay Brennan, Jemima Spence, and Diane Brooks Webster; Anthony Schatteman's "Follow Me" starring Ezra Fieremans and Maarten Ketels; Jake Graf's "Chance" starring 'ABS' and Clifford Hume; Andrew Keenan-Bolger's "Sign" starring John McGinty and Preston Sadleir; Oliver Mason's "Away With Me" starring Chris Polick and Lee Knight; and "We Could Be Parents" by Björn Elgerd.

Boys On Film 15: Time & Tied(2016)

3,7/5 (bei 5 Stimmen)

Embark on a magical journey through time with Boys On Film 15: Time & Tied — featuring a brand new selection of sensational gay British short films that showcase some of the UK's best emerging talent. This compilation features nine complete films: Lloyd Eyre-Morgan's "Closets" starring Tommy Knight and Ceallach Spellman; Brian Fairbairn & Karl Eccleston's "Putting On The Dish" starring Steve Wickenden and Neil Chinneck; Mitchell Marion's "G O'Clock" starring Marc Rovira Cenar and Phillip Weddell; Charlie Parham's "Nightstand" starring Nicholas Gleaves and Amrou Al-Kadhi; Simon Anderson's "Morning Is Broken" starring Matthew Tennyson, Nigel Allen and Jack Hawkins; Tom Frederic's "Sauna The Dead: A Fairy Tale" starring himself and Kumar Muniandy; Leon Lopez's "CrossRoad" starring Marc Rovira Cenar, Ashley Campbell, and Calum Ewan Cameron; Jake Graf's "Dawn" starring Nicole Gibson and Harry Rundle; and Kristen Bjorn's "Trouser Bar" starring Denholm Spurr, Scott Hunter, and Zac Renfree.

Boys on Film 14: Worlds Collide(2016)

2 Std. 4 Min. | Drama
2,0/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Worlds collide in more ways than one in this stunning collection. Confidence is violated, classes clash and desire is concealed, yet love still triumphs regardless of the consequences.Boys On Film 14: Worlds Collide features nine new, powerful, and dramatic short films: Lee Haven Jones's "Want It" starring Jamie Cutler and Alan Turkington; Sophy Holland and Alicya Eyo's "Brace" starring Jake Graf and Harry Rundle; Mauro Mueller's "A World For Raúl" starring Alexandré Barceló and Adrián Alonso; Dennis Shinners's "Barrio Boy" starring Dennis Garcia and Dan Leonard; Darwin Serink's "Aban + Khorshid" starring Mojean Aria and Bobby Naderi; Jan-Dirk Bouw's "I ♥ Hooligans"; Christopher Bradley's "The Violation" starring Slade Pearce, Elaine Hendrix, and Shayne Topp; Rafael Aidar's "The Package" starring Jefferson Brito and Victor Monteiro; and Søren Green's "An Afternoon" starring Ulrik Windfeldt-Schmidt and Jacob Ottensten.

Boys On Film 13: Trick & Treat(2015)

2 Std. 2 Min.
0,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Boys On Film surprises and delights with films exploring relationships, dark desires, and confronting hidden secrets. Volume 13: Trick & Treat features 10 new award-winning shorts, including: Anna Österlund Nolskog's "Boygame" starring Charlie Gustafsson and Joakim Lang; Christopher Brown's "Remission" starring Teddy Nicholas, Cai Brigden, and Antony De Liseo; Lazlo & Dylan Tonk's "Caged" starring Joël Mellenberg and Josha Stradowski; Charlie Francis's "Middle Man" starring Tommy Jay Brennan and Joe Cassidy; Dan Connolly's "Vis à Vis" starring Belinda Misevski, Dan Connolly, and David Harrison; Casper Andreas's "A Last Farewell" starring Tomas von Brömssen, Iwar Wiklander, and Liv Mjönes; Neil Ely's "Mirrors" starring Jody Latham and Liam Boyle; Tim Marshall's "Followers" starring Valmai Jones and Mark Oliver; Leslie Bumgarner's "Surprise" starring Tess Harper and Austin Fryberger; and Philip J. Connell's "Kissing Drew" starring Eden Ocean Sanders, Ben Hargreaves, and Chris Handfield.

Boys On Film 11: We Are Animals(2014)

2 Std. 23 Min. | Romantik / Liebe, Drama
1,8/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Boys On Film showcases short works from around the world that challenge genre, initiate discussion and explore issues of sexuality in beautiful ways. Volume 11: We Are Animals contains eight complete films: Dominic Haxton's "We Are Animals" starring Daniel Landroche, Clint Napier, and Drew Droege; "Burger" from director Magnus Mork; Shaz Bennett's "Alaska Is A Drag" starring Martin L. Washington Jr., Spencer Broschard, and Barret Lewis; Carlos Augusto de Oliveira's "Three Summers" starring Morten Kirkskov and Simon Munk; Nicholas Verso's "The Last Time I Saw Richard" starring Toby Wallace, Cody Fern, and Brian Lipson; Eldar Rapaport's "Little Man" starring Daniel Boys, Darren Evans, and Jamie Thompson; Rodrigo Barriuso's "For Dorian" starring Ron Lea and Dylan Harman; and Bryan Horch's "Spooners" starring Walter Replogle and Ben Lerman.

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Boys On Film 12: Confession(2014)

1 Std. 37 Min.
2,4/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Boys On Film's twelfth collection of gay short films exposes private lives, uncovers secrets and presents a choice — to conceal or to confess? Volume 12: Confession features nine new stories, including: Robert Hawk's "Home From The Gym" starring Jake Robbins; Samuel Leighton-Dore's "Showboy" starring Lucas Pittaway and Malcolm Kennard; Bobby de Groot and Arjan van Meerten's animated "Cruise Patrol"; Denis Theriault's "I Am Syd Stone" starring Gharrett Patrick Paon and Michael Gaty; Dustin Shroff's "Deflated" starring Carson Trinity Haverda and Greg Baglia; Filippo Demarchi's "Age 17" starring Fabio Foiada and Ignazio Oliva; Christophe Prédari's "Human Warmth" starring Thomas Coumans and Adrien Desbons; Dominic Haxton's "Tonight It's Me" starring Jake Robbins, Caleb James, and Christian Patrick; and Peter Knegt and Stephen Dunn's "Good Morning" starring Peter Knegt and Oliver Skinner.

Boys On Film X(2013)

2 Std. 13 Min.
3,3/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Boys On Film presents the tenth volume in the world's most successful short film series. All boundaries will be broken as Boys On Film X promises to take it further than ever before, showcasing eight of the most sexy, unique and brilliant new short films, including: Jacob Brown's "Blinders" starring Nathaniel Brown, Byrdie Bell, and Luke Worrall; Fabio Youniss's "A Stable For Disabled Horses" starring Daniel Swan and Daniel Simonsen; Antony Hickling and Amaury Grisel's "Little Gay Boy, ChrisT Is Dead" starring Gaëtan Vettier; Till Kleinert's "Boys Village" starring Benjamin Thorne and Andrew McQueen; Lukas Dhont's "Headlong" starring Jelle Florizoone and Thomas Coumans; Evan Roberts's "Yeah Kowalski!" starring Cameron Wofford and Conor Donnelly; William Feroldi's "Inflatable Swamp" starring Francis Beraud and Paul Huntley-Thomas; and Dominic Haxton's "Teens Like Phil" starring Adam Donovan and Jake Robbins.

Boys On Film 9: Youth In Trouble(2013)

2 Std. 20 Min.
2,2/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Youth In Trouble is the ninth edition to Boys On Film, the world's most successful short film series. This compilation features eight complete films: Bretten Hannam's "Deep End" starring Bailey Maughan, Gharrett Patrick Paon, and Denis Theriault; Caru Alves de Souza's "Family Affair" starring Cláudia Assunção, Kauê Telloli, and Ney Piacentini; James Cook's "Together" starring Lucas Hansen, Ben Owora, and Stuart Evans; Carlos Montero's "Easy Money" starring Mario Casas, Ales Furundarena, and Christian Mulas; Grant Scicluna's "The Wilding" starring Reef Ireland, Luke Mullins, and Shannon Glowacki; Dee Rees's "Colonial Gods" starring Cornell John and Said Mohamed; Benjamin Parent's "It's Not a Cowboy Movie" starring Malivaï Yakou, Finnegan Oldfield, and Garance Marillier; and Stéphane Riethauser's "Prora" starring Tom Gramenz and Swen Gippa.

Boys On Film 8: Cruel Britannia(2012)

2 Std. 30 Min. | Drama
0,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

From the cliffs of the Isle of Wight to an abandoned swimming pool in Lambeth, Boys On Film 8: Cruel Britannia presents an eclectic mix of ten UK-set short films including: Harry Wootliff's "I Don't Care" starring Iwan Rheon; Ben Peters's "Downing" starring Jamie Brotherston and Ross William Wild; David Andrew Ward's "All Over Brazil" starring Iain De Caestecker, Frank Gallagher, and Gemma Morrison; David Leon and Marcus McSweeney's "Man and Boy" starring Eddie Marsan, Geoff Bell, and Eddie Webber; Aleem Khan's "Diana" starring Neeraj Singh; Jason Bradbury's "We Once Were Tide" starring Alexander Scott, Tristan Bernays, and Mandy Aldridge; Hong Khaou's "Spring" starring Chris O'Donnell and Jonathan Keane; Sybil H. Mair's "The Chef's Letter" starring Jonathan Firth, Ray Fearon, and Layke Anderson; Faryal's "What You Looking At?!" starring Rez Kabir, Michael Twaits, and Hussina Raja; and Dominic Leclerc's "Nightswimming" starring Harry Eden, Linzey Cocker, and Tim Dantay.

Boys On Film 7: Bad Romance(2011)

2 Std. 44 Min.
3,2/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

Experience an alternative take on attraction with Boys On Film. Bad Romance explores the darker side with a collection of edgy and sexy short films, including: Alain Hain's "Curious Thing" starring Danny Bernardy and Matthew Wilkas; Christoph Scheermann's "Cake and Sand" starring Bartholomew Sammut and Jan Andreesen; Michael Rozanov's "Watch Over Me" starring Guy Kapulnik and Davidi Hoffman; Joachim Back's "The New Tenants" starring David Rakoff and Jamie Harrold; Kim Jho Gwang-soo's "Just Friends?" starring Lee Je-hoon and Yeon Woo-jin; Étienne Desrosiers's "Mirrors" starring Xavier Dolan, Stéphane Demers, and Julie Beauchemin; Christopher Banks's "Communication" starring Rudi Vodanovich and Alexander Campbell; Tomer Velkoff's "The Traitor" co-starring Shmulik Goldstein; Christopher Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein's "The Strange Ones" starring David Call, Tobias Campbell, and Merritt Wever; and Tamer Ruggli's "Cappuccino" starring Benjamin Décosterd and Manuela Biedermann.

Boys On Film 6: Pacific Rim(2011)

1,8/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Boys On Film goes down under to bring a fresh batch of funny and touching tales courtesy of our Aussie and Kiwi cousins, while stories of men falling in love from the USA and Hawai'i to Singapore via Korea round out the collection. Volume 6: Pacific Rim contains eight complete films: Craig Boreham's "Drowning" starring Miles Szanto, Xavier Samuel, and Bren Foster; Hannah Hilliard's "Franswa Sharl" starring Callan McAuliffe, John Batchelor, and Diana Glenn; Boo Junfeng's "The Casuarina Cove" starring Nick Shen, Scott Lei, and Yann Yann Yeo; Christopher Banks's "Teddy" starring Brian Moore, Chris Tempest, and Alan Granville; Kim Jho Gwang-soo's "Love, 100°C" starring Do-jin Kim, Jae-won Kwak, and Se-Hyun Yun; Sophie Hyde's "My Last Ten Hours With You" starring Toby Schmitz and Joel McIlroy; Darcy Prendergast's "Ron the Zookeeper" featuring Marc Gallagher and Darcy Prendergast; and Brent Anbe's "Ajumma! Are You Krazy???" starring Thea Matsuda, Tessie Magaoay, and Cari Mizumoto.

Boys On Film 4: Protect Me From What I Want(2010)

2 Std. 30 Min. | Horror, Drama
2,0/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

Elliot Tittensor (TV's Shameless) stars as Daz in headlining film PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT, a gripping British film debut that sees him woo a young lad in an underpass, only to be threatened with a break-up the following morning. Passive and submissive roles are tackled and tugged in gay graffiti tale VANDALS and Icelandic grapple-fest WRESTLING, while POSTMORTEM, MY NAME IS LOVE, and Iris Prize-winner STEAM look at promising encounters that turn awry. Rounding out the collection are HEIKO, an alternative ode to foot fetishes, BREATH where 12-year-old Erik swims out to sea to make a daring move on his best friend's father, and the crème de la crème from this collection TREVOR, which won multiple prestigious awards from Sundance, Berlinale, and even The Academy Awards (Oscar) for Best Short Film.

Boys On Film 5: Candy Boy(2010)

2 Std. 28 Min. | Drama
1,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Boys On Film 5: Candy Boy features nine award-winning short films. Boys will be boys in Pascal-Alex Vincent's FAR WEST and CANDY BOY, where a farmyard and an orphanage get a gay makeover. GO-GO REJECT sees Flashdance obsessive Daniel aim for the stars, as SWEAT has Holby City's David Paisley infiltrating a bath house with unexpected results. Meanwhile, love proves to be timeless when LAST CALL unites past and present, but TWOYOUNGMEN, UT. hints at an uncertain future. Looking back on the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, BLOCKS focuses on the sexual awakening of a peeping Tom. Two more young boys, a confused JAMES and mute DAVID, both reach out for an experienced hand, but will they find what they are looking for?

Boys On Film 2: In Too Deep(2009)

1,0/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Created by gay directors and actors, Boys On Film features numerous award-winning shorts that deal with all aspects of gay life. Volume 2: In Too Deep contains nine complete films: Till Kleinert's "Cowboy" starring Oliver Scherz and Pit Bukowski; Håkon Liu's "Lucky Blue" starring Tobias Bengtsson and Tom Lofterud; Matthieu Salmon's "Weekend In The Countryside" starring Théo Frilet, Pierre Moure, and Jean-Claude Dumas; Soman Chainani's "Kali Ma" starring Kamini Khanna, Brendan Bradley, and Manish Dayal; Julián Hernández's "Bramadero" starring Cristhian Rodríguez and Sergio Almazán; Craig Boreham's "Love Bite" starring Will Field and Aidan Calabria; "The Island" featuring director Trevor Anderson ; Arthur Halpern's "Futures (and Derivatives)" starring Kelly Miller, Cam Kornman, and Bill Barnett; and Tim Hunter's "Working It Out" starring Simon Kearney, Paul Ross, and Glaston Toft.

Boys On Film 3: American Boy(2009)

2 Std. 15 Min. | Romantik / Liebe, Horror, Drama
1,2/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Created by gay directors and actors, Boys On Film features numerous award-winning shorts that deal with all aspects of gay life. Volume 3: American Boy contains seven complete films: Adam Salky's "Dare" starring Adam Fleming, Michael Cassidy, and Marla Burkholder; Jody Wheeler's "In The Closet" starring J.T. Tepnapa and Brent Corrigan; Dennis Shinners's "Area X" starring Matt Schuneman and Antony Raymond; Julian Breece's "The Young & Evil" starring Vaughn Lowery, Diana Elizabeth Jordan, and Reggie Watkins; Brian Krinsky's "Dish :)" starring Matthew Monge, Jeff Martin, and Octavio Altamirano; Carter Smith's "Bugcrush" starring Josh Caras and Donald Cumming; and Kyle Thomas Coker's "Astoria, Queens" starring Aaron Michael Davies, James Heffron, Sangeeta Parekh, and Hayley Thompson-King.

Boys On Film 1: Hard Love(2009)

2 Std. 27 Min. | Drama, Romantik / Liebe
2,7/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

Created by gay directors and actors, Boys On Film features numerous award-winning shorts that deal with all aspects of gay life. Volume 1: Hard Love contains nine complete films: Hong Khaou's "Summer" starring Peter Peralta and Jay Brown; Michael Simon's "Gay Zombie" starring Brad Bilanin, Ryan Carlberg, and Robin McDonald; Jason Bushman's "Serene Hunter" starring Eric Debets, Flannan Obé, and Jonathan Blanc; Timothy Smith's "Le Weekend" starring Omar and Fernando Peres; Jean Baptiste Erreca's "Cowboy Forever" featuring Govinda Machado de Figueiredo and Jones Carlos Fialho de Araújo; Damien Rea's "Scarred" starring Chris Anderson, David Durham, and Lara Cazalet; Tim Hunter's "Packed Lunch" featuring Kevyn Boemia, Chris Sayers, and Steven Quigg; John Winter's "Mirror Mirror" starring Roy Billing; and Maxwell Barber's "VGL-Hung!" starring Marcus Proctor, Jeff Chandler, and Ashley Ryder.

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