Best F(r)iends Sammlung(2017-2018)

Based on a series of true-to-life anecdotes, sourced from Greg and Tommy's two decades of shared experiences, Best F(r)iends is a unique, two-volume cinematic saga that interweaves mystery, intrigue, and more than a few dark laughs into the long-awaited reunion of The Room's cult icons. Step into this surrealist tale and learn a lesson about friendship and loyalty. The Entire Bloody F(r)iendship

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Best F(r)iends: Volume 2(2018)

1 Std. 33 Min. | Action, Komödie, Thriller
2,9/5 (bei 18 Stimmen)

As Jon makes a run for it, he finds himself on an expedition across the Southwest, where he encounters wild and crazy characters through a series of twisted and dark foibles. While his misadventure teaches him a valuable lesson about friendship and loyalty, the Mortician carries the story home with more than a few surprises.

Regie: Justin MacGregor - Schauspieler: Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, Paul Scheer, Justin MacGregor

Best F(r)iends: Volume 1(2017)

1 Std. 48 Min. | Komödie, Drama, Thriller
2,7/5 (bei 38 Stimmen)

When a drifter befriends a quirky mortician, an unlikely business partnership is formed. Paranoia soon develops, however, and both men are forced to come to terms with the fragility of friendship and loyalty.

Regie: Justin MacGregor
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