A Modern Yakuza Sammlung(1969-1972)

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Street Mobster(1972)

1 Std. 32 Min. | Krimi, Action, Thriller
3,4/5 (bei 15 Stimmen)

After serving time, a defiant street thug is incensed to find his town overrun by two yakuza factions. He gathers his crew and takes them on.

Regie: Kinji Fukasaku - Schauspieler: Bunta Sugawara, Noboru Ando, Hideo Murota, Takeo Chii, Nenji Kobayashi

A Modern Yakuza: Broken Code(1971)

1 Std. 26 Min.

A young yakuza soldier is torn between staying in his current life or leaving his family when his boss refuses to follow their ancient code of ethics.

A Modern Yakuza: Three Decoy Blood Brothers(1971)

1 Std. 31 Min. | Krimi, Action, Drama

When a large crime syndicate seeks to invade Gifu's underworld, three brothers and their yakuza family are the only ones that stand in their way.

A Modern Yakuza: The Code of The Lawless(1969)

1 Std. 32 Min. | Drama, Krimi

Just released on parole, one young man hurtles towards a face-off with the gangsters controlling Shinjuku and its lucrative prostitutes.

A Modern Yakuza: Humanity and Justice of the Outlaw(1969)

1 Std. 32 Min.
2,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Back after four years, Goro learns his younger brother's been thrown out of the gang and his girlfriend's married another man. It's payback time.

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