The Blue Men of Morocco(Film, 1957)

31 Min. | Genre: Dokumentation
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Inhalt von The Blue Men of Morocco

The movie presents a mysterious and enigmatic world, a place where more than 40,000 — no one knows precisely how many — descendants of Arab conquerors live, the last great nomads of the world. These nomads are deemed the “Blue Men” due to their bluish complexion — not a racial characteristic, but the consequence of color from their clothing staining their skin. Each morning, they turn to Mecca and thank Allah for the blessing of their remaining liberty, that liberty which, in spite of all the pain and hardships, they would not exchange for houses, which they could not carry on their journeys, nor for radios, since the world outside does not exist for them, nor for watches, since it is not their custom to count the time.

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Produziert von: Walt Disney Productions
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Veröffentlichungsdatum DE: 14.02.1957
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