The Blot(Film, 1921)

1 Std. 31 Min. | Genre: Drama
The BlotBewertung: 3,6/5 (bei 44 Stimmen)
The Blot is a 1921 American silent drama film directed by Lois Weber, who also co-wrote (with Marion Orth) and produced the film (with her then-husband, Phillips Smalley). The film tackles the social problem of genteel poverty, focusing on a struggling family. It stars Philip Hubbard, Margaret McWade, Claire Windsor, and Louis Calhern. Weber filmed in real locations, using as much natural lighting as possible. Scenes were filmed on location around Los Angeles, particularly at the old University of Los Angeles campus, now Los Angeles City College. Many supporting roles were given to non-professionals. The Blot was restored by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill for British television. Brownlow singles out the film for praise in his book Behind the Mask of Innocence (1990). The Blot screened at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival in 2002. It was released on DVD in 2006 with expert audio commentary by film historian... ()
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Inhalt von The Blot

Professor Griggs, teaching at the college, doesn't get paid a living wage; his next door neighbor, successful shoemaker Olsen, has money and plentiful food, while the Griggses have hardly any. When the professor's rich student Phil West falls for beautiful Griggs daughter Amelia and also befriends the poor Reverend Gates (a young man who is also in love with Amelia), he observes the difference in his life and theirs and tries to help make a difference.

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Weitere Informationen

Produziert von: Lois Weber Productions
Originalsprache: Englisch (EN)
Übersetzt in 1 Sprache: Englisch (EN)
Produktionsstatus: Veröffentlicht
Veröffentlichungsdatum DE: 04.09.1921
Besetzung / Schauspieler: Claire Windsor, Louis Calhern
Produzent: Lois Weber
Drehbuchautor: Lois Weber
Kameramann: Gordon Jennings

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