1+1: Exploring The Kinsey Reports(Film, 1961)

1 Std. 54 Min. | Genres: Drama
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Inhalt von 1+1: Exploring The Kinsey Reports

A college professor lectures on the recently published Kinsey Report, as Americans are stunned by the shocking sexual truths revealed by the statistics. Five audience members reflect on their own sex lives, which flesh out the research with real life experience. A young couple ponder the repercussions of pre-marital sex. Returning home from overseas, a man learns that his neglected wife has been unfaithful. Anguish follows a divorcee's romantic fling. Having had sex with no one but his wife in his entire life, a man attempts to sow some belated wild oats. A young girl considering abortion is horrified by the filthy illegal back-door 'clinics' that are her only option.

Weitere Informationen

Produktionsland: Kanada
Produziert von: Fluorite Ltd.
Originalsprache: Englisch (EN)
Übersetzt in 1 Sprachen: Englisch (EN)
Produktionsstatus: Veröffentlicht
Veröffentlichungsdatum US: 23.08.1961
Alternative Titel in anderen Ländern (aus Vorankündigungen, Werbung etc.):
"One Plus One (Exploring the Kinsey Reports)"
"1 + 1"
"Arch Oboler's 1+1: Exploring the Kinsey Reports"
"One Plus One"

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