0506HK(Film, 2018)

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Inhalt von 0506HK

0506HK documents filmmaker Quentin Lee's returns to Hong Kong, where he was born and raised. As he explores his desire to move back there from Los Angeles, he interviews local artists, filmmakers, friends, and family about why they are in Hong Kong and why they choose to be there. With humor and wit, Lee explores culture, belonging, politics, and ultimately the question of where the best place is for him to exist as a filmmaker. Part autobiography, part travelogue, part cultural criticism, the documentary features local cultural icon Kam Kwok Leung, filmmakers Peter Chan, Teddy Chen, Tammy Cheung, animator Raman Hui and many other colorful characters. A stylish collage of interviews, original footage and home movies, 0506HK is sometimes nostalgic. It is nevertheless both an emotional and meaningful journey.

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