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Naked Survival - Ausgezogen in die Wildnis(2013-)

je Folge ca. 42 Min. | Reality-TV
3,4/5 (bei 14 Stimmen)

Dieser Trip ist kein fröhlicher FKK-Urlaub, und für Schamgefühle wegen nicht vorhandener Kleidung fehlt den Protagonisten der neuen Doku-Serie schlicht die Zeit. Sie haben mit wesentlich größeren Problemen zu kämpfen. Hier geht es nämlich ums nackte Überleben! Zufällig zusammengewürfelte Pärchen, die sich vorher nie gesehen haben, müssen 21 Tage in den unwirtlichsten Regionen der Welt überstehen – ohne Ausrüstung und Nahrungsvorräte. Durch die Gefahren, die ihnen auf den Survival-Trips drohen, wird die fehlende Garderobe schnell zur Nebensache. Im undurchdringlichen Dschungel Costa Ricas, auf Borneo oder in der afrikanischen Serengeti haben ganz andere Dinge Priorität. Hier müssen die nackten Pärchen nicht nur Nahrung und sauberes Trinkwasser auftreiben – sie bekommen es auch mit wilden Tieren zu tun: Hungrige Hyänen, riesige Krokodile und aggressive Giftschlangen machen den Abenteurern das Leben schwer.


je Folge ca. 25 Min.

In the world of Encantadia, four Sang’gres guard the gems that hold the power to maintain peace and harmony in the land. Pirena, the eldest of the four Sang’gres, is the keeper of the Gem of Fire. Passionate and outspoken, the fiery young woman wishes to become the next queen of the diwatas (fairies). Amihan, the second eldest, is the keeper of the Gem of Air. Mature and nurturing, her nature is to protect her loved ones no matter the cost. Alena, the third sister, is the keeper of the Gem of Water. Romantic and carefree, she lives to love and is in a quest to find the person who will complete her. And Danaya, the youngest, is the keeper of the Gem of Earth. Fearless and headstrong, she has an unwavering sense of justice, which is tested as she learns that the world is never black and white. The sisters’ strong bond is broken when Pirena discovers that she is unlike them. Their mother, Ynang Reyna Minea, is afraid of her desire to become the ruler of Encantadia and it is this imagined betrayal that leads her to become susceptible to the manipulations of Hagorn, King of Hathoria. This sets into motion an epic journey for the Sang’gres to discover the importance of family, love, and forgiveness.


je Folge ca. 31 Min. | Drama
3,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

A drama anthology series that looks at the difficulties, pains, controversies, and tragedies that some of our people experience because of love, and the lessons you can learn from their experiences.

Almost Paradise(2020)

je Folge ca. 45 Min. | Drama, Krimi
2,5/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

A former DEA agent forced into early retirement runs a gift shop in in the Philippines. Despite his best efforts to begin a tranquil new life, he’s pulled back into a world of dangerous people and deadly situations, either through his friends in the local police department or running into people from his old life. And the problem is: he likes it.

Pangako Sa ’Yo(2000-2003)

je Folge ca. 30 Min. | Drama

The story revolves around lovers Yna Macaspac and Angelo Buenavista. Unbeknownst to them, their love story started 20 years earlier between Amor de Jesús and Eduardo Buenavista. Unfortunately, Amor and Eduardo's love will be destroyed because of greed, ambition, and lies. Amor returns to the Philippines as Amor Powers and vows revenge on the Buenavista family which will hurt her biological daughter, Yna, in the process. Meanwhile, Madam Claudia, Angelo's mother, will do anything to destroy Yna and Angelo's relationship and make Yna's life a nightmare.

Make It with You(2020)

je Folge ca. 28 Min. | Drama
5,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Two different individuals who, despite having different priorities in life, found love in each other. But after series of encounter, they will have to decide whether it's a love worth choosing.

Schauspieler: Enrique Gil

The Killer Bride(2019-2020)

2,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Las Espadas is a superstitious town that has been haunted by the ghost of The Killer Bride for years. Almost all Las Espadas residents have stories of encountering the woman in the bloody wedding dress and veil. They say that the ghost is biding her time to exact revenge on the people who had hurt her in the past.

Destiny Rose(2015-)

Joey Flores-Vergara, a woman trapped in a man's body who dreams and hoped to be the best for his parents. He struggle in life yet continue to be patient and understanding. Joey becomes a stronger person in her new life as Destiny Rose, as he faces more challenges in his journey to becoming a renowned writer and a full-fledged woman.

Schauspieler: Ken Chan

Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo(2012)

Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo was a Philippine daytime television drama airing on ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold, in association with The Filipino Channel. .

Schauspieler: Shaina Magdayao


Encantadia is a Filipino fantasy television series produced by GMA Network. The pilot episode was aired on May 2, 2005. Its last episode was aired on December 9 of the same year to give way to its second book, Etheria. This series aired its pilot episode on December 12, and its last episode on February 18, 2006. The third and latest installment of the Encantadia saga, Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas, aired its pilot on February 20, 2006, but it was apparently not a last installment. There will be a fourth installment of the Encantadia saga, Encantadia: Isang Bagong Mundo, originally in October 2010 but pushed back to 2nd Quarter 2011 and now even pushed back for a January 2012 airing due to several reasons, both with the cast and with preparations. It is rumored that this show will replace the epic-serye since at the time of January 2012, Amaya would have already ended, this is still unknown. A spin-off entitled Encantadia: The Second Saga was scheduled to be shown in 2010, but has since been shelved. The entire Encantadia saga is currently aired on FOX Filipino.


je Folge ca. 45 Min. | Science-Fiction & Fantasy, Drama

Marina was the first fantasy series, a fantaserye, of Philippine media conglomerate ABS-CBN. It was aired on February 23, 2004 to November 12, 2004, starring drama actress Claudine Barretto.

Regie: Wenn V. Deramas - Schauspieler: Claudine Barretto

Mulawin vs Ravena(2017-)

In the realm of Encantadia, there is a kingdom called Avila where Avian creatures called Mulawins live. Though humans have caused the destruction of the forests, forcing Avians out of their own habitat, the Mulawins have maintained their benevolence towards humans. This does not sit well with a faction of Mulawin called Ravenas. They breakaway and establish their own kingdom called Halconia in the fiery volcanic mines of Mt. Apo. Since then, Mulawins and Ravenas have been at war fighting each other over humans. Both Mulawins and Ravenas have had histories of love affairs and interactions with human beings which resulted to half avian, half human offsprings. This dilution of their race has made Mulawins and Ravenas mortal like humans. And it is the desire for immortality that sets the stage for the new chapter of the Mulawin vs Ravena saga.

Schauspieler: Dennis Trillo
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Broken Vow(2020-)

je Folge ca. 30 Min. | Drama, Mystery

Broken Vow is a Filipino drama series created and written by Dode Cruz, under the direction of Gil Tejada, Jr. and produced by GMA Network. The series starred Bianca King, Luis Alandy, Gabby Eigenmann and Rochelle Pangilinan as the four lead characters. It premiered February 6, 2012 replacing Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit in GMA Afternoon Prime block and February 8, 2012 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. This series follows the story of Melissa, Felix, Roberto and Rebecca, the four protagonists whose lives and loves entangled by deception, obsession, broken love and broken promises. Originally slated to air for just one season, the series awarded several extensions after it scores massive success in television ratings, both in Urban Luzon, Mega Manila and National Urban Philippines, outshining its competition in the afternoon slot. The series is set to conclude on June 15, 2012 and to be replaced by Faithfully. It ran for 19 weeks with 93 episodes all in all.

A Soldier's Heart(2020)

je Folge ca. 30 Min. | Action & Abenteuer, Drama
5,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

The story of the soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army and their actions during combat. Through multiple perspectives, the story focuses on these soldiers, mainly: Alex Marasigan, an IT expert who quits his desk job and joins because just like his brother, he wants to serve the country, Abraham "Abe" Kamlun, a Tausug Muslim man, who, despite his family's opposition of the move, joins the Army nonetheless, and Michael Mendoza, a boy who joins the Army to provide for his family.


je Folge ca. 30 Min. | Drama

Dangal is a Philippine television drama and the seventh installment of Now and Forever series. Dangal is a drama about love, trust and betrayal.

The General's Daughter(2019)

2nd LT Rhian Bonifacio is a Military Nurse for the AFP and is dedicated in saving lives. But she has a secret. She's a spy, trained by her very own father, Tiago, to exact revenge against his enemy, Marcial, a general of the army. She will be wedged between the two forces because of her love for her family.

Schauspieler: Angel Locsin

Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay(2020-)

je Folge ca. 45 Min. | Drama

Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay is a Filipino soap opera, produced by ABS-CBN and Star Cinema. It started in the year 2002 and ended in the year 2003. The critically acclaimed and top-rating teleserye won the CMMA Best Drama Series and the PMPC Star Awards Best Primetime Drama Series. It is the first local soap opera that became a finalist to the Best Drama Series category of the International Emmy Awards. It was also part of the top five drama series of the Asian TV Awards. The series currently re-airs internationally this 2012 via The Brand New Cinema One Global after 8 years.


Near the end of the 19th century, 35-year-old Jos Rizal turned into the Philippines' most beloved hero when he was martyred by the Spanish colonial government at Bagumbayan. He died an extraordinary man of his times: renowned novelist, poet, ophthalmologist, journalist, and linguist. But behind these achievements, there remained the story of a man every Filipino can relate and connect to. Like today's overseas Filipino, Rizal needed to leave his family to fulfill his studies and career abroad, suffering from homesickness, and enduring a long-distance relationship with the woman he loved most. He was also the best example of the Filipino who came back home and used the knowledge and skills he learned abroad to help improve the lives of his family and countrymen.

Schauspieler: Alden Richards

Sana'y Ikaw na Nga(2020-)

Sana ay Ikaw Na Nga is a Philippine drama series starring Tanya Garcia and Dingdong Dantes. Its story revolves around the love affair of a wealthy young man named Carlos Miguel and Cecilia, a poor barrio girl. Their romance is opposed by many, but the two are ready to fight for their love. The series re-aired on its sister network QTV 11 and internationally through GMA Pinoy TV in 2005-2006 and its sister international network GMA Life TV in mid-2008-2009 On August 3, 2012 a conference was held at the GMA Annex building for the remake of the Hit TV series which aired in 2002 with a remake after 10 years the series will star Kapuso talent and New lead actress Andrea Torres in her first dual role as both the real Cecilia and fake Cecilia and Mikael Daez as Carlos Miguel respectively. The series will replace the Afternoon Drama Kasalanan Bang Ibigin Ka? On September 3, 2012 On its GMA AfternoonPRIME block it is also the second remake after the 2011-2012 successful top rating Afternoon Soap Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin the story will tackle the modern day love story of the ill fated lovers with new twists

My Husband's Lover(2013)

je Folge ca. 25 Min. | Drama, Soap / Telenovela
4,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

The story of Vincent Soriano who got his girlfriend Lally pregnant while they were still in college. They decided to get married even if Vincent's mother Elaine was very much against it. But unknown to Lally, Vincent is keeping a secret from her - a secret he kept from everyone else ever since he was young.

Regie: Dominic Zapata - Schauspieler: Carla Abellana


Pintada is a Philippine daytime television drama that is aired locally via the Philippine's biggest media conglomerate, ABS-CBN and worldwide via The Filipino Channel replacing the now defunct PHR series entitled Hiyas on its Kapamilya Gold timeslot Pintada is the 16th installment of the Precious Hearts Romances series, and is topbilled by Denise Laurel and Martin del Rosario. The series is based on the Filipino romance pocket book Green Meadows by Arielle.

Regie: Theodore Boborol - Schauspieler: Denise Laurel


je Folge ca. 1 Std. | Science-Fiction & Fantasy, Drama

Atlantika is a Filipino telefantasya produced by GMA Network about the fictional undersea kingdom of Atlantika. The series premiered on October 2, 2006 and ended on February 9, 2007. A behind-the-scenes introductory special, Atlantika: Ang Lihim ng Karagatan, was aired on October 1, 2006. The series' tagline is "Two different worlds. One eternal love."

Regie: Zoren Legaspi - Schauspieler: Dingdong Dantes, Iza Calzado

Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas(2003)

je Folge ca. 30 Min. | Drama

Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas was a soap aired by ABS-CBN that premiered on May 19, 2003 and ended July 9, 2004. It is a love story of two star-crossed lovers who suffer for their parents’ long forgotten sins. Christian and Ara battle the odd twists and turns of fate in the hopes of protecting a love that withstands the test of time. The series was headlined by Jericho Rosales, Kristine Hermosa, Diether Ocampo and Angelika dela Cruz.

Schauspieler: Jericho Rosales

Basta't Kasama Kita(2003-2002)

je Folge ca. 30 Min. | Action & Abenteuer, Mystery

Basta't Kasama Kita was an ABS-CBN primetime series starring Robin Padilla and Judy Ann Santos. The show also aired worldwide on ABS-CBN's The Filipino Channel and on a two-week delay on the International Channel in the United States. The TV series re-aired on the defunct Pinoy Central TV in 2005-2006 and in 2010-2011 it re-aired on Kapamilya Channel, an affiliate of ABS-CBN's The Filipino Channel

Ina, Kapatid, Anak(2020-)

Ina, Kapatid, Anak is a Philippine television drama directed by Don M. Cuaresma and Jojo A. Saguin. The series premiered on October 8, 2012 on ABS-CBN in the Philippines as part of network's Primetime Bida programming block, and internationally on October 9 on TFC . The drama follows the lives of Celyn, Margaux, Liam and Ethan and their struggles for power, acceptance, family and love. The show was extended due to success in viewership ratings, the second season premiered on January 14, 2013 with the episode featuring the grand revelation of Celyn being the daughter of Julio and Beatriz. The third and final season premiered on March 7, 2013 with the drama opened a new chapter with a time skip focusing on the characters' young-adult stage and business rivalry.


je Folge ca. 30 Min. | Science-Fiction & Fantasy

Krystala was a daily fantasy/sci-fi/adventure/soap opera serial from the Philippines, where it was produced by and aired on ABS-CBN from October 11, 2004 to April 22, 2005. The show also aired simultaneously on The Filipino Channel and on a one-week delay on International Channel in the United States.

Schauspieler: Judy Ann Santos


Rounin is a 2007 Filipino primetime TV series produced and aired by ABS-CBN. It is a fantasy and martial arts series shown in Philippine TV and is said to be one of the most expensive locally-produced TV series aired in the Philippines. It is also the first Filipino series shot using high-definition video technology. The series is line produced by Reality Films while Larger Than Life Productions is handling post, visual effects, VFX supervision, mastering and grading. The series is shot using Panasonic’s HDP2 technology. The series ended after one season due to failure to do well in the ratings game.

Schauspieler: Luis Manzano


je Folge ca. 45 Min. | Action & Abenteuer, Drama

Bakekang was a Philippine drama that aired on GMA Network from September 11, 2006, and ended on March 30, 2007. It aired internationally with a three-week delay on GMA Pinoy TV, which made Bakekang a success to viewers abroad. The network acquired the rights to Bakekang, a popular comic novel by Carlo J. Caparas about an ugly girl who succeeds despite the difficulties and discrimination she encounters in life. The TV series was said to have created a so-called “Bakekang syndrome”, in which champions women’s rights and causes. It stars Sunshine Dizon in the title role and gain her PMPC Star Awards Best Actress for this portrayal. It was shown in Singapore and Malaysia and currently being aired in Indonesia.

Schauspieler: Sunshine Dizon


A speculative fiction drama series about two races of winged humanoids. The Mulawin must fight the Ravena to protect the mortals from its wrath. It tells the story of Aguiluz portrayed by Richard Gutierrez and Alwina which was portrayed by Angel Locsin.


Hiyas is an Philippine romantic-drama TV series aired by ABS-CBN that premiered on May 28, 2012 replacing Wako Wako on its Kapamilya Gold timeslot. The series is based on the Filipino romance pocket book Silang, The Fierce Warrior by Sofia. It is the 15th installment of the Precious Hearts Romances series. The series was marked for the third year anniversary installment of the Precious Hearts Romances television adaptations for giving Three Years of Many Top Rating Serials and is the first adaptation to have a Fantasy Action Adventure for Television under 'Precious Hearts Romances' television distribution.

Regie: Adolfo Alix, Jr. - Schauspieler: Zanjoe Marudo
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