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Tyler Rake: Extraction(2020)

1 Std. 56 Min. | Drama, Action, Thriller
3,7/5 (bei 1.619 Stimmen)

Tyler Rake ist ein furchtloser Söldner, der nichts mehr zu verlieren hat und auch illegale Aufträge annimmt. Bei einem neuen Auftrag soll er den entführten Sohn eines inhaftierten internationalen Gangsterbosses befreien. In der kriminellen Welt der Waffenschieber und Drogenhändler kann ein ohnehin schon lebensgefährlicher Auftrag allerdings auch schnell zur Unmöglichkeit werden. Und dieser Auftrag wird das Leben von Rake und dem Jungen für immer verändern.

In 80 Tagen um die Welt(1956)

FSK: ab 6 Jahre
| 2 Std. 55 Min. | Abenteuer, Komödie, Kinder & Familie, Fantasy, Romantik / Liebe
3,3/5 (bei 131 Stimmen)

Im Oktober 1872 schließt Phileas Fogg eine 20.000 Pfund-Wette ab: Er behauptet, eine Reise um die Welt in 80 Tagen zu schaffen. Ein unglaubliches Abenteuer beginnt.

The Last Thakur(2008)

1 Std. 21 Min. | Action, Drama
2,8/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

A lone gun-man enters a typical Bangladeshi town to find his identity and take revenge on the person who raped his mother during the war. In the course of revenge he is used by the internal clash of two rival leaders of the town.

Regie: Sadik Ahmed - Schauspieler: Ahmed Rubel


2 Std. 27 Min. | Thriller, Action
3,1/5 (bei 11 Stimmen)

Gopi, alias Arjun, is the son of an ex-RAW agent Raghuveer. Brought up by his uncle Satya, he wants to be an agent just like his father and uncle. But Satya wants him to lead a normal life and not be killed like his father was. What happens in Gopi’s life that turns everything upside down?

Schauspieler: Adivi Sesh, Prakash Raj, Jagapati Babu, Sobhita Dhulipala, Anish Kuruvilla, Madhu Shalini, ...

Ant Story(2013)

1 Std. 33 Min. | Drama
3,2/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

After realizing his stolen phone belongs to a famous actress, a scheming daydreamer uses the opportunity to blackmail her.

Regie: Mostofa Sarwar Farooki - Schauspieler: Sheena Chohan


2 Std. 45 Min. | Action, Komödie
2,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

This is the story of a strong man who was looking forward to earning a decent living in a crazy city. But unfortunately, some events force him to turn into a powerful don of the very city.

Schauspieler: Shakib Khan

Adam Surat(1991)

48 Min. | Dokumentation
5,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Adam Surat is the first film directed by Tareque Masud. It is a documentary about Bangladeshi painter Sheikh Mohammed Sultan (aks SM Sultan). Masud started the film in 1982 and completed seven years later.

Regie: Tareque Masud - Schauspieler: SM Sultan


Rangbaz is a 2017 Bangladeshi gangster film directed by Shamim Ahamed Roni and Abdul Mannan. It is produced by Shrikant Mohta and Mahendra Soni under the banners of SVF Entertainment and Ruprong Films Limited.

Schauspieler: Shakib Khan, Shabnom Bubly, Rajatava Dutta, Amit Hasan

Danger Signal Number Nine(2007)

1 Std. 50 Min. | Komödie
4,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

An unhappy father lies to his daughters about their brothers' death to bring them back home.


2 Std. 27 Min. | Romantik / Liebe

Bilina and Richard belongs to traditional Christian family. Growing up together, Bilina and Richard gets accustomed to each other's accompany. During teenage years, Richard go abroad for higher studies. While Richard is away, Bilina gets to know Jisan, who belongs to a Muslim family. As the time passes, their friendship turns to love. However,In the mean time, Richard returns to Bilina and proposes to her, and Bilina accepts due to immense pressure from community and family. Unknown about the feelings Bilina have for Jisan, Richard marries her and soon after, their married life turns complex. Jisan, heartbroken by the treachery of Bilina, thinks that Bilina left him because of Richard's wealth, and vows to build an empire of wealth. As the film turns complex, the story of the film revolves around the love triangle between three individuals, whose love turns to utmost hate.

Song of Freedom(1995)

1 Std. 20 Min. | Dokumentation, Krieg

Muktir Gaan (Bengali : মুক্তির গান The Song of Freedom) is a 1995 Bangladeshi documentary film, directed by Tareque Masud and Catherine Masud. This is a documentary film which explores the impact of cultural identity on the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, where music and song provided a source of inspiration to the freedom fighters and a spiritual bond for the whole emerging nation.

Regie: Tareque Masud, Catherine Masud

The Name of a River(2002)

1 Std. 30 Min. | Drama

The Name of a River is Anup Singh's debut work and focuses on a love story between a man and a woman crossing the river between Bangladesh and India - playing the roles of refugees, divine beings and literary and cinematic characters - to understand the mysteries of the events that led to the massacre of half a million people and forced ten million people to migrate across the newly established borders. Covering a huge area of visual, aural and intellectual ground within its 90 minutes, this exquisite film presents its audience with a dreamlike odyssey through a history, a life and a work that we, the viewers, encounter in the shape of stunning landscapes and music, lovers and gods, myths and memories, literature and cinema.

Regie: Anup Singh - Schauspieler: Supriya Devi
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Hason Raja(2017)

2 Std. 45 Min.

The story of Hason Raja, a flamboyant, ruthless zamindar from Sylhet who fell in love with Dilaram, who transformed him and later he became a poet, singing songs and wandering all across Bangladesh.

Regie: Ruhul Amin - Schauspieler: Mithun Chakraborty
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