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Birth of a Nation - Geburt einer Nation(1915)

3 Std. 13 Min. | Drama, Historie / Geschichte, Krieg
3,1/5 (bei 177 Stimmen)

Während des amerikanischen Sezessionskriegs stehen sich zwei eigentlich befreundete Familien als Feinde gegenüber - die Stonemans aus dem städtischen Norden und die Camerons aus dem ländlichen Süden. Nach Kriegsende gewinnen die Schwarzen bei den Abgeordnetenwahlen in den Südstaaten und beginnen, ihre Herrschaft in den Staaten mit Unterstützung der Yankees zu errichten, während die Camerons den Ku-Klux-Klan aufbauen.

The Battle Cry of Peace(1915)

1 Std. 30 Min.

Enemy agents under the leadership of "Emanon" conspire with pacifists to keep the American defense appropriations down at a time when forces of the enemy are preparing to invade. The invasion comes, and New York, Washington, and other American cities are devastated.

J'accuse - Ich klage an(1919)

3,9/5 (bei 14 Stimmen)

Klassiker des pazifistischen Films. Der zweiteilige Film entstand 1918 noch auf den Schlachtfeldern bei Verdun und führt in eindrucksvollen Bildern die Agonie des Krieges vor Augen.

Regie: Abel Gance - Schauspieler: Mancini, Maxime Desjardins, Romuald Joubé, Séverin-Mars

The Coward(1915)

1 Std. 17 Min. | Drama, Krieg, Historie / Geschichte
2,9/5 (bei 6 Stimmen)

Set during the American Civil War, Keenan stars as a Virginia colonel and Charles Ray as his weak-willed son. The son is forced, at gunpoint, by his father to enlist in the Confederate army. He is terrified by the war and deserts during a battle. The film focuses on the son's struggle to overcome his cowardice.

Martyrs of the Alamo(1915)

1 Std. 11 Min. | Action, Drama
2,4/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

The story of the defense of the mission-turned-fortress by 185 Texans against an overwhelming Mexican army in 1836.

Regie: Christy Cabanne - Schauspieler: Walter Long, Alfred Paget, Douglas Fairbanks, Juanita Hansen, Ora Carew, Augustus Carney, ...

The Life and Deeds of the Immortal Vožd Karađorđe(1911)

2,5/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

A biography of Karađorđe, the famed leader of the rebellion against the Ottoman Empire in 1804, tracing his whole life from childhood until his death in 1817.

Regie: Ilija Stanojević - Schauspieler: Milorad Petrović, Teodora Arsenović, Jovan Antonijević, Dobrica Milutinović, Ilija Stanojević, Vitomir Bogić, ...

The Unpardonable Sin(1919)

1 Std. 30 Min. | Drama

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Hearts of the World(1918)

1 Std. 57 Min. | Drama, Krieg
3,0/5 (bei 8 Stimmen)

A group of youngsters grow up and love in a peaceful French village. But war intrudes and peace is shattered. The German army invades and occupies village, bringing both destruction and torture. The young people of the village resist, some successfully, others tragically, until French troops retake the town.

Regie: D. W. Griffith - Schauspieler: Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish, Ben Alexander, Robert Harron, Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Grey of Fallodon, Erich von Stroheim, ...

Swords and Hearts(1911)

2,3/5 (bei 6 Stimmen)

A poor girl is secretly in love with a wealthy young planter.

The Crisis(1916)

1 Std. 28 Min. | Drama, Historie / Geschichte, Krieg
3,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Stephen Brice, a young lawyer in Civil War-era St. Louis, falls in love with Virginia Carvel, the daughter of his benefactor. But she is loyal to the South and Brice is committed to Lincoln's cause. In the course of the war, their convictions separate them, and Virginia becomes engaged to her cousin Clarence Colfax, a Confederate officer. Brice becomes an officer under General Sherman, and eventually finds himself faced with the captured Colfax, facing execution for spying. Brice must decide whether or not to intercede in his rival's behalf.

War Brides(1916)

1 Std. 12 Min. | Romantik / Liebe, Drama, Krieg

Joan is loved by a young man of the village and they are married. In a few weeks the husband, a soldier, is sent to the war-front along with his three brothers. Word is received that her husband has been killed in battle and Joan's first impulse is suicide by she is pregnant and her prospective motherhood makes her realize her new responsibility. The military authorities start a movement to get the young women of the country to marry departing soldiers, so that the empire may have another generation of fighting men. Word is received that the King is to pass through their village and Joan organizes the women in a general protest against the war. She leads them all, dressed in black, in a long procession to meet the Monarch. The soldiers threaten to shoot her unless she turns the women back, buy Joan comes face-to-face with the ruler and kills herself, as her message from the women that they refuse to make another generation victims of a ruthless militarism.

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Behind the Door(1919)

1 Std. 10 Min. | Drama, Krieg, Romantik / Liebe
3,2/5 (bei 5 Stimmen)

Oscar Krug is looked upon with suspicion by his neighbors because of his German name. When the US is drawn into the war with Germany, he enlists and travels the seas with his wife, Alice Morse. During a submarine attack Alice is snatched from Krug's side by a German officer. Krug now lives to have his revenge, and when the opportunity presents itself, he will have it.

The Great Love(1918)

1 Std. | Drama, Krieg

Jim Young of Youngstown, Pennsylvania, reads of the German war atrocities and decides to enlist in the British army, thus becoming a forerunner of the American forces that are subsequently to leave for the battlefields of Europe. He begins active training at a camp outside London. While enjoying a few hours of leave, he meets Susie Broadplains , a young woman from Australia. She is flattered by his attentions and their friendship soon blossoms into love. However German plotters plan to destroy an arsenal at night and Sir Roger is inveigled into driving an automobile along a London road with its lights turned skyward to guide the Zeppelins. Jim, wounded and home on furlough, detects Sir Roger on the lonely road, follows and traps him in his cottage. Sir Roger turns his pistol on himself rather than be taken alive. Susie finds the "great love" in service for the cause of democracy and her country, with a greater love in sight.

The Life of General Villa(1914)

1 Std. 45 Min. | Action, Abenteuer

Silent biographical action–drama film starring Pancho Villa as himself. The movie incorporates both staged scenes and authentic live footage from real battles during the Mexican Revolution.

The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin(1918)

1 Std. 10 Min.

A propagandistic view of the First World War, showing the political greed of the German Kaiser Wilhelm, the resistance of some of his own soldiers, and fanciful prediction of the nature of the war's end.

Vive la France!(1918)

50 Min.

A couple's suffering finally comes to an end when Jean, having lost his memory through shell shock, sees the cross of shame on Jenevieve's breast, gets his memory back and the two pledge their troth.

The Girl Spy Before Vicksburg(1910)

14 Min. | Drama, Krieg
3,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

The opening scene of our story shows a Union powder wagon making its way down the road convoyed by a company of mounted Union soldiers. The route of this wagon is reported to Confederate headquarters by one of its spies. Nan, a girl frequently employed by the department of the Confederate army, is called to headquarters and instructed to secure the destruction of the enemy's ammunition train just reported. Nan is fitted out with a Union uniform, mounted on a fast horse and sent on her journey, previously provided with a forged order supposedly signed by a Union general which authorizes her to pass through the lines.

Regie: Sidney Olcott - Schauspieler: Gene Gauntier

It Is for England(1916)

'A naval lieutenant and his sweetheart prevent a German spy from destroying the British fleet.' (British Film Institute)

The Battle of Waterloo(1913)

44 Min.

'1815. Wellington defeats Napoleon.' (British Film Catalogue)

Schauspieler: George Foley

Life's Greatest Problem(1918)

1 Std. | Krieg, Komödie, Drama

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Regie: J. Stuart Blackton - Schauspieler: Mitchell Lewis

The Battle of Gettysburg(1913)

48 Min. | Krieg, Drama
0,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Lest We Forget(1918)

1 Std. 10 Min. | Drama, Krieg

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Regie: Léonce Perret - Schauspieler: Rita Jolivet

Mit Herz und Hand fürs Vaterland(1915)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Regie: Jacob Fleck - Schauspieler: Hubert Marischka


1 Std. 37 Min. | Krieg

The American ambassador to Germany James W. Gerard warns that Germany will rise again to power and an attempt at world domination unless safeguards are taken, in this documentary-style propaganda drama.

Kaiser's Finish(1918)

1 Std. 20 Min. | Drama, Krieg

During World War I, an illegitimate son of the German Kaiser, who had been raised in the US--and is a double for the Kaiser's son, the Crown Prince--is sent to Germany as a spy in order to kill both the Kaiser and his son.

Regie: Jack Harvey - Schauspieler: Earl Schenck

When Lincoln Paid(1913)

30 Min.

The mother of a dead Union soldier attempts to convince President Lincoln to pardon a similarly condemned Confederate soldier whose unjust conviction was the result of her vindictive scheme.


1 Std. 10 Min. | Drama

A series of stories reflecting the changing position of women in the world, including the familiar tales of Adam and Eve, Messalina and Claudius, Abelard and Heloise, Cyrene and the Fisherman, as well as that of a young girl and an officer in the American Civil War.

A Soldier's Duty(1912)

11 Min.

A short love story about jealousy and deceit; a soldier is in love with a girl, but when he gets injured, a jealous rival in love tells this girl that the soldier has died. She jumps into a ravine but is saved, and everything turns out well.

Regie: Charles Brabin - Schauspieler: Augustus Phillips

The Captive(1915)

3,2/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Cecil B. DeMille’s thought-to-be-lost 1915 silent film The Captive, is a found treasure. Set during the Balkan Wars, The Captive tells the story of Sonia (Blanche Sweet, The Woman in White), a young woman living in Montenegro and left to care for her younger brother Milos (Gerald Ward, The Warrens of Virginia) and the family farm when older brother Marko (Page Peters, Davy Crockett) goes off to battle. Unable to handle the day-to-day tasks following her brother’s tragic death, help comes in the form of Mahmud Hassan (House Peters, Prisoners of the Storm) a captured Turk nobleman now a prisoner of war. Tasked with helping Sonia, their initial frosty relationship soon melts into love. As the war rages on Sonia, Mahmud and Milos will face near-insurmountable obstacles in their quest for a better life amidst the hell of war.

Regie: Cecil B. DeMille - Schauspieler: Blanche Sweet
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