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Cameron of the Royal Mounted(1921)

1 Std. 6 Min. | Action, Drama

A young Scottish immigrant to Canada becomes a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Brewster's Millions(1921)

1 Std. 1 Min. | Komödie

Monte Brewster learns that he has inherited $10 million from his late grandfather, but then learns that he must spend $2 million in less than a year and remain unmarried to inherit the rest of the money.

The Mechanical Man(1921)

1 Std. 20 Min. | Komödie, Science Fiction
3,0/5 (bei 8 Stimmen)

The story begins with a scientist creating a device shaped like a man that can be remote-controlled by a machine. The mechanical man possess super-human speed and strength. The scientist is killed however by a gang of criminals, led by a woman named Mado, who wish to get the instructions for building the mechanical man. The criminals are captured before they are able to get them and are brought to trial and condemned. Mado manages to escape and kidnaps the scientist's niece whom she forces to give her the instructions which she uses to build a mechanical man.

The Great Moment(1921)

1 Std. 10 Min. | Drama

Sir Edward Pelham, married to a Russian Gypsy, fears that his daughter will follow in her mother's footsteps and arranges a marriage with her cousin, whom she does not love. During a trip to Nevada with her father, she meets engineer Bayard Delavel, who saves her life when she is bitten by a snake; when her father finds her with Bayard in his cabin, he forces them to marry. Believing that Nadine does not love him, Delavel leaves her and prepares to sue for divorce.

Made in Heaven(1921)

William Lowry rescues Claudia Royce from a burning building, and upon hearing that her parents are trying to force her to accept millionaire Leland, whom she does not love, he proposes a marriage of convenience to himself. She accepts, and Bill arranges a fake ceremony; but when she falls in love with Davidge, Bill refuses her a "divorce." Later, Bill gets rich in the manufacture of a patented fireman's pole, and when he buys a house for Claudia she realizes her love for him and they are legally married.

Regie: Victor Schertzinger - Schauspieler: Tom Moore

The Highest Bidder(1921)

1 Std. | Drama

Society miss Sally Raeburn is left penniless and is helped out by an older woman. The woman makes it clear that to repay her, Sally must marry wealth, so when the very well-heeled Lester comes to her village, Sally goes after him. Lester has been traveling incognito in the hopes that no one will discover him, so when Sally wins him she feels guilty and confesses that she knew who he was all along.

A Fortune Hunter(1921)

1 Std. 35 Min. | Drama, Historie / Geschichte
3,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Historical drama which features Gösta Ekman as the dashing rogue who steals the heart of the ethereal Mary Johnson.

Bits of Life(1921)

1 Std. | Drama

This film combines four short films under the title Bits Of Life. The Bad Samaritan is taken from a story in Popular Magazine in which the son of a Chinese father and a white mother is sold into slavery by his father. The boy becomes a criminal and a cunning but cruel thief. The one time he stops to help a lady in distress he is thrown in jail. Wesley Barry is the young boy and Lon Chaney the grown-up criminal.

The Freeze-Out(1921)

50 Min. | Western

Into the town of Broken Buckle rides a stranger who threatens to open a new gambling establishment to rival the one operated by Denver Red and Headlight Whipple. The latter's sister, Zoe, who disapproves of her brother's saloon and is the local schoolteacher and owner of a notions store, tries to interest The Stranger in reforming the vice-ridden community.

Regie: John Ford - Schauspieler: Harry Carey, Helen Ferguson, Lydia Yeamans Titus, Charles le Moyne de Longueuil et de Châteauguay, J. Farrell MacDonald, Charles Le Moyne, ...

Don't Neglect Your Wife(1921)

The wife of a prominent San Francisco doctor, feeling neglected by her husband, finds herself attracted to a young newspaper reporter. ...

Moonlight and Honeysuckle(1921)

When an Arizona ranchman (Willard Louis) is elected senator, he heads for Washington with his daughter, Judith Baldwin (Mary Miles Minter). But they leave behind ranch hand Tod Musgrove (Monte Blue), who is in love with Judith. In Washington, two men propose to Judith -- Congressman Hamill (Guy Oliver) and Robert Courtney (William Boyd). Since she doesn't know which one to pick, she puts them to a test at her aunt's woodland cabin.

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Sacred and Profane Love(1921)

Carlotta Peel, who though sheltered from the facts of life by her Victorian aunt has acquired some knowledge from indiscriminate reading, meets Diaz, a celebrated pianist, at a concert and spends the evening with him. Later, in London, she acquires fame as a novelist and is followed to France by married publisher Frank Ispenlove, who commits suicide when she spurns him. In Paris, Carlotta finds Diaz a physical wreck from drinking absinthe and devotes herself to his regeneration.


1 Std. 10 Min. | Drama, Romantik / Liebe

Architect Peter Ibbetson is hired by the Duke of Towers to design a building for him. Ibbetson discovers that the Duchess of Towers, Mary, is his now-grown childhood sweetheart. Their love revives, but Peter is sentenced to life in prison for an accidental killing. Mary comes to him in dreams and they are able to live out their romance in a dream world.

There Are No Villains(1921)

50 Min. | Krimi

In San Francisco, California, Rosa Moreland of the Secret Service is unable to obtain evidence against suspected opium smuggler George Sala. She then advises Detective Flint of her plan to develop a relationship with John King, an impoverished, disabled ex-soldier who Rosa met in George's office. After claiming to have lost her home in a fire, Rosa is invited to stay in John's modest flat. He receives money from a mysterious source, enabling them to afford a more expensive apartment, and they soon fall in love. Although Rosa secretly witnesses John receiving a package from George, she tells the skeptical Flint that her lover is above suspicion. John agrees to end his association with George if Rosa will marry him, and, realizing that a wife cannot legally testify against her husband, she agrees.

Regie: Bayard Veiller - Schauspieler: Viola Dana

Under the Lash(1921)

1 Std. | Drama

The wife of a tyrannical Boer husband discovers what life could be like when a handsome Englishmen visits their home.

Regie: Sam Wood - Schauspieler: Gloria Swanson

The Bonnie Brier Bush(1921)

50 Min. | Drama

A Lord's son is engaged to his rich ward, but prefers a peasant.

Regie: Donald Crisp - Schauspieler: Donald Crisp

Dangerous Lies(1921)

1 Std. | Drama

A widow's husband returns after her second marriage, and dies while assaulting her.

Regie: Paul Powell - Schauspieler: David Powell

The Mad Marriage(1921)

50 Min. | Drama

Struggling Greenwich Village artist Jerry, marries studio helper, Jane Judd, who is an aspiring playwright, knowing that she will not interfere with his work. She takes part in a pageant for which Jerry designs the costumes and attracts the attention of Christiansen, a young playwright with whom she works secretly on a play. After the birth of their child, Jerry and Jane become closer, but he is violently jealous of her accompanying Christiansen to the successful opening of his play and offers her a divorce. However, the illness of their child brings them back together.

Regie: Rollin S. Sturgeon - Schauspieler: Carmel Myers

The Fox(1921)

1 Std. 10 Min. | Western

Santa Fe, a tramp, is saved from a jeering mob in the desert town of Caliente by Annette, the sheriff's daughter; and after adopting Pard he gets a job as a porter in the bank. Santa Fe learns that the leading banker, Coulter, is in league with a band of outlaws, and when Coulter frames Dick Farwell, Annette's fiancé, Dick is suspected of robbery and is captured by the outlaws.

The Call of Youth(2023)

A poor girl refuses to wed a millionaire when he sends her sick sweetheart to Africa.

Regie: Hugh Ford - Schauspieler: Mary Glynne, Malcolm Cherry

First Love(1921)

The O'Donnells are a typical, everyday family -- Tad (George Hernandez) is a sensible working man, his wife (Fannie Midgely) is a good mother and their daughter Kathleen (Constance Binney) is pretty and innocent to the point of naiveté. Kathleen works in a factory and its owner, Donald Holiday (Warner Baxter), has taken a shine to her. But instead she falls for slick cab driver Harry Stanton (George Webb), who insists, "Honest, kid, you're the only girl I ever loved." Kathleen falls for this, and when her perceptive father makes clear he doesn't approve of Stanton, she moves out on her own.

Regie: Maurice S. Campbell - Schauspieler: Constance Binney, Warner Baxter

Love's Redemption(1921)

1 Std. | Drama

A 1921 film directed by Albert Parker.

Regie: Albert Parker - Schauspieler: Norma Talmadge

The Cave Girl(1921)

50 Min. | Drama

A 1921 film.

Regie: Joseph Franz - Schauspieler: Teddie Gerard, Charles Meredith

The Hole in the Wall(1921)

1 Std. | Krimi, Drama

When spiritualist Madame Mysteria is killed in a train wreck, her three associates decide to replace her instead of declaring her dead. One of them, the Fox, calls on Jean Oliver, who he knew from prison. Jean was serving time after being framed by her former employer, Mrs. Ramsey, for a theft just to keep her and her son, Donald Ramsey, from marrying. Jean agrees to the crooks' scheme providing that they help her kidnap the baby that belongs to Donald and the woman that his mother had him marry.

Regie: Maxwell Karger - Schauspieler: Alice Lake

Red Courage(1921)

50 Min. | Western

Pinto Peters and his pal Chuckwalla Bill ride into town just as the editor of the local newspaper is being urged to leave by a gang of thugs led by Joe Reedly. The pair give the editor $100 and get a bill of sale for the newspaper, only to find out later that Reedly holds a mortgage of $200 against it. This they pay off and start a campaign to clean up the town. They meet with considerable opposition until they enlist the services of Judge Fay.

Paying the Piper(1921)

1 Std. | Drama

Larry and Barbara, both the products of rich but broken homes, plan a marriage of convenience. He really loves Marcia, a dancer, and Barbara vamps Keith, an architect. Keith's good sense prevails, and he marries Marcia and helps Larry make a man of himself. Barbara, after an unsuccessful attempt at an acting career, returns and asks forgiveness.

Regie: George Fitzmaurice - Schauspieler: Dorothy Dickson

The Centaurs(1921)

3,1/5 (bei 9 Stimmen)

A female centaur enters a clearing in the woods and picks flowers. She is met by a male centaur and the two romance each other. They then seek parental consent for their union. Surviving footage of a now lost film.

Desperate Trails(1921)

50 Min. | Western

Bart Carson is in love with Lou and even goes to jail to save Walter A. Walker, a man she says is her brother but who is really a husband who has deserted his wife and two children.

Regie: John Ford - Schauspieler: Harry Carey

Passion Fruit(1921)

Filmed on location at Monterey, CA, and starring exotic stage dancer Mlle. Doraldina, this long-lost South Seas romance featured Stuart Holmes as a vicious plantation overseer who poisons his boss (W.A. Bainbridge) in order to possess both the unfortunate man's estate and his daughter.

Regie: John Ince
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