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Der Sportstudent(1925)

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| 1 Std. 16 Min. | Komödie, Kinder & Familie, Romantik / Liebe
3,5/5 (bei 37 Stimmen)

Harold Lamb ist bereits im vorab dermaßen aufgeregt, aufs College gehen zu können, dass er im vorab gearbeitet hat, um sich Taschengeld zu verdienen, College-Rufe zu üben und die besondere Art und Weise zu erlernen, sich vorzustellen, die er in einem Film gesehen hat. An der Tate University angekommen, wird er schon bald zur Zielscheibe von Hohn und Spott. Mithilfe seiner einzigen wahren Freundin Peggy beschließt er, alle möglichen Anstrengungen zu unternehmen, um populär zu werden.

Chess Fever(1925)

28 Min. | Komödie
3,4/5 (bei 16 Stimmen)

With an international chess tournament in progress, a young man becomes completely obsessed with the game. His fiancée has no interest in it, and becomes frustrated and depressed by his neglect of her, but wherever she goes she finds that she cannot escape chess. On the brink of giving up, she meets the world champion, Capablanca himself, with interesting results.

Puss in Boots(1922)

2,8/5 (bei 4 Stimmen)

A boy falls for a princess, his cat for hers. But her father does not like the idea of a commoner marrying a noblewoman and kicks him out. After seeing a Rudolpho Valensino movie at the local theater his cat has the idea that he could try impressing the king as bullfighter, to win his daughters hand. Bullfighting is relatively easy, when you can hypnotize the bull, but why does his cat need new boots ?

The Smart Set(1928)

1 Std. 20 Min. | Komödie
2,7/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

A cocky, arrogant young playboy is expelled from his American polo team shortly before the big match with England.

Regie: Jack Conway - Schauspieler: William Haines

Battling Bunyan(1924)

53 Min. | Komödie

A young man has a chance to become partners in an auto-repair business, but he doesn't have the money. In order to come up with some quick cash, he decides to temporarily become a professional boxer. The problem is that he isn't an athlete, knows nothing about boxing and stands a very good chance of getting the stuffing beaten out of him.

Regie: Paul Hurst

Alice the Toreador(1925)

2,1/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Alice is in a bullfight where she thinks she will win since she is matched against a peaceful bull. But the tables are turned when her bull is switched with one with a worse temper.

Regie: Walt Disney - Schauspieler: Virginia Davis

The Quarterback(1926)

1 Std. 20 Min. | Komödie, Drama

Elmer Stone, quarterback of the 1899 Colton College football team vows to remain a student until Colton beats its biggest rival, State University. Twenty-seven years later, Elmer is still in school and is a classmate of his son, Jack. Other than driving a milk wagon in his spare time, Jack is also the quarterback of the football team. A matter of his eligibility comes up but he is cleared and goes out to do-or-die for Colton against State University. Maybe they will win The Big Game, and Jack's father can get a life...and a job.

Babe Comes Home(1927)

1 Std. | Komödie

A baseball-styled sports filmed centered on Babe Ruth and Anna Q. It is considered a lost film.

Regie: Ted Wilde - Schauspieler: Joe mama, Anna Q. Nilsson

Spring Fever(1927)

1 Std. 18 Min. | Komödie, Romantik / Liebe
3,0/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Kelly's employer, Waters, is such a keen golfer that he asks Kelly to help him improve his game at an exclusive country club.

The Pinch Hitter(1925)

1 Std. 10 Min. | Komödie

Joel Parker is sent to college by his crabby farmer father only because it was his mother's dying wish that he get an education. At college, he's immediately pegged as a chump and is constantly victimized by the other students, headed by Jimmie Slater. Only Abbie Nettleton, who works at the campus bakery, has any sympathy for him.

Casey at the Bat(1927)

1 Std. 8 Min. | Komödie

Casey is a slovenly junk man in a turn of the twentieth century hick town who has a remarkable ability to play baseball. An unscrupulous New York scout signs him up, so Casey and his equally dishonest manager go to the big leagues. Eventually, the scout and manager conspire to get him drunk and bet against him for a crucial game with the pennant at stake.

Regie: Monte Brice - Schauspieler: Wallace Beery

Eine würzige Gulaschsuppe(1922)

25 Min. | Komödie, Action
2,8/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

In diesem Film spielt Oliver Hardy einen Golfhasser, in dessen Gulaschsuppe mehrmals ein Golfball eines Golfschülers landet, der Golfunterricht nimmt.

Regie: Tom Buckingham, Larry Semon - Schauspieler: Oliver Hardy, Larry Semon, Al Thompson, Eva Thatcher
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The Hottentot(1929)

1 Std. 19 Min. | Komödie

The Hottentot is a lost 1929 American pre-Code film directed by Roy Del Ruth and starring Edward Everett Horton and Patsy Ruth Miller. It is based on a 1920 Broadway play, The Hottentot, by William Collier, Sr. and Victor Mapes.

Regie: Roy Del Ruth - Schauspieler: Edward Everett Horton

Fast Company(1929)

1 Std. 10 Min. | Komödie

Egomaniacal baseball slugger Elmer Kane is not only good, he enjoys telling everybody how good he is. A professional scout, Bert Wade, takes an interest in Elmer, who in turn takes an interest in Evelyn Corey, an attractive actress.

Slide, Kelly, Slide(1927)

1 Std. 20 Min. | Komödie

A minor league pitcher lets pride get the better of him after he joins the New York Yankees.

Regie: Edward Sedgwick - Schauspieler: Harry Carey, William Haines, Sally O'Neil, Paul Kelly, Karl Dane, Bob Meusel, ...
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