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The Diamond from the Sky(1915)

This serial told the story of the diamond heir loom of the Stanley family.

Life Without Soul(1915)

1 Std. 10 Min. | Horror, Science Fiction

A young man gives life to a statue with disastrous results. Early adaptation of Frankenstein with the names changed.

Regie: Joseph W. Smiley - Schauspieler: Percy Standing, Lucy Cotton, Pauline Curley, William W. Cohill


Opera singer Renee Dupree is in love with struggling composer Julian who falls very seriously ill. She goes to impresario Mueller for the money Julian needs but is saved from sacrificing her virtue when a jealous lover kills Mueller.

Stolen Goods(1915)

The lives of a poor orphan and a rich kleptomaniac intertwine after the former is framed for a robbery by the latter.

Kreutzer Sonata(1915)

0,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Based -- loosely -- on Leo Tolstoy, this film starred feted stage star Nance O'Neil but is rather better remembered as Theda Bara's follow-up to the sensational A Fool There Was (1914).

Regie: Herbert Brenon - Schauspieler: Nance O'Neil, Theda Bara, Henry Bergman, William E. Shay, Anne Sutherland

The Broken Coin(1915)

7 Std. 20 Min. | Mystery, Abenteuer

A movie serial directed by Francis Ford.

Regie: Francis Ford - Schauspieler: Eddie Polo, Francis Ford, Grace Cunard, Jack Holt, John Ford, Neil Hardin, ...


Fernande marries a man and schemes to get his wealth when his expected death occurs. But he dies before he can change his will. She next tries to kill the son who inherits, but he outfoxes her.

Regie: William Senderling Davis - Schauspieler: Theda Bara, J. Herbert Frank, Warner Oland, Frank Evans

The White Pearl(1915)

A silent romantic drama film directed by Hugh Ford and Edwin S. Porter.

Regie: Edwin Stanton Porter, Hugh Ford - Schauspieler: Marie Doro


50 Min. | Drama
3,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

A Spanish soldier falls under the spell of a fiery gypsy girl named Carmen. His obsession with her leads to his ruin.

The Black Box(1915)

3 Std. 15 Min. | Science Fiction, Drama
3,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Science fiction serial, presumed lost.

Regie: Otis Turner - Schauspieler: Herbert Rawlinson

The Pretty Sister of Jose(1915)

Pepita, a radiant and merry Spanish beauty, and her playful brother Jose, witness their mother, whose faded beauty led her husband to abandon her for another, plunge a dagger into her breast.

Regie: Allan Dwan - Schauspieler: Marguerite Clark, Jack Pickford, Rupert Julian, Richard Rosson, Edythe Chapman

Are You a Mason?(1915)

1,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Frank Perry's wife Helen is away visiting her mother, and he uses this "free time" for a night of drinking at a nightclub. Unfortunately, when he tries to return home, he enters the wrong house and is nearly arrested When Helen comes back he tells her that the "incident" was actually an initiation rite of the Masons, knowing that his wife has always wanted him to join the group. She excitedly tells her father about Frank's becoming a Mason, since her father is also a Mason. What neither she nor Frank know is that her father has actually been doing the same thing Frank is--pretending to be a Mason when he actually isn't. Complications ensue.

Regie: Thomas N. Heffron - Schauspieler: John Barrymore, Harold Lockwood
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10 Min. | Komödie

Ein Stummfilm von Ernst Lubitsch.

Regie: Ernst Lubitsch - Schauspieler: Ressel Orla, Ernst Lubitsch


40 Min.

A lost film. Esmeralda, a simple farm girl is in love with country boy David, but her mother yearns for a high society city life. Ore is discovered on their farm and the money rolls in. The family is packed up and moved to the big city where Esmeralda is forced into an engagement with a wealthy Count. Suddenly the ore is depleted and a fresh supply is discovered on David's farm. Much to the delight of Esmeralda, her impending marriage to the Count is off and her mother happily consents to a marriage between Esmeralda and David.

Regie: James Kirkwood - Schauspieler: Mary Pickford, Arthur Hoops, William Buckley


20 Min. | Drama

It all begins when Mrs. Rossmore (Dean) discovers that her husband (Howard Hickman) has begun "playing the field" with other women. Too much the lady to make an issue of Mr. Rossmore's infidelities, Mrs. Rossmore nonetheless begins plotting her strategy to win him back. She does so by putting on a great show of pretending not to want her husband to return to the nest.

Nearly a Lady(1915)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Anna Karenina(1915)

Anna Karenina is a married aristocrat and socialite living in Saint Petersburg. She is living a torrid romance with a wealthy and young count, he loves her and is willing to marry her once she leave her husband.

The House of Fear(1915)

On the advice of his friend Pendleton, Ashton Kirk, a scholar and amateur detective, pays a visit to a house whose occupants, Charles Cramp and his sister Grace, complain of strange happenings involving Mexicans. Discussions with Ashton's agent in Mexico reveal that Cramp's father was once an engraver, who, in desperate need of cash, had agreed to supply Alva, a notorious thief, with forged currency plates. After a change of heart, Cramp refused to deliver the plates to Alva, and now Cramp's aunt, Miss Hohenlo, has come to her brother's home to find them herself. The clever Ashton realizes that the Mexicans are cohorts of Alva's and eventually uncovers an elaborate signalling and tunnel system used by Miss Hohenlo and Alva to locate the missing plates. Deciphering a message announcing the time and place of the arrival of the Mexicans, Ashton and his aides hide themselves in the house cellar, capture the thieves and destroy the plates.

Regie: Ashley Miller, John Ince - Schauspieler: Sheldon Lewis

The Millionaire Paupers(1915)

Mrs. Burne-Smith and Mrs. Winthrop have determined to make a match between their respective children regardless of the fact that the two in question have never seen each other.

Regie: Joe De Grasse - Schauspieler: Lon Chaney, Grace Thompson

The Wild Goose Chase(1915)

40 Min. | Komödie, Drama

Two American grandfathers in France try to arrange marriages for their grandson and granddaughter by promising them money. The young ones refuse and run off to join a theatrical group where they fall in love and marry as their grandparents had intended.

Man's Prerogative(1915)

Oliver and Elizabeth wed. He is a famous lawyer, careless of his personal conduct, but has implicit faith in Elizabeth. She is a woman of strong mind, a magazine writer of repute, and believes he should guide himself by the same code that governs her. Two of their associates are profligates, Charles, an artist, and Catherine. Oliver trifles with Catherine and this so embitters Elizabeth, that she pretends to receive the attentions of Charles, although it is made clear that she has remained pure. Nevertheless, she purposely permits her husband to believe otherwise. He has considered her like Caesar's wife, but his faith is shattered. A child is born to her and the father doubts its parentage.

The Foundling(1915)

50 Min.

This 1915 film was completed in August and reviewed by trade papers, but was destroyed by fire in a studio accident. It was immediately remade with a different director and a slightly different cast and release on 2 January 1916, only 6 days after the scheduled release date for the destroyed version.


Graft is a 1915 silent drama.

Regie: George Lessey, Richard Stanton - Schauspieler: Harry Carey, Hobart Henley, Richard Stanton, Rex De Rosselli, Cecil Spooner

The Boss(1915)

50 Min. | Drama

A man rises from rags to riches, first by boxing, then as a saloon owner, freight contractor, and eventually dockyard boss. However, the man's brother-in-law complicates things with his dockworker union activism. The film is presumed lost.

Regie: Emile Chautard - Schauspieler: Holbrook Blinn, Alice Brady

The Right of Way(1915)

50 Min. | Drama

Snobbish attorney Charles 'Beauty' Steele loses his wife due to his drinking and his airs at the same time that his brother-in-law absconds with funds belonging to one of Steele's clients. In search of the thief, Steele is attacked and left for dead. He is rescued by a kindly couple, but suffers from amnesia. He starts life afresh and is happy, until the return of his memory sends him back to resolve his old involvements.

The Flaming Sword(1915)

50 Min. | Drama

Steve, a young college chap who has been unfortunate in his business career, after a life of dissipation, concludes that life is not worth living and contemplates suicide.

Regie: Edwin Middleton - Schauspieler: Lionel Barrymore

The Eternal City(1915)

1 Std. 20 Min. | Drama

Leone, a Papal guard, is devastated when his wife drowns herself after mistakenly thinking that he had abandoned her. He turns over his son David to be brought up by nuns, then enters a monastery. David is brought to London and is raised to be a beggar and thief until he is rescued by Dr. Roselli, an Italian political refugee, who raises David with his daughter Donna Roma. Years later David gets heavily involved in Italian politics and incurs the enmity of the corrupt Italian Prime Minister, which leads him to discover the hidden secrets of his family's past--and present.


55 Min. | Drama
1,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

Audrey Munson (a real-life 'perfect' model for numerous Beaux-Arts sculptors) first appeared artistically nude as a sculptor's model, recreating classic artistic (nude) paintings in George Foster Platt's controversial film from the Mutual Film Corporation. In fact, the film told the story of her own life. This film has generally been regarded as the first non-pornographic American film to feature nudity. This was the first known film in which a leading actress stripped down to be naked, making her the first nude film star. (filmsite.org)

Regie: George Foster Platt - Schauspieler: Audrey Munson, Thomas A. Curran

Bella Donna(1915)

Bella Donna falls for the exotic Baroudi and plots to poison her husband.

The Dictator(1915)

On the lam from the New York Police because of a false murder charge, playboy Brooke Travers escapes to a Central American banana republic.

Regie: Edwin Stanton Porter - Schauspieler: John Barrymore
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