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The Dragon's Net(1920)

58 Min. | Action, Drama

A set of eight golden lotus leaves holds the secret for eternal life. A young girl is tricked out of the one she holds, and enlists the aid of an adventurer is tracking down the entire set. Based on "The Petals of Lao-Tze".

Regie: Henry MacRae - Schauspieler: Marie Walcamp, Harland Tucker

The Eagle's Talons(1923)

An unscrupulous gang attempts to corner the wheat market.

Regie: Duke Worne - Schauspieler: Fred Thomson, Ann Little, Tom Tyler

The Mighty(1929)

1 Std. 12 Min. | Action, Drama
3,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

In this melodrama set during WW I, a gangster joins the army and is promoted to major. He then returns from war torn Europe to tell a family that their beloved son had died in his arms during a battle. The major then falls in love with the late soldier's sister and decides to accept a position in town as the new police commissioner.

Regie: John Cromwell - Schauspieler: George Bancroft

North of Hudson Bay(1923)

40 Min. | Action, Western
2,8/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

On a steamboat heading North, where his brother has struck gold, Mike Dane falls in love with Estelle MacDonald. When he arrives at the Canadian trading post, Dane learns that his brother has been murdered and his partner sentenced to death as the killer.

The Runaway Express(1926)

Joe Foley, charged to deliver a trainload of cattle to his employer, is forced to commandeer the engine when his engineer refuses to continue until he has observed union rest rules.

The Adventures of Bob and Bill(1920)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

The Eleventh Hour(1923)

1 Std. 10 Min. | Drama, Science Fiction, Action

An evil prince plans to use a super-explosive to take over the world.

The Roughneck(1924)

1 Std. 20 Min. | Action, Abenteuer, Romantik / Liebe

Beautiful Felicity Arden, is forced by a storm to take refuge in Mad Marrat's dwelling on the South Sea Isle.

Lightning Speed(1928)

55 Min. | Action

Jack Pemberton, a cub reporter falls in love with Betty (Mary Mayberry), the governor's daughter. During an investigation into racketeering, Jack learns that gangster Velvet is attempting to kidnap Betty in order to force her father to pardon a relative on death row.

Roaring Road(1926)

50 Min. | Thriller

A young racing driver combines the best features of two rival cars, thus producing an automobile which is the best entry in the race. He triumphs over the other contestants, incidentally winning the girl of his heart.

The Sign of the Claw(1926)

1 Std. | Drama, Action, Krimi

A police dog and his cop track a gang of bank robbers, one of which is the dog's former abusive owner.

Regie: B. Reeves Eason - Schauspieler: Ethel Shannon

Valley of Hate(1924)

1 Std. 3 Min. | Drama

A city visitor falls for a mountain girl and collides with her family of rustic moonshiners.

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The Hope Diamond Mystery(1921)

5 Std. | Action, Abenteuer

The true story of Lord Francis Hope who inherits the Hope Diamond and marries showgirl May Yohe. Lord Francis Hope gambles away the family fortune and May Yohe leaves him. Another suspected curse of owning the Hope Diamond.

Regie: Stuart Paton - Schauspieler: Grace Darmond

The Pride of the Force(1925)

The Pride of the Force s a 1925 silent crime film.

Regie: Duke Worne


- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Regie: Emilio Ghione - Schauspieler: Fern Andra, Magnus Stifter

The Sky Skidder(1929)

57 Min. | Action

Inventor Al Simpkins develops a new airplane fuel, "Economo," which he claims gets a thousand miles to the pint.

Regie: Bruce M. Mitchell

The Boss of Camp 4(1922)

50 Min. | Action

To fulfill a contract entered into by his boss, Chet Fanning agrees to finish the construction within a certain amount of time. However, Andrew Paxton has an enemy in the camp's boss, Dave Miller, who is determined to see the job fail.

Swifter than Death(1925)

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Dead Man's Curve(1928)

1 Std. | Action, Drama

A grease monkey discovers a defect in an auto engine being turned out by his employer. But since our hero discovers this only after losing an important race, his boss chalks up the loss to Fairbanks' supposed cowardice.

Regie: Richard Rosson - Schauspieler: Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

King of the Circus(1920)

6 Std. | Action

Eddie King goes up against a villainous circus owner in this action adventure which was directed by genre specialist J.P. McGowan and released in 18 chapters.

Regie: J. P. McGowan - Schauspieler: Eddie Polo, J. P. McGowan

The Air Mail Pilot(1928)

1 Std. | Drama

A high-flying action film involving a pilot battling air mail robberies.

In Fast Company(1924)

1 Std. | Drama

- Noch keine Beschreibung / Details vorhanden. -

Oh, Yeah!(1929)

1 Std. 14 Min. | Komödie, Drama
1,5/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

A couple of roving vagabonds hitch a freight to the railroad town of Linda, and between bouts with the fright-yard bulls and other drifters, find romance in the persons of two waitresses at the camp restaurant. American-slang rules the dialogue to the point non-USA viewers need a slang-glossary to follow the dialogue.

Come and Get It!(1929)

1 Std. | Abenteuer

When Breezy's father is accused of murdering his neighbor, the former Navy boxing champ takes to the street to clear his name.

China Slaver(1929)

1 Std. | Drama

The Chinese Secret Service sends an undercover agent to investigate reports of an island ruled by a Chinese criminal named The Cobra who holds the residents in virtual slavery while running his illegal narcotics and white-slavery empire.

Regie: Frank S. Mattison

Blake of Scotland Yard(1927)

Prequel to The Ace of Scotland Yard. This serial is presumed lost.

Tearing Through(1925)

50 Min. | Drama, Action, Krimi

Richard Jones is the assistant to the district attorney. He decides to single-handedly expose a drug ring that is terrorizing Madison, a reformer. Madison's son, Bob, has become a hophead because of the ring, and Greer, Jones' rival for the hand of Madison's daughter, Constance, is the ring's leader. The district attorney himself is in league with Greer as well. Jones disguises himself as an Asian, leaps over tenement roofs, beats up a mob of Chinese gangsters, and performs several dozen other daredevil feats.

Dog Law(1928)

1 Std. | Action

Ranger races to the rescue when Jim is framed on a murder charge.

The Fighting Edge(1926)

55 Min.

Juan de Dios O'Rourke, an American Secret Service, of Spanish-Irish descent, leads the cattle ranchers and border patrol in a fight to suppress a gang of cattle rustlers, who have been driving large herds north-to-south from Texas into Mexico, and smuggling illegal, no-passport Chinese aliens south-to-north from Mexico into Texas, operating from a rambling mansion on the Texas side of the border, aided by his sweetheart, a rancher's daughter, Phoebe Joyce.

Männer ohne Beruf(1929)

2 Std. 1 Min. | Thriller

A police deputy in Paris have a lead on an international gang into trafficking. The police dresses as a steward to tail the head of the gang to Marseille. On the ship he meets with Madeleine. A girl controlled by the traffickers.

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