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The Great Piggy Bank Robbery(1946)

3,4/5 (bei 21 Stimmen)

While reading his favorite comic book, Daffy accidentally knocks himself unconscious and dreams he's Duck Twacy, famous detective, trying to solve the case of the missing piggy banks. Taking a streetcar (conducted by Porky Pig, in a non-speaking cameo role) to the gangsters' hideout, he meets up with such grotesque criminals as Pickle Puss, Eighty-Eight Teeth and Neon Noodle.

Die Spur im Dunkel(1942)

1 Std. 20 Min. | Krimi, Mystery
3,1/5 (bei 6 Stimmen)

Duncan Maclain is a blind detective who tries to outwit Nazi spies and solve a murder.

Riff Raffy Daffy(1948)

7 Min.
3,5/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

No matter where vagabond Daffy Duck goes to sleep, policeman Porky Pig is there to toss him out. Finally, Porky kicks him out the city park entirely, and it starts snowing. Daffy decides to take shelter at the closed Macys department store. When Porky catches him, he's determined to be rid of Daffy once and for all.

Officer Pooch(1941)

2,7/5 (bei 2 Stimmen)

Officer Pooch is called out to rescue a kitten that is repeatedly chased up telephone poles and trees by an aggressive little dog.

The Adventures of P.C. 49: Investigating the Case of the Guardian Angel(1949)

1 Std. 7 Min. | Drama, Krimi
3,0/5 (bei 1 Stimme)

A police constable goes undercover to infiltrate a gang of violent thieves.

Regie: Godfrey Grayson - Schauspieler: Hugh Latimer
Schlagworte: #movies #police #1940
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