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Waidmanns Heil(1952)

3,7/5 (bei 54 Stimmen)

The cartoon finds a row of signs saying it's rabbit season ("If you're looking for fun, you don't need a reason. All you need is a gun, it's Rabbit Season!"). Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck again are arguing over which of them is “in season” (it is really Duck Season, as Daffy says in the beginning), while a befuddled Elmer Fudd tries to figure out which animal is telling the truth. Between using sneaky plays-on-words, and dressing himself in women's clothing (including a Lana Turner-style sweater), Bugs manages to escape unscathed, while Daffy repeatedly has his beak blown off, upside-down, and sideways by Elmer.

Die Jagdsaison ist eröffnet(1951)

3,7/5 (bei 46 Stimmen)

Daffy Duck and Bugs argue back and forth whether it is duck season or rabbit season. The object of their arguments is hunter Elmer Fudd.

Donald in Mathmagic Land(1959)

3,6/5 (bei 37 Stimmen)

Disney used animation here to explain through this wonderful adventure of Donald how mathmatics can be usuful in our real life. Through this journey Donald shows us how mathmatics are not just numbers and charts, but magical living things.

Der Hase von Sevilla(1950)

3,8/5 (bei 57 Stimmen)

Behind the Hollywood Bowl stage which is playing the opera The Barber of Seville, Bugs Bunny flees into the backstage area with Elmer Fudd in close pursuit. Seeing his opportunity to fight on his terms, Bugs raises the curtain on Elmer, trapping him on stage. As the orchestra begins playing, Bugs comes into play as the barber who is going to make sure that Elmer is going to get a grooming he will never forget.

Der singende Frosch(1955)

3,8/5 (bei 55 Stimmen)

Ein Bauarbeiter findet bei Abrucharbeiten einen versiegelten Kasten im ehemaligen Fundament des Hauses, als er diesen öffnet springt ihm singend und tanzend ein Frosch entgegen. Dieser führt pausenlos und stimmgewaltig Revue-Nummern vor. Nach kurzer, genervter Verwunderung dämmert dem Arbeiter, das er mit diesem Frosch ein Vermögen verdienen kann - doch leider gibt es da ein klitzekleines Problem mit dem Frosch...

Duck Amuck(1953)

4,1/5 (bei 73 Stimmen)

The short-tempered Daffy Duck must improvise madly as the backgrounds, his costumes, the soundtrack, even his physical form, shifts and changes at the whim of the animator.

Der Liebe Tom verliert den Kopf(1952)

3,3/5 (bei 22 Stimmen)

Tom, a castle soldier in 18th century France, is assigned to guard the food laid out on a banquet table. Jerry and a smaller mouse companion, two wandering "mouseketeers", make the situation miserable for Tom as they abscond with (and occasionally eat) all the food they can.

Der Ring der Niegelungen(1957)

3,8/5 (bei 61 Stimmen)

Adaptierung von Richard Wagners Ring der Nibelungen.

Olé, Torero!(1953)

3,5/5 (bei 31 Stimmen)

Bugs Bunny once again making that "wrong turn at Albuquerque" burrows into a bullring, where a magnificent bull is making short work of a toreador. The bull bucks Bugs out of the arena, prompting the bunny to declare "Of course you realize, this means war!" The deft Bugs' arsenal comes plenty packed, as he uses anvils, well-placed face slaps and the bull's horns as a slingshot. The bull fights back, using his horns as a shotgun barrel. The bull's comeback is short-lived; just after Bugs makes out his will, he lures the bull out of the arena, just in time to set up a rube-like device that leads to the bull's defeat.

Ali Baba Bunny(1957)

3,4/5 (bei 29 Stimmen)

Bugs and Daffy get lost on the way to Pismo Beach, and find a cave full of treasure in the Arabian Desert, guarded by Hassan.

Hare-Way to the Stars(1958)

3,5/5 (bei 18 Stimmen)

Bugs Bunny, groggy from a rabbit hangover, climbs out of his hole and into a rocket ship parked directly above. He thinks that he's still in his rabbit hole. Reaching the top, he unwittingly stows away aboard the rocket to Mars and is carried off by a satellite onto a futuristic landscape of panels suspended in outer space.

Donald, Geister und Gespenster(1952)

3,4/5 (bei 24 Stimmen)

Als die Neffen in ihren Halloween-Kostümen zu Donalds Haus kommen, übergießt er sie mit Wasser und lacht über seinen Streich. Die Hexe Hazel sieht das und beschließt, den Kindern zu helfen. Mithilfe ihrer Magie ärgert sie Donald und die Kinder bekommen endlich ihre Süßigkeiten.

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Vom Regen in die Traufe(1952)

3,6/5 (bei 18 Stimmen)

Bugs Bunny is too sound a sleeper to notice that a rainstorm has flooded his rabbit hole and sent his mattress floating downstream toward the castle of an evil scientist who needs a brain for his mechanical monster. Bugs tries to escape and save his brain from the clutches of Rudolph, the scientist's giant orange monster.

Operation: Rabbit(1952)

3,4/5 (bei 19 Stimmen)

Wile E. Coyote, genius, announces to Bugs Bunny that he is going to catch him and eat him, and then employs a variety of gadgets and plans in an attempt to do so.

Rollschuhsegler und Dampfwalzen(1957)

FSK: ab 0 Jahre
| 7 Min. | Animation / Zeichentrick
3,3/5 (bei 8 Stimmen)

Wile E. Coyote uses, among other things, a dehydrated boulder to try to catch the Road Runner. He applies a drop of water to enlarge it from pebble-size to usual boulder dimensions, but it enlarges as Wile E. is lifting it over his head, coming down on top of him.

Duck! Rabbit, Duck!(1953)

3,7/5 (bei 35 Stimmen)

The final installment of the "Hunting Trilogy" once again has Elmer out hunting, while Bugs and Daffy try to con him into shooting the other.

8 Ball Bunny(1950)

3,5/5 (bei 23 Stimmen)

Bugs helps a penguin go home via New Orleans, Martinique, the Panama Canal and finally the South Pole. But the penguin's home is in New Jersey.

Robin Hood Daffy(1958)

3,4/5 (bei 34 Stimmen)

Daffy play Robin Hood who is so intent that he is the real Mccoy to Friar Tuck (Porky) that he ends up convincing everyone, including himself, that he is not.

Steinschlag und Dynamit(1956)

FSK: ab 0 Jahre
| 7 Min. | Animation / Zeichentrick, Komödie
3,0/5 (bei 8 Stimmen)

Wile E. Coyote is so hungry that he forms a chicken out of mud, bakes it, and tries to eat it, causing one of his teeth to fall out. He throws the mud bird away when a real one comes along - the Road Runner, who runs so fast that he literally burns up the road, setting Wile E.'s feet on fire! Wile E. schemes to catch the Road Runner using a rope, a sling-shot, a gun on a spring, a rotating circle of spiked balls, a booby-trapped ladder, and a load of rocks.

Bewitched Bunny(1954)

3,5/5 (bei 17 Stimmen)

Bugs must rescue Hansel and Gretel from Witch Hazel's clutches.

Knighty Knight Bugs(1958)

3,4/5 (bei 18 Stimmen)

King Arthur's kingdom and the knights of the Round Table are in the doldrums since the Dark Knight stole the Singing Sword and put it under the protection of a fire-breathing dragon. The king's jester, Bugs Bunny, says only a fool would try to steal it back, so the king orders him to try. The jester boldly enters the Dark Knight's castle, initially catching his adversaries napping, but when the Singing Sword wakes the knight and the dragon, can Bugs complete his mission? He's a clever fool. A moat, portcullis, and catapult all figure in the face off.

Bugs' Bonnets(1956)

3,2/5 (bei 10 Stimmen)

A passing truck spills a variety of hats, causing Elmer and Bugs to change personalities in rapid succession to fit the headgear they wind up wearing.

Steal Wool(1957)

3,2/5 (bei 8 Stimmen)

Ralph Wolf tries to forcibly remove Sam Sheepdog in order to gain access to a flock of sheep. Without success, he uses a lasso, cannon, a string of firecrackers, and a giant rubber band.

Die Unverschämten(1957)

18 Min. | Komödie
3,4/5 (bei 21 Stimmen)

A group of young boys who have a collective crush on Bernadette. As a result of this, they have an unreasoning jealousy of Gérard, and do everything they can to disrupt their relationship. When Gérard catches one of the young boys spying on them, he thrashes him severely. In retaliation, the children try to inspire Bernadette to doubt Gérard’s love.

Bugsy and Mugsy(1957)

3,3/5 (bei 3 Stimmen)

Bugs Bunny finds that gangsters Rocky and Mugsy have chosen his new abode, a condemned building, as their hideout. Bugs manipulates them into attacking each other to prove that crime doesn't pay.

Tom und ich als Babysitter(1958)

3,0/5 (bei 9 Stimmen)

The lady of the house has gone out for a few hours, leaving her baby in the care of a stereotypical 1950s teenager, who immediately begins calling her friends. Tom and Jerry must call a truce to their constant chases as the baby, unsupervised, continually gets loose. When the baby escapes out the front door, Tom and Jerry chase it to a construction site, where they frantically try to keep it from harm.

Broom-Stick Bunny(1956)

3,5/5 (bei 19 Stimmen)

On Halloween, Bugs Bunny, masquerading as an witch, trick or treats at Witch Hazel's door. He comes to the creepy old mansion of Witch Hazel, who's mixing up a potion. Bugs is mistaken for a real witch by Hazel, who prides herself on being the ugliest witch of all.

Billy Boy(1954)

3,3/5 (bei 6 Stimmen)

A farmer is initially delighted to get a baby goat, but this soon turns to apprehension when he discovers that it eats literally anything (including, at one point, the animation artwork).

Regie: Tex Avery

T.V. of Tomorrow(1953)

3,0/5 (bei 5 Stimmen)

A variety of fanciful innovations in "future" T.V. sets, including a model with a built-in stove, and a number of highly interactive models. And of course, even with dozens of channels, there's nothing on...or more accurately, there's nothing but the same Western.

Regie: Tex Avery

The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome(1954)

38 Min. | Fantasy
3,1/5 (bei 17 Stimmen)

Lord Shiva wakes. A convocation of magicians in the guise of figures from mythology; a masquerade party at which Pan is the prize. The wine of Hecate is poured: Pan's cup is poisoned by Shiva. Kali blesses the assembly as a bacchic rite ensues.

Regie: Kenneth Anger - Schauspieler: Samson De Brier
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